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Jinx stared at the television, the expression on her face a representation of her enthusiasm for the current re-run of Home Improvement. She tilted her head to the side debating whether or not suffering through Tool Time classified as a step up from homelessness.

She was nearly positive that the answer was no; it was riding the line of actually be considered a step down.

The pink-haired sorceress really hated her conscience at times like this, times when Tim Allen was waltzing around in a leather apron and wielding a power drill. At least her life of crime provided a constant guarantee of cable TV. She shuddered as the theme music of another episode began, grumbling profanities under her breath.

The Teen Titans probably had cable. Actually she knew that for a fact.

Although she hadn't stayed long whilst staging a coup with Mammoth and Gizmo, she could recall that the heroes of Jump City were in possession of cable TV. Most reasonable people were. Why would anyone sit around and watch this sort of crap when hundreds of options were a mere installation away?

This only reaffirmed what she had already suspected, there was something seriously wrong in the head with Kid Flash.

How was it that evil doers and crime fighters alike could enjoy the advances of technology for television but not the fastest boy alive? He fit into the crime fighting category, heroes must have some sort of legal income, unless he was just stingy. She glanced around his apartment and found that this was not the case.

Clearly the only logical option left to explain why Jinx felt like her eyes were bleeding was that as a not-quite-evil-but-not-really-good-bad-luck-witch she was being punished. This struggle was placed before her as a trial to overcome and she was going to triumph.

Or just whine to Kid Flash, either option seemed good to her.

At some point during Jinx's display of disgust at the use of a laugh reel, the red-headed speedster himself appeared beside her. "Oh nice! Home Improvement's on!"

He smothered his laughter as she jumped at his arrival and set down the bags of potato chips and jumbo-case of soda stacked in his grasp.

Jinx stared at him incredulously, "You have got to me kidding me."

He looked up as he ripped open another bag and munched cheerily. "What? I'm hungry."

She rolled her eyes, "I noticed. I went through your cabinets and I meant to ask, did the U.S. government ask you to store the nation's surplus here or are you part garbage disposal?"

Kid Flash lowered his can of root beer to offer her a mysteriously appearing fruit platter. "Ha-ha, you're just a riot. Try to contain your hilarity to commercials; I can't hear what's going on."

Jinx defiantly pressed mute, "Now you can't hear what's going on." She reached over for a piece of fruit but he moved it from her reach at the last second.

Waggling his eyebrows wildly he told her in a sing-song voice, "Ah ah ah, no pineapple until you turn the sound back on."

"Not going to happen," she announced as she crossed her arms, clutching the remote in her fist and watching the tray from the corner of her eyes. She clenched her jaw to restrain herself from sending a wave of pink energy towards the boy next to her and knocking the tray from his hands. He would only catch it again before she even got close enough to grab a thing.

Grinning mischievously he picked up the exact piece she had been reaching for and slowly brought it to his lips. Jinx felt herself tense up as it got closer and closer, flinching when he popped it into his mouth and began to chew thoughtfully.

"Wow, this has to be the best pineapple I have ever tasted and I'm not just saying that. It's so sweet, I can't even put together the words to explain just how succulent this-"

He trailed off as Jinx punched the sound back on, while letting out a hiss of irritation.

Placing the tray back within her reach Kid Flash snorted as she snatched a handful of pineapple chunks and shoved them all into her mouth at once. She wasn't taking any chances; it really was the best pineapple she had ever tasted.

Once she managed to swallow her wad of fruit Jinx cringed at a corny line from the faceless neighbor. "Anyway, I wasn't talking about your diet before. I was referring to the fact that you actually like this," she gestured to the TV as if it was oozing.

Kid Flash smirked in amusement, "Have I missed something or just a couple of weeks ago weren't you homeless? Without cable?"

She glowered at him. "So? And this is not my home. This is temporary and very undesirable."

He shrugged and propped his feet up on the table, "Well for somebody who didn't have a place to even sleep you're getting awfully picky."

Jinx raised a finger to him with authority, "I will have you know, I had plenty of places I could have slept rather than here."

Kid Flash quirked an eyebrow above his mask, "Is that so?"

