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Chapter 2: Honorary Roommates

Jinx groaned as she rolled over, tugging the blanket up above her head. Kid Flash could get the door, it was his apartment. She curled onto her side, almost falling back to sleep when the pounding started up again.

Whoever was in the hallway, clearly did not understand that when you knocked and no one answered, it was because they were not home. There was no reason therefore, to continue knocking with enough brute force to make the door cave in. If Kid Flash did not go and answer that door she was going to drag him out of bed to go and do it.

Silence fell before the unknown guest increased the volume and frequency of their knocks. Jinx huffed and swung out of the bed, untangling herself from the sheets.

She angrily stomped her way to Kid Flash's bedroom and threw the door open only to be met with an empty room. He wasn't there.

After standing there blankly for a good minute or two, until the door thumping started back up, she vaguely remembered that he had gone to the grocery store, again. Rubbing her eyes and stumbling, she made her way to the door and wrenched it open, ready to yell at whoever this person was.

The words escaped her however as the guest was revealed to be a very startled looking Robin.

Robin of the Teen Titans.

Robin of the Teen Titans who had come to see Kid Flash but instead was greeted at the door by her.

Her who's hair was a disheveled mess making a resemblance to cotton candy and wearing a Star City Track shirt and a pair of pink and purple striped boxers.

They were Kid Flash's of course, much to his embarrassment. Jinx didn't have any pajamas with her and while he had been attempting to hand her a pair of normal looking black boxers she spotted a flash of fluorescent pink in his drawer. With a mysterious bout of bad luck his drawer fell forward and Jinx gleefully picked up the pink and purple underwear as he protested how those even got there.

Disregarding what she was wearing, Jinx found herself in a bizarre staring contest. Neither of the two said a word as Jinx gawked at Robin, and he gawked right back. Both parties at hand were too surprised to point out that this was an unusual occurrence and somehow decided that wordless gaping got the message across quite well.

Jinx didn't even want to think about how long she would have been standing there staring at Robin with him staring at her if Kid Flash hadn't arrived to relieve them. She didn't even notice his return until he appeared by her side.

Shooting a grin at Robin while lazily slinging his arm around Jinx he made the unnecessary introductions. "Jinx, you know Robin. Rob, you know Jinx. And I can tell you're curious, yes, we are roomies."

He brought his smiling face next to her grimacing one. She pushed him away from her with an irritated sigh. "Temporarily, but you do realize I'm keeping these," she told him, pointing down at his brightly colored undergarments.

Robin, still standing in the hallway and now staring at them both had not yet regained his own vocal abilities. Kid Flash scowled briefly before turning his attention back to Robin and motioning to the boy standing in the hall. "Jinx, when guests arrive, you invite them inside. See why I want you to come to the Tower with me? You need to make friends. Unless of course you enjoy spending all your time with me, which is understandable."

She gave a half-hearted grunt of protest as she yawned.

Kid Flash gestured for Robin to come inside. "So what brings you here?" he asked as Robin walked into the apartment.

Finally coming back to himself Robin recovered his voice. "I had to run a few errands nearby and we never got to finish our conversation last week so I thought, why not?"

Kid Flash nodded along with him. "Logical, as always. So have you eaten?" he asked as he walked towards the stove.

Robin took a seat on one of the chairs next to the countertop, "No, not yet."

Jinx cast the two of them another look before shaking her head and edging towards her room. "You two have fun now. I'm going back to bed."

Kid Flash leaned towards Robin conspiratorially as he whispered. "Watch this." Raising his voice as he pulled out a griddle from one of the cabinets he loudly announced. "Looks like it's just you and me then Robin for the ultra-berry pancake breakfast."

Jinx froze in her doorway, walking towards the couch instead as she muttered, "I think I'll just watch some TV."

Kid Flash waggled his eyebrows at Robin who let his gaze rest on the pink-haired girl. "So how long has she been staying here with you?" he asked inquisitively.

The speedster paused as he tried to calculate how many days she had been living with him. "I think about a month, maybe a little more," he answered before disappearing in a blur. Once he was visible again he was surrounded by the wide array of ingredients and utensils needed for making breakfast.

