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Outtake 6--Honeymoon Pt 2


I sat in the rental car, holding on to Edward's hand, while we made our way west. Ireland was beautiful. The landscape was almost magical with the way the sheep dotted the hillsides and the charcoal gray rocks slashed through the lush green fields. Trees scattered the landscape, and cottages with billowing smoke broke up the countryside. It looked like something out of an oil painting--a piece of time captured on canvas for everyone to see. Plumes of steam rose off the lakes nestled in the valleys of the Ring of Kerry, and in my mind's eye, I could see why the ancients thought Ireland housed some of the most legendary creatures of lore.

The green of the rolling hills, the moss--even the trees--seemed to match Edward's eyes. It was surreal that I was finally here in the place that Edward loved so much--the place that was partially responsible for the wonderful man sitting next to me. I was finally exploring those ancient castles Edward had told me so much about. I was hearing the beautiful, lilted speech of the Irish with my own ears. I was learning about the culture and history that everyone in Edward's family kept close to their hearts.

And I was having some amazing sex as well.

No kids--no interruptions of any kind--seemed to have sparked that familiar insatiability in both of us again. Lately, we'd been so busy with life, we hadn't had much of a chance to explore each other's bodies like we used to. Sex had become more of something we did just before bed, with a "hurry up before one of the kids wakes up" mentality and was frequently timed to coincide with my cycle-- entirely my fault since I wanted to have another baby with Edward so badly.

While it was always fantastic, we were rediscovering the passion we held for each other--something I was not about to let go of when we got home. There were more important things than having a baby right away. Like keeping my marriage to Edward strong, because the feelings we felt for one another were so strong; everything should be a reflection of that.

I'd lost focus of that in the last couple of years.

Edward glanced over at me, and a curious expression crossed his features. "What are you thinking about?"

My cheeks tried to heat up. "Nothing, really. Just admiring the landscape," I replied vaguely.

"Baby, it only gets better. We haven't even gotten to County Clare yet. The Ring of Kerry is great, but wait until you see the Cliffs of Moher. They're fucking incredible."

I grinned at the excitement he held in his voice. He wanted me to experience all of this just as much as I wanted to.

We drove in a peaceful silence through County Limerick; Edward concentrated on the winding road while I stared out the window and admired the view and wondered about everyone back home. I'd had a great time on my honeymoon, but any time there was a lull in our daily activities, sightseeing, and exploring, I had a tendency to worry about what was happening in the States.

Eli was having a great time with Jacob in Seattle. I knew this from the enthusiastic screeches and shouts through the phone when I talked to him. I hated that he only got to see his dad for a total of four weeks each year, but he never complained; he was truly the best child any parent could hope for. It was like somehow he'd gotten the best parts of Jacob and me and was showing a little mix of Edward in there as well. It made me curious about the nature versus nurture argument. How much of our genetics were responsible for what we became, and how much was a result of our environment and upbringing?

Eli's language was especially like Edward's. I couldn't count how many times I'd had to correct his swearing when he was wrapped up in one of his video games. Edward said it was perfectly normal, that he was nine and between himself, Emmett, the television, and the kids at school, I shouldn't be so surprised to hear my son quickly becoming a typical, foul-mouthed male.

It didn't mean I had to like it, though.

Eli had gone to Forks to visit Charlie and Billy over the weekend, as well as spending time with Leah's family. I always tried not to pry, but I couldn't help but wonder if Eli truly liked Leah. He was never rude to her--he knew Edward and I would punish him severely if he was--but I always got the feeling when he came back home that he wasn't as comfortable with her as he was with Edward.

Although, now that I was thinking about it, he may not be as comfortable with his own father as he was with Edward. They'd had a connection since the first day they met four years ago.

I missed Catey's adorable face and bubbly personality. I missed the cute way she spoke, lisping at times and tripping over the pronunciations of the more complicated words in the English language. I missed Aiden's jokes and his outgoing personality. I missed the way the freckles scrunched up on his nose when he smiled, and his shy hugs--when no one was around, that is. Heaven forbid anyone catching him being a sweet little boy.

I wondered idly if he'd lost that tooth yet today.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Edward shouted at the dials on the dashboard.

The car rocked and jolted as the engine hissed and sputtered, and Edward fought to keep control of the car and exit onto the shoulder.

"What's the matter with it?"

"Fucking radiator!" he spat, pointing toward the smoke rising out of the cracks of the car's hood.

"Now what?"

"Where's my phone?" he asked, moving the maps and miscellaneous junk around as he searched for it.

"I stuck it in my purse. Hold on." I bent down and retrieved the phone out of the front pocket. "Here you go."

He hit a button and then glared at me. "Bella, it's fucking dead."

