Title : Tuberov's Reason
Author : Carole
Summary : Why did Tuberov seem to have this thing
against Dr. J and piloted mobile suits?
Pairing : Dr. J + Tuberov

Author's Note : This was my attempt to come up with
the worst, most nasty pairing I could think of. A
success, if you want to call it that. After I
finished it, I had a GW marathon with a friend.
She kept glaring at me anytime Tuberov or the scientists
came on because she can see this pairing now. YUCK!
Though she also thought it was funny and told me to post
it. Oh, this is unbetaed.


He'd turned off the air in the cells. There was no
other way and the man deserved it. Tuberov turned to
Lady Une's outraged voice and smiled evilly. J could
not escape his revenge this time. But it hadn't
always been this way...

180 AC



A much younger Tuberov stared adoringly at the light
playing off one metal claw. That beautiful high
pitched voice whined out, "Darling."

This was happiness. Engineer in Training, Tuberov had
always admired the scientists who were busy designing
the latest state of the art weaponry, especially J,
but to have one return his regard... They both knew
that there would be trouble if others found out about
their affair, so they'd kept it a careful secret.



Dark glasses stared at him seductively. "How would
you like to play ring around the claw?"


181 AC

"You don't love me anymore," Tuberov accused. He
burst into tears. Nothing ever worked out for him, J
had forsaken him, spending all his time designing that
blasted mobile suit.


"Tubikuns, how can you say that?"

"Because it's true. J, I love you, but I can't take
this anymore. It's either the mobile suit or me."

195 AC

"He should never have picked that suit over me. Now
he will pay. BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Une stared at him in shock, giving Tuberov the
opportunity to shoot her. With a thump, she fell to
the floor. Nothing would stand between him and his
revenge! He turned back to the controls and began
randomly pushing buttons. They would all pay!

And that's the real reason for the whole Gundam Wing
mess. The moral of this story, don't let Carole have
sugar before she goes to bed after a stressful day.