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"Namine, this isn't going to work." Roxas fidgeted in his chair as the girl fluttered about him, putting mysterious things on his face and teasing his hair. Not that it was his hair. The soft, pale-blonde strands that were so alien to him sat quietly over one shoulder. He was still having issues with the fact that he had agreed to do this.

"Don't worry! We're twins, right? Even Mom mixes us up sometimes!" the smaller girl offered, hoping her brother could find satisfaction in her assurance.

Grinding his teeth, the boy inwardly cursed the mother that bore him a twin, and the god that made such an abomination possible. Outwardly, he retorted, "Nam, mom hasn't mixed us up since we were six and you cut your own hair because you wanted to look more like me. Back then there were no… defining features to indicate any difference in gender. At least, none that anyone could see without getting arrested for child molestation."

This was how things had been going 'behind the scenes' at Roxas' house for the past two weeks. Planning, experimenting, and trial runs for 'gender switch Roxas' were finally proving beneficial as, with a last swipe of lip-gloss, Namine spun his chair around to show Roxas the final product.

Two slow blinks confirmed his astonishment as he stared at the image of two likenesses of his sister in the mirror.

"Wow." Roxas continued to stare, resisting the urge to reach out and confirm which reflection was really his.

"Wow?" Namine asked rhetorically. The small girl turned the chair back around to face her, tearing Roxas from his rapture. He looked into blue eyes that could have been his own, ignoring the expectant look they gave him. The blonde girl's tone rang with shrill disappointment as she iterated her thoughts, "Honestly, I help you with Spanish homework and you act like I'm turning water to wine, but when I reconstruct your appearance by some of the most extreme measures possible, all I get is 'wow'?"

Roxas grinned up at his twin, prompting her to roll her eyes.

The boy had the courtesy to at least feign embarrassment. He rubbed a hand on the nape of his neck and cast his eyes downward to help him fit the part. "Sorry, you know it looks amazing," he paused for a beat, his face shedding guilt in favor of annoyance, "But shouldn't you be more worried about thanking me for doing this in the first place?"

Seemingly satisfied, the girl beamed like a flower in spring. "Yeah, thanks Roxas." As she finished, she bent over her twin and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

Roxas swatted her away, "Gross, Namine, quit it!"

His sister giggled, ruffling his hair, and darted out of reach before he could hit her. "Anything for my baby brother," she taunted.

A heated glare filled the boy's eyes as he tried to wipe the sickening feel of his sister's mocking affection off his face with the back of his hand. "You so owe me for this; and only by two minutes so don't call me that!"

"I know, and not a chance," she stated flippantly, inspecting her cuticles to reassure him that she wasn't listening, a familiar smirk curling the edges of her lips. Before he could think of a response, Namine dropped her hand and faced him, excited anew, "Anyway, let's review. I'll be going to art school in France while you…" the petite girl began to circle Roxas as she waited for him to finish her sentence, subconsciously letting her fingers trail on the edge of his chair.

Roxas made a point to let a sarcastic monotone fill his words as he cooperated. "Become you, take your place at the Hollow Bastion Girl's Boarding Academy, and make sure Mom stays clueless." The two of them had been through this more times than he could count. It had grown to be near a chore for him, and he couldn't deny himself the satisfaction he felt when her head tilted sharply to throw him a disapproving look.

"Right," the girl continued, vaguely annoyed, "Mom thinks you're going off to live with Dad until next summer and Dad thinks you're still living with Mom. Since he moves around so much with his band, and he doesn't waste money on excess things like internet or cell phones, our old man is almost unreachable for Mom, so she won't be able to accidentally find out about our scheming from his end." Namine shivered at the butterflies in her stomach.

Roxas kicked the floor to send himself spinning in his chair, "And none of our friends know about this, so if I need help, and you can't provide it from far far away, I'm fucked," Roxas drawled, resting a bored face in his palm as the chair slowed to a stop.

This time, Namine flashed a toothy grin and crouched down in front of her brother, depositing her chin into his lap, not unlike the way a dog would to their owner. "Oh, cheer up. You're like James Bond, taking your missions by your manly self!"

"Except I don't think James Bond ever cross dresses, and I know he isn't gay," Roxas protested.

"So you haven't found my stash?" Namine said offhandedly as she stood and moved to investigate some fascinating thing in the corner.

Roxas wrinkled his nose in disgust, "Dear God, if you are talking about some sort of weird James Bond fetish porn, I do not want to know! Keep your freaky hobbies to yourself!"

His sister only giggled, "Anyway, you're alone to solve your own problems until I get back before winter break. No one is to find out, on pain of death." As her sing-song voice unleashed the threat, she casted a warning glare at her brother.

"Right," the boy sighed slowly, "I can't believe we're doing all this just so you can go to an art school."

"In France," Namine reminded him.

"In France," Roxas repeated, even though it meant near to nothing to him. Location aside, their plan was still ridiculous.

Slightly perturbed by her brother's last-minute melancholy, she returned to his side and asked quietly, "Besides, aren't you the one who told me 'Nam, if you can't get what you want, break some rules until you can?'"

Roxas mumbled begrudgingly, "I wish I hadn't."

"What did you say?" Namine made sure her look was painfully acute, and only relented with a satisfied grin when Roxas winced.

"Nothing," he forced, hating the fact that losses like this happened on a regular basis when his sister was involved.

Said sister, however, was smiling ecstatically. "That's what I thought."

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