I gaped in shock and then quickly snapped my mouth shut. "What?" I grabbed the phone out of his hand and stared at it in disbelief. "No! I just took it off charge this morning! It can't be dead!"

"Well, it is," Edward said dryly.

He pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation, silently trying to calm himself down, before he got out of the car.

I jumped up and rushed to the front of the car to join him as he lifted the hood. "Get back!" he snapped as smoke shot out from the engine.

I took a step back with Edward until all of the smoke had rolled out and the view of the engine was clear. Edward peered at where I assumed the radiator was and then let out a curse so foul, I cringed.

He kicked the front of the car in anger--still cursing--and I decided to try to make light of the situation.

"Do you think if you talk dirty to it, that'll help?"

He gave me a strange look and then smiled a little. "Calling something a cunt at the top of your lungs tends to get some kind of reaction. So yes, I thought maybe it would help. Not my brightest moment, I'll admit."

"I hate that word." I scrunched up my nose and shook my head, like I was trying to free it from my brain.

He shrugged and bent over the car, giving me a peek of his waist. It was actually pretty hot. "It's just a word."

I rocked on my heels as he studied the engine. "Can it be fixed?"

"Do you have some water and duct tape?" He reached out and started yanking on some sort of hose. "Because the hose is cracked."

"But why was it smoking?"

"Radiator got too hot. It'll cool off, but there's not much point in driving it without some sort of lubricant to keep it cool."

"Well, shit."

He chuckled. "That's putting it mildly, a ghrá."

"You can't MacGyver it together?"

He gave me an incredulous look. "Are you serious?"

I nodded. "They didn't teach you any of this sort of thing in the military? You know, how to go into the woods with a knife and a toothpick and build an apartment complex or something?"

He stood up straight and looked at our surroundings thoughtfully. "I know. I'll rip some of the moss off that tree and use it to patch the crack. There's got to be a pond around here somewhere I can get water from..."

"That'll work?" I asked hopefully.

He flashed me a wicked grin. "No."

I slapped his bicep. "Not funny."

He laughed. "Your face was, though."

"Edward, come on!"

He was still laughing. "Bella, I was in the Navy. I can swim like a fucking fish and know everything about your basic seamanship. Going out into the woods and searching for shit to fix the car is not my thing."

I crossed my arms and huffed. "Well, since you're in such a better mood, what do you suggest we do? We have no phone and apparently no way to fix it, and you're making fun of me instead of being productive, so I'll let you be in charge."

He pursed his lips. "Don't be mad."

I scowled. "I'm not."

He ignored my petulance. "We walk. Ten wonderful miles to the nearest town unless someone comes by before then."

"What about our stuff?"

"Grab your purse and that worthless, piece of shit phone and we'll come back later for the rest."

I did as I was told and grabbed my purse and stuffed the phone down into the front pocket. I shut the door and took a few steps forward before I stopped and stared back at the car.

"You okay?" Edward asked hesitantly.

"Ten miles..." God, I'd be exhausted before we got halfway there.

I looked over at Edward and saw him grinning at me. "I'll carry you part of the way."

My eyes narrowed. "I don't think so. I'll walk, thanks."

"Okay. Get your cute butt in gear, and let's go."

I had to admit, walking with Edward was nice. He kept a light conversation going between us, and it gave me a chance to experience the faint sounds of livestock in the distance and the scents of freshly cut grass and the flowers we passed along with the view. The sun occasionally peeked out from behind the clouds, making everything bright and vibrant.

It was incredibly beautiful and serene.

After a while though, it got old. Even in the mild temperature, I was beginning to sweat. Not to mention how tired I was getting from walking up and down all these hills and how frustrating it was to have walked all this time and not have a single car pass us in either direction.

I wasn't sure how far we'd walked when I finally stopped to rest. "My legs hurt," I complained.

"Yeah," Edward responded vaguely, staring up at the sky. I glanced up and noticed the darkened clouds looked a bit ominous.

"No one has come by yet. Could this get any worse?" I asked in exasperation.

I wanted to just get to our hotel in Shannon and take a long, relaxing bath and forget the awful day we'd had.

That wasn't happening any time today.

Edward frowned. "Don't say that."

I felt a drop of rain hit the tip of my nose. "Why?"

"Because you'll-."

The sky chose that moment to open up and pour down on us.

Edward shook the rain that was beginning to gather in his hair out. "That's why."

I stood with my mouth hanging open while the rain quickly soaked through the light fleece jacket I was wearing. I spit out the rain water that had gotten into my mouth and stormed off in the direction of the town.

"This is bullshit!" I screamed at no one in particular.

Edward chuckled beside me. "It's not what I expected for my honeymoon, that's for sure."

I stopped in my tracks and spun around on him. "Aren't you pissed off at all?"

"Yes. But I'm more angry that the car broke down in the first place than I am about a little rain," he explained.

