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Teddy bear

Raivis struggled and squirmed, but try as he might he couldn't break free from Ivan's tight grasp. He whimpered slightly but Ivan didn't seem to hear him. He was already starting to fall asleep, a calm smile on his face.

It was nighttime and the two were in Ivan's bed. This was not an unusual scene as Ivan often told Raivis to come to his bedroom after sunset. Raivis knew he'd be forced to even if he tried to resist. Once inside, Ivan would pull Raivis into a great bear hug and carry him into his bed. Then, while still holding him, he'd drift off into dreamland. Sometimes he'd tell him to sleep next to him two, even three nights in a row. Ivan never harmed the small nation; he only held him very close and very tight. Occasionally he'd nuzzle his neck or the top of his head. Raivis would wait in agony for the large nation to pull him in so tightly that he'd crush him and break every bone in his body. But he never did. He'd only snuggle the shaky country, never letting go until morning. He would always fall asleep first. Once Raivis knew he was safe he'd fall asleep as well. Despite the many times this had happened, Raivis still worried that Ivan was planning to do something horrible to him. What did he really want with him? Why didn't he just get it over with?

Tonight Ivan's grip was exceptionally tight. Raivis could barely breathe. "I…Ivan, p…p...please could you l…loosen your grip j...just a little?"

Ivan smiled. Raivis let out a small gasp of fear. Whenever Ivan smiled it usually meant something bad was bound to follow. "Oh no! This is it!" he thought. "He's going to crush me!" He shut his eyes and prepared himself for the pain.

But the pain never came. Ivan eased off on his bind. "There; does that feel better?"

Raivis nodded. "Yes. Th…thank you."

Ivan shut his eyes, still smiling.

Raivis took a deep breath. "Um …Ivan?"

He opened one eye. "Yes?"

"Wh…why do you do this? Why do you h...hold me at night?"

Ivan opened both eyes and looked straight at him.

"You really want to know?"

Raivis hesitated but then nodded. "If he's going to torture me I might as well find out what he's planning to do." He thought. "I just hope it isn't too painful..."

"Because you're my teddy bear."


"I never thought I'd have to say it out loud (I find it a little embarrassing) but since you asked…You're so small and adorable; you remind me of a teddy bear. I like holding you while I sleep. You're really soft and warm. It makes me feel comfortable. Whenever I feel lonely or sad, holding you makes me feel better."

Raivis blushed. "R...really?"

Ivan nodded. "Really." He frowned. "Do you not like it?"

"Uh, umm," Raivis thought about his question. He didn't hate it. It was better than being tortured, that was for sure. Actually, it was kind of nice. It felt nice to be held; especially during one of those very cold Russian nights. During those nights, having a large, warm body near his was wonderful. "I…I do like it." He smiled.

Ivan smiled back. He kissed the top of Raivis' forehead. "My little teddy bear." He sighed contentedly and closed his eyes.

Raivis sighed as well. Ivan didn't seem so bad anymore. He was more like a child that needed someone to comfort him.

Suddenly, a very loud thunderstorm started up. Raivis squealed and wrapped his arms around Ivan's body as far as they could reach. Ivan opened his eyes slightly. He chuckled quietly.

"Looks like I'm a teddy bear now."


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