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Harry Potter and his Auror Training

Chapter 1: It begins

Harry Potter was sitting in the living room of The Burrow. He had been staying there since after Hogwarts had closed down to be repaired.

It was only two weeks after the final battle. All of those who had died had been buried, Hogwarts was on its way to being repaired, and the wizarding government seemed to be getting back on its feet. Kingsley had taken over as Interim Minister of Magic, although there were talks of an emergency election to take place. Professor McGonagall had been named Head Mistress of Hogwarts only a few hours after the battle was over. Harry, Ron and Hermione had walked in on the announcement just after they had put the Elder Wand back in Dumbledore's casket.

The funeral for Fred had been a family gathering, so it had been huge. It had been almost as big as Fleur and Bill's wedding, and had taken almost as much preparation.

It had taken a lot of effort, but the grieving family quickly got the large house cleaned up and ready for the Funeral. Harry and Ron were again in Ron's old room, which still had a slight stink from the troll. Ginny and Hermione were rooming together. Bill and Fleur took Bill's old room; Charley took up his old room and took George in as a roommate. Percy was given his old room, no question's asked. By the weekend the funeral was ready, and it had been one hell of a funeral.

Fred and George had apparently had made up a will when they opened WWW. If either or both were to die they already had the funeral(s) planned out. In classic Forge and Gred fashion the twins had planned an extravaganza, complete with fireworks, fake wands and literal boxes of laughs.

However, when Fred was finally put into the ground there was no shortage of tears, from almost every eye tears fell.

In the weeks after the funeral life at the Burrow had slowly regained a semblance of normality, although it was much quieter and Mrs. Weasley still burst in to tears every few days. George had gone back to WWW a week after the funeral. Angelina Johnson had agreed to help him run the shop for a while. She had also agreed to keep an eye on him for the Weasley's.

Now, only a few weeks after the funerals of Fred and the many others who had died in the 2nd battle of Hogwarts. Harry was sitting on the couch in the living room of the Burrow, Ginny's head resting in his lap, her sleeping form spread out on the couch, Harry had conjured a blanket over her. For the first few days after the battle Harry and Ginny had been decidedly awkward around each other. But during the funeral Ginny had found Harry, a single tear on her cheek. With out a word Harry had opened his arms and she had buried her face in his shoulder, finally allowing herself to cry for her dead brother. Harry and Ginny did not pick up exactly where they had left off, but they made a good start.

Now, they were seen spending most of their time together. And anybody who had spent even a few hours with the couple would agree that both seemed to bask in each other's presence. It was obvious they were in love.

Ron and Hermione were also in the living room, on a smaller couch opposite Harry and Ginny. They too had become quite close over the last few weeks. Their kiss during the battle seemed to have opened them both up a bit. That being said, their relationship was not perfect. They still fought a bit, although the fighting was neither as intense nor as long lasting as it had been before they got together.

"Harry," Hermione said, snapping Harry back to the here and now.

"What, I'm sorry, what were you saying?" asked Harry, his eyes focusing on Hermione and Ron. Ron had his arm around Hermione, who was leaning into Ron, her head resting on his shoulder.

"I was saying that it's great that Hogwarts will be repaired in time for the up coming school year." Said Hermione, her tone not that of a scolding parent, but of a concerned friend. "I asked if you had thought about going back."

"Oh," said Harry, "I don't think I'm going to go back."

"Why not?" asked Hermione, a small look of shock on her face. "If you don't finish school you can't be an Auror."

"I'm not really sure if that's what I want to be," said Harry. "I mean I wanted to do it originally because I knew I had to be the one to finally confront and end Voldemort. But I've done that so…"

"Well I'm going back," said Hermione. "I want to be as well armed as possible to work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures."

"Well I know I'm not going back," said Ron definitely. "I just feel too old for Hogwarts. And I DON'T want to be an Auror. I was going to sign on to help Harry with the hunt, but that life is not for me, at least not right now."

The friends were silent for a while. Harry's gaze found the window again and he looked at the stars, which seemed to twinkle with a new light now. Harry knew that Hermione's tone of concern from a few moments ago was for him. All of the Weasleys, and quite a few other people who were close to Harry, were concerned about his state of mind. Most of the people were concerned that Harry was blaming himself for the death of everybody during the final battle. And the few who Harry had told about his 'death' in the forest were even concerned about his sanity.

Harry understood all of this, and kept telling them he was fine. Which for the first time in a very long time was completely true. He was completely sane and he didn't blame himself for the death of everyone. He understood that they had chosen to fight; he hadn't had to force any of them into it. Sure he felt bad that so many people had died, but that was it.

At first these feelings had surprised him, but the more the more he thought about it, the more he understood that when he 'died' in the forest some part of him had been removed, or maybe killed was a better word. He no longer felt the huge amount of self-doubt that had plagued him for his whole life. He supposed that those feelings had come from the part of Voldemort's soul that had been transferred to him when Voldemort had tried to kill him as a baby. He had also recently discovered that he could no longer speak parcel tongue, and quite frankly he was glad for that.