She leaned back on the couch, taking another piece of pineapple before continuing, "I had tons of offers from street-dwelling men, and one of them even had teeth. Plus, I'm sure he doesn't like to watch Home Improvement."

He turned to look at her, his eyes bright, "The thought of Tim Taylor is making you consider living on the street? Or is it the leather apron because the apron is weird, I'll admit that."

Jinx fought back the smile threatening to surface by sending him a grimace. This was ridiculous she wasn't actually supposed to enjoy Kid Flash's company; she was supposed to be aggravated, and if not that, even more aggravated.

Really, there were no other options other than aggravation.

Frowning for no apparent reason other than the fact that she wasn't as aggravated as she was supposed to be, she grumbled. "All I'm saying is, what kind of superhero doesn't have cable? Even the Hive Five had cable."

"You mean the Hive Six," he corrected before motioning towards the screen, "And why would I need cable? I don't watch much TV; I'm too busy ridding the world of evil-doers and the like."

She cast him a dark look, "Thanks."

His grin was charming as he leaned towards her to rest his hand on her shoulder before she shrugged it off. "You were never an evil-doer Jinxie."

She pursed her lips as she retaliated. "If I'm not then why do I have a criminal record? What do you have to say to that, Flashie."

He seemed extremely amused by the nickname, "It makes me sound like a streaker and you don't have a criminal record, you have a juvenile record which clearly shows that you've only committed petty crimes."

Jinx was not taking much appreciation to the fact that he was discrediting her villainess status, or previous status. She had fought on the side of good against the Brotherhood of Evil but since then she hadn't done much of anything, good or bad.

Jinx didn't know where she stood anymore, although she was sure that kicking back on a plush red couch with Kid Flash certainly didn't earn her any points on the villain scoreboard.

With a huff Jinx shifted several feet away from him. "I was a very intimidating criminal."

Kid Flash cocked his head at her, "Was?"

She narrowed her eyes, "Was, am, whatever. I'm going through a mild identity crisis right now okay. Either way, I'm intimidating!"

He held up his hands innocently, "Oh, definitely. I'm quaking in my boots. You and your ferocious band of unicorns strike fear into the hearts of many."

Jinx glared at him while he snickered as she shot back. "Yeah, well. It's not like you inspire much fear, especially in that."

Kid Flash looked down at the uniform she was currently pointing to. "What's wrong with the outfit?"

She smirked at his defiant expression, "Have you looked in a mirror lately? Could your spandex be any tighter?" To emphasize that her question was already answered she attempted to pull the material at his forearm but it didn't even budge.

He pulled his arm away from her defensively. "It has to be fitted so closely because I can't have any extra friction when moving at such high speeds."

She watched him skeptically before a broad grin crossed his face as he realized one rather important detail. In order to notice that he wore unbelievably tight spandex she had to have been looking him over.

"I knew you were checking me out!" he announced.

The leverage that she had been holding over him vanished quickly as her cheeks flooded with color. "Have not! It's kind of hard to miss, it's just so..."

He interrupted her in a taunting manner. "Alluring? Tempting? Attractive? Seductive?"

She fought to stop her blush when he leaned closer. She had already learned that Kid Flash had no survival instincts when it came to personal space. Jinx shoved him back as she snorted loudly at his options. "I was going to go with form-fitting but if the spandex makes you feel seductive, go on ahead."

Kid Flash pressed his lips into a tight line to refrain from leading deeper into the topic but found he couldn't hold back. Flipping open the dictionary that had miraculously appeared in his hands he searched through the pages.

"Form-fitting? That's an interesting choice. The exact definition here states 'conforming snugly to the outline of the body', that's fascinating isn't it?"

Jinx sighed at him in exasperation before stopping to think about the logistics of actually wearing the thing. "Wait, how do you even get into it?"

His lips twitched as she continued talking, staring at his uniform with curiosity. "It looks like it's molded onto your skin, how can you even wear anything underneath...wait, are you?"

A deafening pause engulfed the pair as Jinx's bubblegum pink irises widened.

She did not just ask him that question. She was going to turn back to Home Improvement and in some way shape or form that question would not have escaped her mouth.

Deciding he was going to pounce while the opportunity hung before him Kid Flash grinned manically, "That's a question that you'll have to discover the answer to on your own."