Looking up Kid Flash snorted at the expression of concentration on Robin's face as he thought.

The boy in question frowned as he leaned forward and quieted his voice. "So I assume she's the 'one more' you wanted to invite."

Jinx was still quite able to hear Robin. Even with his voice at a whisper it carried across the room; she supposed it was the drawback of always barking orders so loudly. He no longer had an inside voice complex.

She turned around and interrupted before Kid Flash could answer. "You assume correctly Robin. And I understand perfectly if you don't want me anywhere near the Tower, at all. I understand completely."

Robin looked back at Kid Flash to see him holding a spatula threateningly towards the sorceress. "You can't try and persuade him not to let you come! All you said was that you needed his permission."

Jinx kept her eyes locked on Robin as she pointed to herself. "Do the Titans really want me over? I mean I am a villainess."

Kid Flash let out a small chuckle at that and Robin just looked confused so he asked, "Well, have you engaged in any criminal activity recently?"

Jinx nodded enthusiastically. "Actually! We were just discussing this that night you called! What were the charges again? Breaking and entering, as well as trespassing?"

Kid Flash rolled his eyes at her and faced Robin. "I wasn't home when she first came to my apartment so she hexed the door open and came in. Jinx, now you're the one who forgot to mention that you vacuumed the place."

Robin smirked at this and Jinx inhaled slowly before whirling back towards the television. She started flipping through the channels, focusing mostly on eavesdropping until she noticed something amiss with the TV.

Every single channel, each and every one was playing Home Improvement.

So he wasn't willing to go through the effort of getting cable but he was willing to rig the TV? That must have been complicated; she was somewhat impressed, but mostly irritated.

Tim Allen made that peculiar noise from the back of his throat, his trademark for the show, and she groaned. "Wally!" she screeched and Robin looked around alarmed.

Kid Flash pretended not to hear her as he cracked an egg into the batter. "So then as the robber was-"

Jinx clenched her eyes shut and took a deep breath before grabbing the remote and chucking it at his head. Ducking out of the way while catching the rogue projectile he flashed a broad grin as he waved the remote around tauntingly. After a moment of contemplation he turned up the volume and watched Jinx's expression turn murderous.

Robin decided to move to the chair several feet away from Kid Flash before he processed what Jinx had said. "She knows your secret identity?"

Kid Flash reached for the milk as he tossed Robin the remote. "Either that or she's a really good guesser."

Robin frowned at him and attempted to lower his voice, failing once again. "Are you sure you can trust her?"

Jinx pointedly kept her eyes glued to the television screen as she strained to hear Kid Flash's response. After cracking another egg the always-eloquent speedster shrugged, "Yeah."

Robin nodded once and leaned back on the chair turning to survey Jinx. "Alright Jinx, you're more than welcome at the Titans Tower and since Kid told me you were complaining about your Honorary Titan status I've given that some thought."

Interrupting him Jinx glowered at Kid Flash as she clarified. "I was not complaining! I was stating a fact!"

Rolling his eyes the boy turned to Robin, "The fact was stated as a complaint, and a whiny one at that."

An uproar of laughter burst from the TV uncannily accompanying the comment and she let out a strangled shriek before stomping over to the television to turn it off by hand. Tim Taylor was certainly not helping her already frayed nerves.

Robin smiled to himself at their bickering before going on with his announcement. "Either way, as you haven't engaged in any criminal activity lately I don't see why you're not Honorary Titan material. The only thing I'd ask is that you go along once or twice with Kid Flash to see what hero work is like. If you're not interested I can still give you a communicator, you don't need to be involved in active hero work as long as you're at the ready in case it's necessary."

Jinx took a seat in the chair Robin had vacated earlier, giving a begrudging nod. "Is breakfast going to be done anytime soon?" she asked, eying Wally's progress.

He flipped one of the pancakes while answering in an informative tone. "I may be the fastest boy alive but I still can't make a liquid solidify any quicker than the next guy."