After a little while Ron yawned, "I'm going to sleep," he said, slowly removing his arm from around Hermione's shoulder, "I think I'm almost caught up on the sleep that I didn't get while we were on the hunt and from the last battle.

"Yeah, me too," said Hermione. "You coming Harry," she asked as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

"No," said Harry softly, not taking his eyes away from the stars, "I'm going to stay down here a bit longer." He petted Ginny's soft red hair affectionately, "I don't want to disturb Gin' if I don't have to."

"Alright," said Hermione, still sounding a bit concerned.

"I'm fine Hermione," said Harry, "I promise. If I ever need anybody to talk to you'll be one of the first I come to."

"One of the first?" Hermione asked with a slight smile.

"Well Ginny made our getting back together conditional on her being the first person I'd go to if I needed to talk something out so…"

"I understand," said Hermione smiling. She looked up the stairs, following Ron's footsteps, "I understand just perfectly." And with that she went up to Ginny's room.

Harry stared out the window for a while. For the first week or so after the funerals Harry's sleep had constantly interrupted by images of the final battle, of the hundreds of dead bodies and of his parents.

Then, finally he had talked to Ginny about the dreams. He talked to her about the fear he felt for Teddy Lupin, who was being taken care of by his Grandmother. He told her about the fact that he seemed to be haunted by images their friends who had died in the final battle.

Ginny had smiled sadly and said that everybody in the house was having the same problems. She assured him that it was normal to have the dreams. They had talked for hours about both of their fears, their wants and their plans.

Ginny was planning on going back to Hogwarts and doing her seventh year. Then she wanted to play Quidditch professionally.

Harry didn't know what he wanted to do. He may go back to Hogwarts, or he may not. All he knew was that school wouldn't be the same.

After Harry and Ginny had talked Harry's dreams started to get a lot less frequent. In the last week he had only been woken up once by a nightmare.

Harry's scar hadn't done so much as itch since he had killed Voldemort. Harry hadn't realized just how much pain he had been in recently. He had learned to ignore it and to keep it from affecting him. Now that the pain was gone he felt like a vice-clamp had been removed from his head.

As Harry was thinking about all this he drifted off into a peaceful sleep that lasted until morning.

Harry woke up the next morning as sunlight streamed into the living room of the Burrow. He could smell bacon, eggs and French toast cooking. He realized Mrs. Weasley must already be up.

Suddenly Harry realized that he had fallen asleep in the living room of the Burrow, and that Ginny was still asleep on the couch, her head still resting on his lap, and her body still covered by a blanket. Harry could very easily imagine how it might look to somebody who just walked in.

It seemed that the universe was reading his mind as Mrs. Weasley walked in at that exact moment. She must have seen the worried look on Harry's face for she immediately put on a reassuring smile. "It's fine dear," she whispered, "I know you two didn't do anything." She looked at Ginny, and her smile became that of a loving mother. "You two belong together, you know that. Anyway, Breakfast will be ready soon if you want to come and eat." With that she walked out to continue cooking.

Apparently her whispers hadn't been quiet enough not to disturb Ginny, because it was at that moment that Ginny yawned and turned over. This of course presented a problem because she was on a narrow couch. Harry quickly reach out and grabbed his girlfriend's shoulder and hip, preventing her from tumbling off the couch and onto the floor.

The sudden stop of motion jerked Ginny awake and after Harry turned her back towards him she smiled up at him. "Good morning," she said, her soft smile sending a wave of warmth through Harry.

Then her eyes went wide as she realized where she was, and why she was lying on Harry's lap. She jerked upright, sending a small bit of her beautiful red hair into Harry's face. He caught a whiff of the strawberry smell that he had smelled nearly two years ago in Potions class.

"Oh god," she said, the panic obvious in her voice, "Did mum see us? What did she say? Why aren't you a toad? Why aren't I locked away in my room for the rest of my life? Why…well just why?" The questions poured out of her at an alarmingly fast pace and it was all Harry could do to keep himself from bursting out laughing. It didn't help though; Ginny noticed the smile on his face. "What?" she asked, the look she was giving him rivaled the look that Fred and George had gotten from Mrs. Weasley whenever their pranks had 'gone too far.'

"Nothing," said Harry, his smile becoming softer as he realized that he still found Ginny beautiful while she was giving him a death stare. "It was just kind of funny how you panicked so quickly. And how you thought I'd be a toad."

"Well that's what mum threatened to turn any boy who took advantage of me into," said Ginny as she looked around. "And judging by the smell coming from the kitchen I would have thought mum had already seen us. But maybe we got lucky and she hasn't come in here yet."

"Gin, calm down," Harry said as Ginny took a breath, "Yo…"

"Not now Harry," Ginny quickly cut him off, "If mum hasn't seen you yet than you can still apparate up to Ron's room and pretend to have been there all night."