She was not going to respond. That sounded suggestive. Her fists clenched tightly as she tried to divert her attention to anything other than the topic of whether or not Kid Flash wore undergarments.

What was with heroes and spandex anyway? She didn't have to worry about this type of conversation with any of her Hive Five teammates.

Deciding she needed to wipe that expression from his face she offered, "I seem to remember that plenty of other heroes wear their spandex tight too, not just you."

A frown settled on his face as he tried to think of the attire his companions wore and drew a blank. "Any examples?"

She held up a hand and began ticking them off as she went. "Robin, Beastboy, Aqualad, Speedy...uh, you."

Kid Flash leaned his head back on the couch as he queried slowly, "So, really, I'm just one of the many heroes in spandex that you ogle?"

Jinx didn't hesitate this time as a wave of pink energy shot at the boy, splitting his couch cushion and dumping him to the ground. Not even disgruntled he stood up and repositioned himself on her other side, grabbing another can of soda. "Do any of the bad guys where spandex?" he asked after a moment of letting her seethe.

She opened her mouth and then closed it again, frowning as she tried to think of a criminal in spandex. Okay, just because the good guys wore it more often didn't mean that, why couldn't she think of anyone? Panicking internally she was ready to smother herself with one of the oversized pillows on the couch.

She really did only ogle the tight spandex on superheroes.

That was just great.

Kid Flash was enjoying watching the frustration flit across her features before he decided to chime in. "You did have a point earlier, my uniform is probably the tightest, making me the easiest ogling target. So you ogle me the most right?"

With absolutely nothing safe to say in response Jinx decided that for her own sanity they had to start directing the conversation away from the contours of Kid Flash's physique.

Thinking quickly she focused in on his mask as a target to divert his question. "And you wear one of the stupidest masks."

Kid Flash straightened up in offense. "My mask is cool! My mask is way cooler than Robin and Speedy's. Do you see these?" He pointed towards the lightening bolts adorning his mask, "That's right, those are lightening bolts. Lightening bolts."

He emphasized the last word as if willing her to change her mind.

He was right. His mask was the best of theirs, Robin and Speedy's were functional but his went the step beyond, not that she was going to tell him this. Diversions were called diversions for a reason and if she caved now they hadn't veered far enough away from their previous conversation yet. She was still in the danger zone.

"So, what? Lightening bolts automatically make things better?" Jinx asked wondering why he had his special attention on the symbol.

He looked at her down his nose as if this matter was non-negotiable. "What, are you kidding? Of course they do. Just look at Harry Potter. If he had a normal scar, it'd be impressive, 'Ohhh yeah, mark from battling the Dark Lord as an infant, that's right, from my crib' but because it's a lightening bolt shaped scar it's so much cooler."

She couldn't stifle the laughter from that one and for a minute he forgot that he was supposed to be defending the honor of his mask. "I got you to laugh!"

Jinx stopped smiling immediately and sobered her demeanor. "Yeah, whatever."

As Kid Flash watched her he suddenly shot up to his feet. "I know why you don't think the mask is cool!"

She raised her eyes to his, curious as to where he was going with this because she actually was rather fond of his mask, a little. "And why is that?"

"You've never worn one before," he declared triumphantly.

Jinx shrugged, "So? I can't have the right judgment on masks because I don't wear one?"

He sat back down again, excited that he could prove her wrong. "Exactly! Wearing a mask is like, I don't know, undergoing enlightenment. You can't discuss anything about it without first experiencing it."

She stared at him blankly. "Did you just compare my calling your mask stupid to achieving nirvana?"

Rolling her eyes at him she turned once more to the TV only to find yet another episode of Home Improvement was beginning. Was this the marathon from hell? She ripped her horrified gaze from the screen when he tapped her on shoulder to get her attention.

Turning, she saw Kid Flash, his blue eyes sparkling, free of the material normally surrounding them. His skin tone was darker than most red-heads but what she noticed the most was that without the mask she could see the sprinkling of freckles that spread across his cheekbones.

Abruptly realizing she was gawking at a mask-less superhero she screeched and clapped her hands up to her eyes whirling away from him. "What are you doing? Are you insane?"

Kid Flash was sitting beside her, his mask removed from his face and held in his hands towards her. What kind of idiot revealed his secret identity to someone he barely knew?