She pursed her lips together and rested her head on her palm as they all watched the next pancake begin to bubble. "So what exactly is in an ultra-berry pancake?" Robin asked finally, after attempting to identify the various fruit lumps in the batter.

Kid Flash tilted his head to the side. "Well, an ultra-berry pancake is made of strawberries."

"And blueberries," Jinx interjected.

"And raspberries," he added.

"And blackberries," she continued.

"And cranberries."

"And elderberries."

"And dewberries."

"And boysenberries."

"And youngberries."

"And loganberries."

"And bumbleberries."

"And gooseberries."

"And mulberries."

"And olallieberries."

They both paused in thought for a moment, before Kid Flash nodded in affirmation. "And that's about it."

Robin stared blankly before opening his mouth and closing it again. "Really?"

Jinx nodded as she patted him on the shoulder pityingly. "Do you realize how hard it is to find olallieberries?"

Kid Flash laughed at Robin's expression. "Robin, they're only made of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries."

He turned to Jinx in amusement. "Where did you come up with olallieberries?"

Jinx grinned at him as she gestured towards the TV. "Besides Home Improvement your cable-less television shows bizarre specials and they had one on berries. An olallieberry is a man-made cross between loganberries and youngberries."

"Nice," he responded as he pushed a stack of finished pancakes up onto the counter.

Robin sat on his chair thoughtfully as he looked between his two companions. Kid Flash nudged Jinx's arm and pointed to Robin who was now smirking at them both. "What?" she asked warily.

Robin's smile widened. "I couldn't see it at first, you two being able to live together, but I see it now."

Jinx went around the counter to hand Robin a plate as she lowered the tone of her voice to try and imitate him. "But I see it now," she mimicked with over dramatic head bobbling.

Robin frowned, "I don't sound like that."

Kid Flash whistled innocently, averting his eyes from Robin whose frown increased. The Boy Wonder stabbed at his pancakes in silence shooting dark looks at his companions, both of whom were snickering at him at him noticeably.

After chewing thoughtfully he paused. "Actually, I've thought about it, Jinx in order to become an Honorary Titan you have to go on at least one call with Kid Flash."

Jinx had been enjoying breakfast until his statement, which left her with the fork inches from her mouth, unmoving and dripping syrup onto the countertop. She gave him a look that would have frozen the spiky-haired boy to the spot but the full effect of her wrath fell short as the Titans communicator sounded.

He flipped the cover open and Kid Flash sped behind him to lurk over his left shoulder while Jinx leaned over the right.

Starfire's smiling face appeared on the screen. "Robin! Friend Raven assured me it was not necessary to contact you but I am beginning to fear for Cyborg's well being."

Robin pushed his plate aside in concern. " Star what's the matter with Cyborg?"

Starfire leaned closer as she whispered, "Friend Cyborg sang a song about the act of sitting in trees and carriages for young children and Raven was much angered by this."

Kid Flash eagerly grabbed the communicator from Robin as he asked, "Was Cyborg singing about anyone?"

Starfire's eyes lit up as she saw Kid Flash, "Hello! Robin has spoken that you will visit the Tower! And I am unsure, he didn't sing very long before Raven began inflicting harm upon him. Although I believe I heard him sing of Ravie and BB, which are names that nick upon Friends Raven and Beastboy, yes?"

Jinx smirked as she took a sip of orange juice. "He deserves it."

Robin took the communicator back from Kid Flash. "Star, put Raven on."

She nodded enthusiastically and as she neared Raven's location the three teens hovering around the screen could hear increasingly louder crashes and frantic shouts.

Starfire frowned with concern at the communicator before clearing her throat. "Er…pardon me Friend Raven but Robin wishes to speak with you briefly."

A sudden silence rang out that was punctured by Cyborg's yell, "Thank you Robin!"

Raven appeared on the screen, impassive and calm. "Yes?"

Robin gave her an exasperated look to which she narrowed her eyes infinitesimally. "I politely requested he stop singing. When he didn't take up my kind request I had to take measures to ensure he would no longer now, nor ever, sing that song again."