"You call this a little?" I screeched. "It's a fucking torrential downpour!" I spit more water out of my mouth just to prove my point.

His eyes darkened considerably. "Say that again."

I blinked. "What?"

"The part about it being a fucking torrential downpour."

I cocked my head to the side in confusion. "It's a torrential downpour," I repeated slowly.

He shook his head. "No. The fucking part." I blushed, realizing I had in fact said that. "I rarely hear anything like that come out of your mouth. It's so hot when it does. So dirty sounding."

He took my hand and brought my palm to his lips. "Oh," I said lamely.

"You look beautiful like this," he murmured.

"I look like a drowned cat," I countered.

His lips quirked in amusement, but he held off his laughter. "You look gorgeous." He brought me closer to him and pressed his body into mine. "See what you do to me by just standing there, getting all wet?"

I moaned at the low, seductive timbre his voice had taken on and the feel of his hardness against me.

"I want to fuck you," he breathed, locking his gaze on mine. "Now."

I think I whimpered, but I couldn't be sure. The electricity that surrounded us was almost unbearable. The lust we held for each other crackled in the air and buzzed in my ears.

"Where?" I managed to choke out.

He looked around the field behind me and grinned evilly when he spotted something. "Over there." He pointed behind me.

I turned to see an outcropping of rocks a little ways back. He grabbed my hand and led me to the rocks with determined strides.

As soon as we reached the back of the rocks, he pinned me against the tallest, and took me in a greedy kiss. His hands shot up under my clothes, skimming up my stomach and toward my breasts. He cupped them once, and then he dipped his hands under the lace fabric of my bra. He took my nipples in his fingers and rolled them harshly, causing me to feel a wave of desire so strong, my legs nearly gave out from under me.

He held me up with a cocky, crooked smirk and began working on removing my shoes and the lower part of my clothes once he was sure I wasn't going to fall.

I watched his face tense in concentration and eagerness, accentuated by the dark hair that flopped toward his eyes and the rivulets of water that dripped over his jaw and streamed off his chin, and I quickly realized that if he thought I even looked a fraction as good as he did, it was no wonder he wanted to take me here. Now.

He was incredible looking when he was wet. Every line and edge of him looked so feral and strong. It was all I could do to keep breathing.

Once I was naked from the waist down, Edward quickly forced his own jeans down and lifted me up so that my legs were wrapped around him. He kissed me one last time and then plunged himself into me with an echoing groan.

"Fuck, baby. You feel like heaven," he rasped against my ear.

I threw my head back against the rock and let him take me in the rain. With each stroke, he murmured something dirty in my ear. The feel of him inside me and the pictures his words formed had me screaming out when I came.

His thrusts got rougher and harder as he got closer to his own release. My back was scraping against the rock, but instead of hurting, it added to the pleasure. I locked my legs together at his back and pushed toward him each time he drove into me.

"Oh, God," I moaned softly.

"I'm going to come soon," Edward said gutturally. "I want to feel you come with me."

"Edward," I groaned. I was so close.

"That's it, baby." He smirked.

His fingers dug into my hips as he sped up our movements and rolled me against him. His climax roared through him, triggering my own. I held onto him tightly as intense pleasure rolled through me, unable to focus on anything else.

As soon as I was sure I wouldn't slip out of his grasp, I moved to nuzzle against him.

He moaned, and a smile graced his lips. "You smell so good in the rain." I pulled away from his neck so that I could smile back at him. "I love you."

"I love you."

He placed a gentle kiss on my lips and then slowly released my legs. We silently got dressed into our soaking clothes and started back toward the road.

Half way there, Edward spotted a truck in the distance. Without a word, he quickly kissed me and sprinted off to flag the person down.

I chased after him, though I was nowhere near as quick as he was, and caught up to him just as the truck came to a stop. A black haired man--who looked so much like Emmett--rolled the ancient truck's window down and gave us both a polite smile.

"What's your trouble?" he asked in a thick brogue.

"Our car broke down about six miles back, and we got caught in the rain storm. We were heading toward the nearest town for a phone and hopefully a place to stay for the night until our car is fixed."

"Don't you have a mobile?"

"It's dead," Edward explained.

The man chuckled and glanced at me. "Looks like your woman's in need of a hot bath and some dry clothes," he commented.

Edward turned to see my arms wrapped around myself in an attempt to keep myself from shivering so much. "Shit, baby." He took his coat off and put it on my shoulders. "Are you okay?"

It took me a moment to answer; my teeth were chattering loudly. "It got really cold all of the sudden."

Edward nodded his agreement.

"Get in. I'll take you back to your car to get your luggage, and then we'll head over to my house. My wife and I own a bed and breakfast on the other side of town. She'll get you straightened away."