She felt this was a valid question. "Heroes aren't supposed to go around revealing their identities! Put your mask back on! I didn't see anything."

He snickered at her reaction. "Come on, I'm giving it to you to try on so you can speak about masks with credentials."

Shaking her head she kept her eyes shut and away from him. "Kid Flash, put your mask back on. You're exposing your identity! I'm a criminal remember!"

Placing his mask on the couch he tried to get her to turn around. "I can definitely tell because your behavior right now is that of a hardened criminal. I'm showing my face and instead of destroying me you're closing your eyes and yelling me. But see, that's not really exposing my identity, exposing my identity would be telling you that my real name is Wally West."

She moved swiftly to face him, her eyes narrowed in disbelief as she smirked. "Wally? Your name is Wally? Wait!" With a groan Jinx moved her hands to cover her ears. "I didn't hear that!"

He waited until she grew tired of holding her sheltered position before using his speed to move and restrain her hands to her sides before she could struggle. "Look, alright. I trust you Jinx. It's as easy as that, so calm down. And hey, what's wrong with Wally? Are you always this judgmental?"

She reluctantly opened one of her eyes and then the other as a small smile started. "But, Wally, seriously?"

He let go of her and shook his head with a smile on his face. "I just revealed my secret identity to you because I trust you and you focus on the fact that I have a funny name. Real nice Jinx."

She let her gaze rest on him. It was strange seeming his face exposed without the mask. She almost felt like he was naked in front of her. He really was an idiot. "You have no reason to trust me, what am I supposed to say?"

Kid Flash settled back into the couch as he picked up his mask and carefully placed it on her. "I didn't ask you to say anything."

Scrunching her nose, she went to go look at herself in a mirror before letting out a snort of laughter. She didn't know how he had been holding it in, the fabric of the mask supporting the lightening bolts was restraining her pink upturned pig-tails and she looked quite comical. "I don't think this works for me."

Before she could tug the thing off Kid Flash appeared with a camera and snapped a good number of pictures, grinning like a loon as her eyes began to glow pink. He saved the camera from her wrath before taking the mask off for her and back onto himself while asking, "Still stupid?"

She looked him straight in the eye as she answered, "Yes, yes you are."

He rolled his eyes at her, "You like the bolts, go on and say it."

Jinx glowered then perked up as she responded. "Sure, Wally."

He elbowed her playfully at the jibe. "I'll have you know that Wally beat out Beastboy's real name. We all voted, so there are worse things in the world."

She looked startled, "I didn't think it got worse than Wally."

Kid Flash shot her a vindictive glance as he turned up the volume on the TV. With a last grimace she grabbed the fruit platter and retreated to her room, slamming the door for effect.

He grinned at the closed door as he turned the volume as loud as it could go.

He loved rooming with Jinx.

Shifting his eyes back from the TV he tried not to laugh as she heard her stomping around. She hadn't needed to say a thing because he already understood that she trusted him. Even if she didn't know it yet, the moment he had found her in his apartment, he knew.

She just needed a little time to come to terms with it.

He turned the volume back to normal before shouting to her, "And it's okay Jinx, if I were you I'd ogle me the most too."

The frustrated yelp she emitted traveled through the door as he beamed to himself.

His victory was cut shot by his Titans communicator going off. Flipping the cover open he waved enthusiastically into the display, "Hey Rob! What can I do for you?"

Robin laughed at his exuberance. "Just checking in, you haven't stop by in a while. I wanted to make sure everything's okay."

Kid Flash shrugged, "It's all good here. Everything in Jump alright? And maybe if you invited me over more often I would stop by. They're called manners Robin."

The spiky-haired boy's mask shot up in amusement. "Etiquette from you? Jump City is fine and you can stop by the Tower anytime, you're always welcome."

Kid Flash stroked his chin comically, "Stop by as in a hello? Stop by as in for dinner? Stop by as in a brief extended stay at the Tower?"

Robin sighed as he answered him. "Very subtle. You can stay with us for a week or two if you want. Just give me a heads up so I can warn the grocers you're in town, and I'm not joking. There was a near crisis due to the lack of food last time you stayed."