The Boy Wonder sighed and shook his head. "And where is Beastboy for all of this? I'm surprised that it's Cyborg on the bad end of your temper."

Raven shrugged emotionlessly. "Sleeping I would assume. The day is young I'm sure at some point he will somehow find a way to irritate me as well."

Jinx twirled her fork and stabbed at a stack of bite-sized pieces of pancake. She cast a glance to make sure no one was looking before attempting to shove the whole thing in her mouth.

It was after she successfully had a full mouthful of pancake that she started choking, an action which Kid Flash responded to by thumping her on the back vigorously. "Unnecessary!" she managed to cough out.

He continued on with a few more friendly pats, "It's those olallieberries, they'll get you every time."

Jinx started coughing again as she accidentally let out a burst of laughter and tried to wave him away.

He vanished momentarily and reappeared to hand her a glass of water while doling out advice, "I would suggest breathing by the way. It'll do wonders for you."

Raven raised a brow inquisitively. "Is that Kid Flash and Jinx?"

Kid Flash stuck his head back in the frame and pulled Jinx along with him who had started to take a drink and ended up splashing the water down her chin.

She frowned at Kid Flash and took a sip clearing her throat before pouring the rest on his head. He shot out of the screen abruptly with a yelp, "Jinx! I put ice in there!"

She smiled condescendingly, "I know."

Robin sighed again and looked to Raven who gave a small smirk. "Well, he did deserve that."

Jinx nodded in agreement, "Thank you Raven. I said the exact same thing for you too."

Cyborg mumbled something under his breath, causing Raven to turn towards him menacingly. He let out a manly shriek of terror before running back out of the frame followed by a hovering Raven, glowing dark with aura.

Starfire's face came back into focus as she shook her head helplessly, "None of my efforts have worked in settling their quarrel."

Robin looked to his plate and then back to the communicator. "I'll finish here and come back home. Tell them if they mess up the Tower they'll be doing laps for a week."

He snapped the cover shut and slid it back onto his belt, then pulled his plate closer and began shoveling the rest of his pancakes down.

Kid Flash watched as Robin demolished the stack of pancakes with alarm. "Robin, you might want to try chewing. Did you not see what happened to Jinx before?"

With an eye roll the fearless leader of the Teen Titans made exaggerated chewing motions as he swallowed his last bite of breakfast. "That was delicious, thank you Kid Flash. It was nice seeing you."

He hopped off the chair and turned his head towards Jinx while walking to the door, "You're more than welcome to come with Kid Flash to the Tower and remember what I said about that one trial run."

Kid Flash opened the door for him in amusement, "I'll get this for you so you don't power walk right through."

Robin frowned at him as he explained the rush. "You think this is funny but you have no idea. I have to get back before Raven gets too angry. Last time she resorted to physical violence we lost power for two days because she short-circuited the entire Tower."

Kid Flash laughed as he waved at Robin's retreating figure and shouted after him, "Don't forget to write!"

Jinx sighed at him as she took another pancake from the stack. She lifted her head after hearing a thump to find that Kid Flash had draped himself on the couch and was looking at her upside down. "So, will you come on call with me?"

She shrugged and poured herself another glass of milk. "Maybe, I don't know. What does that mean exactly?"

Kid Flash wrinkled his forehead in thought. "Well, you'd just observe and maybe help out a little? Robin didn't give me any guidelines here so I think that sounds reasonable enough to me."

Jinx took a small sip before she responded. "You know what sounds reasonable to me? A nice, quiet two weeks here alone. I could eat without fear that your vortex of a stomach will devour all the food in town, I could relax without you bothering me the entire time and most of all, I can be overjoyed that you aren't here."

The frown Kid Flash gave translated as a smile due to his head inversion. "You'd miss me. Don't try and deny it. And I for one will not allow you to suffer the way I know you would from my absence."

Jinx responded with a martyred sigh as she returned to her pancakes, "Your absence I like. It's your presence that makes me suffer."

