Summary: RavenxRed X; there is an infinite amount of worlds, each with their own version of the same person.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, and my sister gave me most of these prompts.

Notes: I will in all likelihood expand on one or more of these prompts, possibly detailing the scene portrayed, possibly showing a different scene from the same 'verse. I will listen to requests for which one(s) I should try and continue, but I make no promises.

0. Canon

There is limited light below ground at night, but the two sides can see each other well enough. Five on one is never fair odds, but this one has always been able to escape from these. Tonight will prove no different, save for the one almost getting caught by magic utilized by a violet-haired young woman, but ultimately he will still escape, confidence rattled but not broken while the other side plots and plans to capture him next time they meet.

1. Modern Day

They meet when she is young and confident and he is young and cocky. He hotwires her car when she is in the local coin laundry and she happens to glance up in time to see him take off in it. Her brother's motorcycle is down the street, in front of the arcade that he works at, and she takes it and chases after the bastard who stole her car.

2. Tribal

She is the goddess of war, living among the tribe that worships her, and they bring him to her altar as a sacrifice. But the goddess of war doesn't kill her sacrifices, and her chosen warriors are the best, loved by the goddess and blessed with her skill.

3. War

A war rages on, cities burning to dust as a great upheaval spreads across the world, sparing none. They are both so young, too young to die in this apocalypse, and they gasp out their last under a blood red sky, lying next to their killer.

4. Space

He is an explorer of space, seeking, ever seeking for the glory of his world. He comes to a world of water, and is guided by a mermaid with beautiful eyes. He betrays her trust when he welcomes his people to her world, an untouched virgin now raped to destruction.

5. Pirates

A merchant ship had fallen to them earlier that day, but he was only now seeing some of the spoils that had been yielded. And by Davy Jones, she was beautiful. A spitting hellcat, one that sure didn't act like some whining merchant bitch. And as Captain of Sea Striker, she was all his. Something that his crew probably wouldn't mind all that much, considering the damage.

6. Camelot

She refuses to be a damsel in distress, rescued by the knight in shining armor, but she is now reduced to that state, humiliated and shamed. She will not bow down gracefully to this fate, and the knight who rescues her treats her with a gratifying respect when he sees what she has done to the captors fool enough to come within her reach.

7. Cyber Punk

The whistling laser-sword of a neo-samurai whizzes over his head as he ducks and launches, punch landing square on the bastard's chin, knocking him up and out. Abruptly, he drops to the ground, hearing the sizzle of barely-controlled lightning skim over his head and into the bodies of those surrounding him. Trust his partner to not stay out of a simple fight like this.

8. Victorian

He bowed over her hand, perfunctory, boring, typical. She yanked her hand back before he could kiss it, defiant, unpredictable, atypical. He smirked at her as she glared at him. Maybe this evening would be interesting after all.

9. Meiji

The swirls of color are an affront to his traditional outlook, too Western in hue for his taste. Everywhere he looks, everyone wears the latest Western fashions, quick to loose kimono and hakama in exchange for dresses and suits. The barest glimpse of a kimono is enough to startle him, for he had thought everyone in this village had given over to Western fashions. He follows her, determined to speak to this woman who has not shucked her heritage.

10. Spies

She calmly slipped the poison into his drink, smiling insincerely and batting her eyelashes like the empty-headed bimbo she was dressed as. He held his glass up, angling it at her, and then casually dumping it out on the ground before her shocked eyes. Standing and dragging her with him, he headed for where his allies waited to pick her brain.

11. Desert

Punishing heat beats down, stealing water and life. Those who are born here eke out a hard existence. She had no choice and wanted to escape. He came because he loved it. He never wanted to leave after he met her.

12. Magic

He calmly inscribed the pentagram in the ground, making sure that no part was faint or obscured. Everything was perfect, and so he summoned the other planar creature, hoping for one who would be helpful, useful for his vengeance. He hadn't expected her to be naked.

13. Prison

The walls are pristine, untouched expanses of white. His first thought is that she blends right in, pale skin covered in a white dress. His second thought is that she does not belong here, that she was wrongfully committed. His third thought is a decision to get her out of there.

14. Demons

She hunts at night, using the cover of shadows to hide her actions from those who are unaware. She is heartless, knowing nothing of mercy, relentless in pursuit of the demons that prey on other humans. There is but one she cannot bring herself to kill, no matter how often they fight, and she is no longer sure if it's because he's too strong or because she enjoys his company.

15. Aliens

Crouched, pressed together in a small space as the odd beings walk past, searching for more humans to round up and ship off to work as slaves. They have never met before, but for days now they have been dodging patrols together, possibly the only two humans left in the city following the arrival of the alien ships that landed in the major cities of the world to round up new slaves on a newly subjugated world. He squeezes her hand in warning before dragging her with him to the next small margin of safety.

16. Ancient Greece/Rome

He reclines in his couch, eyes tracking his host's slave. He cannot place which conquered tribe she is from, with her pale skin and dark hair, but she is pretty in an exotic way. He makes an offer for her, and is surprised when his host is quick to agree to the offer. He finds out why when she lets her tongue out from behind her teeth. Still, he likes her insults; they're more creative than what he normally hears.

17. Ancient Egypt

The rituals are endless and soothing, easy to lose yourself in, but attention that wanders is noted, and the High Priest of Amen-Ra sees how they stare at each other so. The Pharaoh is warned, and they are separated, moved apart, for it is not right that they should desire the other.

18. Animals

She is slender and sleek, newly groomed, when the stupid puppy from next door drapes himself over her and proceeds to rustle her fur out of place. She hisses and attempts to scratch his nose (again) but he easily pins her smaller form, triumphant over the cat once more.

19. Werewolf

The pack circles the trespasser who dares cross their lands without first announcing himself, detesting his arrogance. They find out how much he deserves it when he beats their alpha, proud woman, and forces her to submit to him.

20. Arabia

He is a thief, caught, his hand yanked out and a knife flashing down, when she appears out of nowhere, blocking the knife with one of her own. She yanks him out of the way, throwing him bodily away, and he is whisked off by her minions, a new member of her group, press-ganged by need and desperation.