"Oh, thank God," I cried in relief.

"Thank you," Edward told him genuinely.

He inclined his head in acknowledgement and waited for Edward and I to climb into the cab of the truck before turning around and driving in the direction of our rental car.

He reached over and turned the heat on for us. "Name's Liam."

"I'm Edward, and this is my wife Bella," Edward told him.

"Pleased to meet you."

It wasn't long before we saw the red compact sitting on the road. Liam parked directly behind it and got out to help Edward put our two suitcases into the bed of the truck.

We drove to Liam's house in silence. Liam had turned the heater on full blast, and I spent the entire way leaning forward to catch the hot air while Edward constantly ran his hand over my back soothingly. The few times I would glance up to give him a grateful smile, I would catch the amusement on his face as he stared down and watched me revel in the heat.

We finally pulled into a gravel drive. Liam shut the truck down, and I missed the blast of heat instantly. I reluctantly got out and viewed my surroundings.

Liam's house was amazing. It looked like it had started out as a stone cottage and been added on to numerous times throughout the years. It was unusual, full of conflicting lines and styles but that seemed to add to its charm. A small greenhouse full of blooming flowers and plants sat behind it. I gazed into the greenhouse and saw a thin, golden haired woman tending to some bulbs with a baby slung to her chest. She straightened up to brush the hair off her forehead and gave Liam a warm smile as she noticed him.

"That's my Rhiannon," he said proudly, "and our daughter Megan." He waved her over.

"She's beautiful," I told him honestly.


The woman hurried over to us and introduced herself before kissing Liam in greeting and passing the baby over to him. I nearly whimpered with longing at the sight of the little baby with black hair and wide blue eyes, grinning up at her father.

Edward cupped my neck and pulled me to him. "Hey, it's okay."

I shook my head mutely and tried not to cry.

"Do you want to go home early and see Catey?"

I shook my head again. "Are you a mind reader?" He always had this uncanny ability to know what was wrong with me.

He grinned crookedly. "No. I just know you."

Rhiannon led us into the house and up the stairs to a large bedroom on the right. "I need to bring in the extra linens, but I can do that later. Right now, I want the two of you to take a hot shower while I make you a bit of tea. I wouldn't want you to catch cold on your honeymoon."

I smiled. "Thanks."

She showed us where the towels were and then left without another word.

Edward turned on the water and grinned at me as he stripped his wet shirt over his head. "Anyone else think she's a little like Rosalie?"

I giggled. "She's exactly like Rosalie. Bossy, commanding, but somehow nice at the same time. And Liam, he looks just like-"

"Emmett." He checked the temperature of the water and extended his hand to me. "It's fucking weird."

I took it and stepped into the shower, sighing as the warm rivulets of water ran down my back. "Weird," I agreed.

He cupped my face in his hands and pushed my wet hair off my forehead. "You're really all right?"

I nodded and ran my finger along the tattoo on his chest. "I'm better now. I just miss our kids."

"So do I." His hand went down to my stomach, and he grinned playfully. "You know, I've been thinking a little. I think we made ourselves a honeymoon baby."

I laughed at him and felt a twinge of hope rush through me. But I ignored it. I'd gotten my hopes up one too many times to believe anything until I saw a plus sign. "Whatever."

His smile widened considerably. "Don't believe me?"


"Ah, Bella." His eyes flickered from his hand to my face. "Wanna bet?"

"No. I'll lose."

His brows shot up. "So you do believe me."

I shook my head, flinging water everywhere. "I can't. I've been disappointed too many times."

"Not this time," he murmured, dipping down to kiss me. "I'll be damned if I watch you cry again when we get back home."

His hand went from my stomach to my leg, hitching it up so that I could wrap myself around him. He pressed me into the wall and had me moaning with just the touch of his fingers grazing over my clit.

"Edward," I whispered.

"Shut up, baby, and just let me fuck you again. I'm not leaving this continent until I've made that dream of ours a reality." His face broke out into a wicked smile. "Even if I have to stay in bed with you for the rest of the trip."

"We'll miss sightseeing."

He snorted and brushed his lips over my jaw, causing it to tingle pleasantly. "Sightseeing's so fucking overrated. The only sightseeing I want to do is of you. Naked. Taking me in you. Over and over and over. In every place imaginable."

I let out an embarrassingly loud groan.

With just few words, Edward had managed to get me to toss out all those ambitious plans of Shannon and museums and druid altars and spend the rest of our time in County Claire locked up in our room at Liam and Rhiannon's house. I knew that someday I'd wish that I'd have seen those sights I was so looking forward to visiting while I was here, but I couldn't make myself regret all the time we wasted just keeping the connection we had with each other.

And because that time we spent holed up in bed resulted in the most amazing and welcomed news when we got home.

Our son.