Righting himself Kid Flash gestured to his midsection, "What was that? You like the sense of my abs? I do too Jinx, I do too. They provide me with such insight on always looking sharp."

Jinx rubbed at the bridge of her nose in exasperation. The state of Kid Flash's abs was yet another topic she had no interest in starting with him because she just knew it would end with embarrassment.

She weighed her options and asked hopefully, "If I come with you on a call will you stop talking?"

He sized her up and offered. "Well, I'll stop for right now. Could you imagine if I stopped talking altogether? That would be terrible."

She sighed, recalling all of the daydreams she had involving just that. Just a little bit of super glue, duct tape or lots and lots of peanut butter and she'd achieve elusive, silent peace. Of course if she mentioned that she had daydreams about silencing him he'd only hear the part that she had daydreams about him.

Jinx had made the mistake once of telling him about a dream she had about the two of them making a pizza, which really only revealed that she was craving pizza. But Kid Flash was convinced she was subconsciously confessing an untold obsession for him. And raw dough.

"Oh Jinx you look upset, don't worry, I won't stop talking. Ever." Kid Flash said as he gently patted her check.

She sent him a look he had grown quite accustomed to receiving recently, the humorless glare. "If only I could be so lucky."

The bronze haired boy chuckled at her and shook his head, "You are lucky Jinx! It just so happens to be bad luck. Which is rather unfortunate for you."

She huffed at his accurate assessment of the situation when a small, quick beep had Kid Flash at the ready. "Well, take this luck as you want it, but we've got a call from the Star City Police. You coming?"

Pink eyes widened in alarm. She already had to make the decision? Jinx had barely been considering actually following through with this, expecting several days or even hours at the least to pass before a call came through.

Kid Flash blurred as he cleaned up the kitchen before stopping in front of the mirror and turning to the side to survey himself, "Mask on, check. Dashing as always, check. Hero mode, check. Unicorn-loving, hex-crazy sidekick, check."

Jinx frowned, "I am not a sidekick, thank you very much!"

He smirked as he made his way to the door and propped it open, gesturing for her to head out, "But you do love unicorns."

Her displeasure turned into frantic shaking of the head, "I can't do it!"

Kid Flash sighed, "It's up to you. You don't have to come but you single-handedly took down Madame Rouge! Are you trying to say you can't handle a couple of thugs?"

Jinx bit her lip for a moment in thought. Well he did have a point. She did make taking down her former idol look like frosting a cake, which contrary to Mammoth's stringent arguments otherwise, is quite a simple task. "Fine, I'm in, let's go."

The spandex clad hero flashed her a cheesy mega-watt smile as he led the way to the address and sing-songed, "Oh, this is going to be fun."

Once on scene Kid Flash glanced around quickly before vanishing. Jinx threw her arms up in exasperation and hissed into the empty alley, "This hardly seems like team work!"

Kid Flash was back at her side wearing a smirk, "I just stopped to chat with the cops, no reason to get all twitchy. So here's the plan, we've got an edge because no one knows you're working with me now. I'm just going to barrel in but if you come around the left of this building here we can ambush them."

Jinx tried to quell the nerves churning in her stomach, wishing he had actually left and forgotten to take her. Peering around the corner to make sure everything was ready for him to burst in on Kid Flash glanced back to see Jinx near hyperventilation.

Trying not to laugh at her he moved back, gently placing his hands on her shoulders and forcing her to look up at him. "Hey, keep breathing. I wouldn't have asked you to come out here if I didn't think you could do this. I know you can."

Jinx shook her head to try and calm down and nodded curtly.

"So should I be leaving you here with a paper bag to breathe into once I walk away?" he joked.

Immediately she shrugged his hands away and swung one of her own at the back of his head. Kid Flash laughed and shouted over his shoulder as he started picking up speed, "Now there's the Jinx I know!"

She grumbled under her breath and crouched down, peeking her head out to watch what was going on and see when she needed to make her move. Kid Flash was a blur of yellow and red as he terrorized a group of men all wearing the uniform of garbage men but the back of their truck was loaded with a ridiculous amount of electronics instead of the neighborhood's trash.

