Lyn's Hill
By: Manna


It was his hill first.

Before he knew her, it had been his escape from the everyday, the never-ending grind that didn't permit him to leave Caelin, even to see his own mother. He loved being a knight, but sometimes it wore him down until he had to get away, even if he could only be alone for a few hours.

More than once, he had looked out from that hill, in the direction of the plains of Sacae, and wondered what it was like, there, if the people were as free as Sir Wallace said, or if they were the simple-minded savages that so many accused them of being.

He never could have known that he would someday find out for himself.

Lyn turned his world upside-down. Meeting her was more than luck, he thought. It was fate. She was different than he was, and it drew him to her; she allowed him a glimpse of her world simply by being herself, and when society frowned upon her for being unusual, he found that it was what he loved most about her.

It was his refuge, but he knew that she needed to see it, that she would appreciate it in ways he could not; he took her to the hilltop that had been his, and it became Lyn's hill, instead.

When she disappeared from the castle, he knew he'd find her in the shade of the maple tree, her gaze on the valley below, but her mind far away. She longed for home; he could see it in her eyes, in her posture, and with the way the wind teased her long hair, pushing it away from the stone walls behind them. He knew Caelin could never truly be her home.

Sacae called to her, and even though she loved the peacefulness of the hill, he had known all along that it would never be enough to hold her to Caelin.

Quietly, he sat beside her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders before drawing her against him. She smiled, her hand resting on his knee as she gave it a gentle squeeze. "I never did thank you for sharing this with me," she murmured against his ear, settling her head on his shoulder afterward, looking as content as he had ever seen her. "So thank you."

He pulled her closer to him, but couldn't think of anything to say. He knew she didn't mean the hill.


Author Notes:

Just a drabble, not much else to say. This was written for all the Kent/Lyn fans out there. Live long and prosper! (Oh, wait, that's not FE-related at all, is it? Hmm…)

I've had this idea in my head for months. Please leave feedback if you can find the time! I'd really appreciate it.