The speedster laughed before casting his gaze back to the closed door. "Actually, do you think there's room for one more?"

With a frown on his face Robin asked warily. "Who's the 'one more'?"

Kid Flash rolled his eyes. "That ruins the fun."

Before Robin could respond the Titan's alert sounded and he jumped to his feet. "Sorry Kid, got to go!"

"Nice talking to you," he said nodding as both boys broke the connection.

Jinx poked her head out of her room suspiciously. "Were you just talking to yourself?"

He held up the communicator for her to see and she narrowed her eyes at it. "Oh, right. The Honorary Titan Hotline," she said semi-mocking but mostly moody.

Kid Flash shot her a puzzled glance. "Aren't you one too? You fought alongside them at the Brotherhood of Evil. You single-handedly took down Madame Rouge; I think that more than qualifies Honorary Titan status."

She shrugged, acting as if she hadn't been stewing about this for months. "Well as seeing I'm without a communicator and the warm fuzzy feeling from Robin saying the words 'consider yourself an Honorary Titan', apparently no."

He forced down the grin as she sulked, that would only make her shoot a hex off and probably break his cable-less television. "Well, you can file your complaint when you see him," he told her as Jinx leaned against the doorway.

Her forehead furrowed at him in confusion. "And why would I be seeing the Boy Wonder anytime soon?"

Kid Flash lifted the remote as an aid to enhance his gestures, pointing it towards her. "Funny you should ask. We're invited over to the Titan Tower for a week or two."

She perked up instantly. "So I'll have the apartment to myself for a week? Or maybe even two? If I were you I'd go for two weeks; you really need to do some catching up."

He gazed at her with a smile she had learned to avoid triggering and she groaned. "Oh no."

Kid Flash nodded as vigorously as she shook her head at him. "Oh yes." He leapt over the couch towards her, his grin becoming even wider. "I want you to come with me!"

Jinx scooted away from him and true to her typical luck, slammed into the partially open door, wincing as she protested. "First, no. Second, the Titans wouldn't want me vacationing in their tower. Third, that sounds like too much awkward interaction for me. And did I mention, no?"

"But why not?" he whined, blatantly ignoring her list.

She threw her arms up at him in disbelief. "I've tried to destroy them! You think that they'll just trust me after helping them out once? Especially after what went down with Blondie, there's no way."

Kid Flash stared at her for a moment or two before asking. "Are you trying to hint that you're Slade's new apprentice? Because then, I could see some issues, not to mention Robin would have one big freak-out."

Jinx snickered as she pointed out. "Robin's always freaking out; he just channels all that paranoia and high-strung violence into catching bad guys. And hello, I thought we had already covered that I'm an unsuccessful villainess. Slade would never hire on an unsuccessful villainess as an apprentice."

He used the remote to once again continue his gesture at her. "You do have a point. So, that means you're coming along?"

She crossed her arms and sighed. "No. No, I am not coming along. Did Robin even say that I was allowed to come to the Tower?"

Kid Flash stopped waving the remote as he rocked back on his heels. "Technically, no; but the conversation got cut short by the alarm, so..."

She cut him off, "I'm not talking about this anymore until I have Robin's permission."

He laughed, extremely amused by her statement. "So now you want permission to enter someone's home? If I recall correctly, you broke into my apartment before asking if you could stay."

Jinx sulked to herself. "Yeah, well. You weren't home and your neighbors were giving me weird looks. Plus, I vacuumed for you!"

Kid Flash snorted, stepping backwards to sit on the couch. "Somehow your weird cleaning compulsions when you're nervous negate your breaking and entering into my home?"

"The door was unlocked!" she shot back defensively.

"Because you hexed it," he fired just as easily.

Jinx's eyes glowed pink briefly, flickering back to normal as Kid Flash grinned. She was learning restraint in bounds thanks to the irritation that was her roommate. "I'll settle with trespassing," she said, beginning to close the door again.

"Works for me," he shrugged and jumped back over the couch to watch the ending of Home Improvement.

A frown crossed his face as he reached over and found his reach grasping at nothing. "Jinx! Give me back that fruit platter!"

The door opened and she pushed the silver tray out with a striped foot. His frown deepened as he gazed down at the arrangement. "You ate all the pineapple!"

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