Two of the thieves began to run away from the scene where Kid Flash was moving so fast a cloud of dust began to swirl into the tornado he was creating, trapping the other men inside the nauseating rotations.

Jinx stepped out as they ran close within a few blocks and raised her hands at the ready.

The men slowed down before laughing at the sight in front of them, the pink haired girl with the striped socks was hardly a threat. One of the men shouted over to her, "Move out of the way sweetheart, you don't want to get hurt, do you?"

Jinx smiled sweetly, "That's funny I was going to say the same thing to you."

The men both started laughing again and starting coming towards her, "Nice try little girl but what could you do to hurt us?"

Eyes flashing Jinx let her magic flow with her anger, a pink pulsing light radiating from her hands as the hex shot towards the criminals. She was not a little girl! She was a dangerous, wishy-washy on the whole good and evil right now but either way, sorceress!

The thieves panicked at the sight of the strange light and tried to move but the ground split between them causing them to fall into the sudden pit cleaved between the road.

Jinx started to shake as she realized she hadn't used her powers to this magnitude in quite a while and she had only been this angry while using them a few times. Those few times did not turn out well. They were times when she was just learning how to control herself, when she was alone and everyone was trying to get rid of the girl they couldn't explain.

Jinx tried to make the anger coursing through her go way and the source of the continuing pink glow from her fingers started to flicker down. She had only meant to knock the men off their feet. Then one of them began yelling at her from the pit.

"Get us out of here you freak! Witches or whatever you are don't deserve to be out in public with us normal people."

All control vanished as her hex became a ray of light beaming inside the pit and then she heard the thieves begin to scream. Clenching her hands at her sides Jinx closed her eyes, struggling to reign the power back in.

Kid Flash heard the screaming and whirled around to see what was happening. He felt his stomach tighten as he shouted to her, "Jinx!"

At once his voice rattled her and the light vanished leaving Jinx standing in the middle of the street, her face contorted in horror. Her eyes found his for only a moment, blue boring into pink, before she turned and ran.

Kid Flash tried to call out to her again but she was already gone. He looked to the criminals he had sitting in a circle, gagged with their hands tied behind their backs. "I could go get her, but I think she needs some time. What do you think?"

The man closest to him grunted unhappily and the red head nodded, "Yeah, that's what I figured too."

Jinx kept running, darting through the streets and looking over her shoulder until the stitch in her side slowed her down. If Kid Flash hadn't caught up with her now he wasn't going to.

She allowed herself to walk, catching her breath and following signs until she found a public park and plonked herself down onto a bench. Jinx kept to herself, letting the slight breeze and puffy clouds keep her thoughts off of unusually fast boys and angry pink light.

The hours passed by and she spent her time walking around through the paths in the nearby woods or stretching out on the welcoming, splintered bench. It was only when her stomach rumbled that she wandered over to a food stand in the park to get lunch.

After buying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she found a picnic table away from all the happy families. It was when she had a mouthful of sandwich that a small girl wearing a purple butterfly dress came and sat down across from her.

Jinx looked at the girl then she glanced around to see if someone was missing a child. It's not like the girl could have gotten confused and mixed her up as her mother, she looked like she was constantly dressed up for Halloween.

"Your hair is pink," the girl piped up, her voice high and squeaky.

Jinx nodded and took another bite of sandwich, "I know."

The girl kicked her legs, fixated on Jinx's hair, "My favorite color is pink."

With a sigh Jinx gave an aggravated smile, "That's nice."

"Do you think my mom would let me have pink hair?" she asked seriously.

The aggravation Jinx had been feeling turning into amusement as she laughed. "I guess you'd have to ask her. My hair has always been pink, even since I was born, so I didn't have to ask."

The girl's eyes widened in jealousy, "No fair!"

Putting the sandwich down the sorceress smiled again, "My name is Jinx, what's yours?"

If possible the girl's eyes got even wider, "You even have a cool name! My name is just Katie."

Jinx patted her hand, "Hey, Katie is a nice name. I bet you get to buy keychains and magnets and cups with your name on them, I can never find those. So, who did you come to the park with? Aren't they worried about you?"

Sending her blonde curls crazy as she shook her head Katie pointed to the picnic table right next to them, "My mom and my sister are right there. She said I could come talk to you because we've seen you with Kid Flash, you have to be nice!"

Jinx's mouth dropped open in surprise, "You've seen me with Kid Flash?"

Katie tilted her head to the side, "Maybe it wasn't you. But he knows lots of girls with pink hair then."

The teenage girl let out a small laugh and looked back down at her sandwich, beginning to rip apart the bread crust into tiny pieces. "I don't know if I'll be seeing Kid Flash anymore, I did something not so nice today."

Katie leaned forward as she responded, "Oh no! But did you do it on purpose?"

Jinx frowned and shook her head, "No, but it still happened."

Katie made a loud popping noise with the bubblegum she was chewing, "Well then it's okay, you can fix it. My mom always says if we apologize for something we didn't mean to do then it's okay! Unless it's really really bad. Was it really really bad? "

Jinx shook her head 'no', and continued ripping the bread as she thought. Katie did have a point she supposed. That is if staying with Kid Flash was something she wanted to do.

And it wasn't something she wanted. Not at all. Well. Maybe just a little.

She stared at the tiny girl in front of her somewhat concerned that she was seriously taking life advice for a seven year old. A seven year old who eagerly pushed a piece of paper at her. "Hey Jinx, can you give me an autograph? And can my mom take a picture of us together?"

Blinking away her troubled thoughts Jinx smiled in amazement, "Of course!"

Trying not to be too excited about this being the first time someone had asked for her autograph Jinx managed to play it off as feigned excitement for Katie's sake. The blonde girl's mother smiled appreciatively, "Thank you for playing along for her, she's very excited."

Jinx gave a very composed conspiratorial affirmation that she was appeasing Katie while smiling widely. The family waved and started walking off before Katie twirled around and launched herself at Jinx with a hug. Uncertain what to do, the pink-haired sorceress patted the little girl's head.

She was not exactly the hugging type. The Hive didn't exactly go around hugging each other very often. The very thought of it was kind of hilarious. Billy Numerous dog pile hugs? Gizmo techno hugs? Although now that she thought about it Jinx supposed one time Mammoth accidentally hugged her. If reaching with both arms around her to grab a turkey leg counted as a hug.

Jinx watched the girl run back to her mom then rested her chin in a cupped palm. Making decisions was one of her least favorite activities. Especially when future happiness entered the equation.

Jinx mulled (or if she acknowledged it properly, she was sulking) over what to do, weighing pros and cons of using her powers for good or evil. Of whether or not Kid Flash would drive her to insanity or if Tim Allen would do it first.

It was only when a policeman waved a flashlight at her asking if she was aright that Jinx realized she had been sitting at the picnic table for more than half the day. Making her way through town with the help of dull streetlights she walked aimlessly.

Letting the motion lull her she tried to force the dirty sidewalks into revealing a secret message telling her what to do. Unfortunately none of the cement pavements provided her with much guidance.

At midnight Jinx decided she was being ridiculously over-dramatic and sighed heavily before walking in.

The door swung open and she saw Kid Flash slumped over and lightly snoring from the bizarre angle he was lying in, contorted on the couch. She shut the door behind her and he bolted up, his feet planted in a fighting position before he recognized her.

He didn't say anything just stood there, watching her. Then he backed up, shoving the couch out of the way and turned away from her.

Jinx narrowed her eyes in confusion. Was he planning on having a round or two with her over what happened? Was he so ashamed of her actions that he couldn't bear to have himself or his furniture anywhere near her?

She was not at all expecting what he did next.

Swaying his hips from side to side and moving his head in sync he suddenly twirled around and started singing. "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did as long as you—"

He trailed off at the end looking embarrassed, "Well, the next line is 'as long as you love me' but that's not exactly where I was going with this. I had only thought through the application of the first part and fell asleep while I was working on the rest."

Jinx felt like she was trapped between laughing at his performance, asking what he thought he was doing and relief. She settled with further confusion to avoid any of the previous options, "I don't understand."

Kid Flash stepped closer to her and rolled his eyes like she was missing something obvious. "While I was waiting for you to come back there was one of those specials on like you saw with the berries, but this one was about the Backstreet Boys. They were singing that song and I was thinking, this would make Jinx feel better. So, did it work?"

She found herself horrified that as she was looking at him, his hair flat on one side and unruly on the other from sleep, as his eyes sparkled brightly, this boy who had waited for her and sang ridiculous boy band lyrics, her eyes were welling up.

Jinx was about to cry because stupid Kid Flash had to go and make her feel like she belonged somewhere.

Kid Flash's own eyes widened in panic as he saw the sheen of tears in hers. "I'm so sorry Jinx, I'll never try and embody the glory of the Backstreet Boys ever again."

She let out a watery laugh in response and before she could think about what she was doing she moved forward, throwing her arms around him and holding tightly. Kid Flash stumbled back in shock, his arms closing around her automatically.

"Thank you Wally," she said quietly, muffled against his shoulder

He tentatively moved his hand up to gently touch the back of her neck, "For what?"

She answered, still speaking softly in a way he had never heard before. She wasn't trying to convince him of anything, she wasn't defensive or sarcastic. She was just talking to him, explaining. "For letting me try and change. I'm sorry about what happened earlier, I couldn't control my emotions and I hurt those men. I've hurt people before. I hurt them whether I mean to or not with my hexes and that's why I figured it was easier to take advantage of it for evil. I don't like it though."

Kid Flash smiled and she felt the movement against her hair, "Jinx, you are a good person. I know it. Whether you do or not. Whenever it comes down to it, you've down what's right. It's not smooth sailing you know. Hero work is hard."

She nodded, "I'd like to try and come on another call with you."

His fingertips gripped into her more tightly, keeping her close, "Of course."

Jinx made a small noise of content before processing that she was currently plastered up against Kid Flash after tackling him with a hug and revealing the inner secrets of her pink-headed soul. At least she hadn't mentioned anything about him. That would make backtracking nearly impossible.

She pulled back abruptly and self-consciously straightened out her dress, removing invisible lint. Feeling that she must have inhaled some sort of strange fumes at the park she quickly made her way to her room.

Before she could slam the door shut Kid Flash called out, "Goodnight Jinxie!"

She narrowed her eyes at him but conceded, "Goodnight."

He smiled at her sincerely, "I'm glad you came back."

Jinx responded with a curt nod and his smile morphed into something more devious. "And you know, if you ever want to get all up on 'this'", he said as he gestured to the length of his entire body, "all you have to do is say so, you don't need to stage a theatrical reunion."

All traces of affection and vulnerability gone, Jinx shot him a venomous look. "I will not only superglue your mouth shut but I will also put it in all the insides of your spandex so that you will never again be able to speak or remove yourself from looking hero fabulous. Do you understand me?"

His grin took over his face, "Crystal clear."

Kid Flash moved from where he stood beside the couch and pecked her on the cheek, vanishing before she could react as he shouted down the hall behind him, "Sweet dreams, sweet thang."

Jinx stared after him, surprised, and touched where his lips pressed against her face for a moment before she wrenched her arm back down and shook her head. He was going to even more insufferable than ever after that hug.

On the bright side, she now had the fact that Kid Flash had not only sung the Backstreet Boys but also performed a choreographed dance as blackmail leverage. After all, you can't always focus on the bad parts of life.

She changed into her pajamas and made her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth when she noticed that there was now a TV installed above the mirror. It was turned on and playing Home Improvement. Jinx's eyes crackled pink as she took in this new addition.

Above the TV was a sign messily written in green marker, which read 'Come to the Tower with me and you'll never have to watch Tim Allen again', signed by 'A caring and concerned citizen'. Jinx froze, half-watching the show in silent fury with a toothbrush hanging from her mouth as she muttered to herself. "I'm living with a lunatic."

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