"But Gin…" Harry started to say.

"GO," Ginny interrupted, a little louder than she intended.

A few moments later Mrs. Weasley came into the room. "Ah, good you're both awake now. Breakfast is ready, although it may be a little bit before anybody else comes down." She turned around and went back to the kitchen, leaving a chuckling Harry and astonished Ginny behind her.

After a few seconds Ginny finally asked, "Why didn't she turn you into a toad?"

"Well I suppose it's because she knows that I wouldn't 'take advantage of you'. And because she saw us already." Said Harry, "although if you want me to be a toad…" Harry let his sentence trail off, knowing perfectly well that his sarcasm may earn him some form of punishment from his girlfriend.

"Why didn't you tell me she had already seen us?" asked Ginny sternly. "You let me get all panicked. She may not have turned you into a toad, but I just may"

"I tried to tell you," said Harry, reaching around Ginny's waist from both sides and grabbing her wrists before she could grab her wand. "But you just kept interrupting." He used his hold on her to pull her closer to him. He kissed her shoulder once and felt her immediately soften in his arms.

"Fine, blame it on me," said Ginny, just as sarcastic as Harry had been, "but I'll find a way to get you back."

"I'm sure you will," said Harry with a smile as he released his grip on her arms. "But first, lets get breakfast. I'm starved.

Ginny just nodded, got up and headed towards the kitchen, closely followed by Harry. "What's the count today mum?" asked Ginny as she sat down for breakfast.

"Only about 200," said Mrs. Weasley, pointing to a small mountain of letters piled next to Harry's chair.

The day after the battle had ended; an article in the Daily Prophet told the story of the battle and Harry, Ron, and Hermione's part in the defeat of Voldemort. In fact it mentioned everyone who had fought, and everyone who had died. That afternoon everybody in the Weasley family, as well as many of the other people who had fought, started getting letters of thanks, praise, and in some cases marriage proposal. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and a few of the other D.A. members also started receiving gifts. Mixed in with all the gifts and letters of praise were threats and dangerous items. Hermione had quickly found a spell to sort out all the dangerous items and letters, although a few threats still got through.

At first there had been thousands of letters for Harry, Ron and Hermione each and a few hundred split between the rest of the Weasleys. After the first week the Weasleys all stopped receiving letters and gifts. After two weeks Ron and Hermione's letters trickled off to only a few a day, and Harry's pile shrunk to about 500 a day.

Now, a two weeks after the battle the pile was shrinking daily, with 200 being the lowest number yet.

In the past two weeks Harry had received more gifts than on all his birthdays and Christmases combined. Ron, Hermione and Ginny too had gotten quite a few gifts. All of them had received Firebolts from the company that made the broom, along with requests for an endorsement letter from each of them, among other things. They had all received letters from Rita Skeeter asking if she could write their biographies, all of them had turned her down.

At the bottom of today's pile, which was mostly the same autograph requests and press questions, Harry found a copy of the day's Daily Prophet. The headline on the front read SHACKLEBOLT NEW MINISTER OF MAGIC.

Harry couldn't help but whoop in joy

"What is it?" Mrs. Weasley and Ginny both asked simultaneously

"Kingsley won!" Harry whispered exuberantly. He made sure to stay quiet, a bit embarrassed about his sudden outburst of a few seconds ago.

Ginny also let out a whoop, and Mrs. Weasley laughed excitedly.

It only took about 2 minutes for the rest of the house to come rushing down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

Ron fell down the last few steps as he was pulling his shirt on and wand out at the same time. "Wha is it" he managed after he got up, his wand and gaze sweeping the room.

"Oh put that away Ron," said Mrs. Weasley, "we just got a little excited because Kingsley won the election for Minister Of Magic."

There was a sudden uproar in the kitchen, causing the whole house to vibrate.

"Well it looks like you all have already heard the good news. I really wish the Daily Prophet would stop sending Harry copies a few hours before they get sent out to the rest of us." Said a deep, strong voice from the door to the back yard.

Another shout went up from the large family as everybody turned to see Kingsley Shacklebolt at the door to the kitchen.

"Mr. Minister," Percy said with a slight bow once the noise had gone down again.

"No, I refuse to be called that by this family," said Kingsley, "too many of you have saved my life too many times. I will always be Kingsley to this family."

"Fine with us Kingsley," said George as he pulled something out of his pocket and threw it at Kingsley.

The thing exploded when it reached the middle of the room, releasing one of WWW's new miniature fireworks displays.

"George how many times do I have to tell you NOT to use those in the HOUSE?" shouted Mrs. Weasley

When the fireworks, and Mrs. Weasley's yelling, had died out Kingsley just smiled and said, "Well I guess that's as good a segway as any." And with that he motioned for every one to be seated, and once they all were conjured a chair for himself.

"I came here this morning not only to tell you the good news, but to ask a few of you favors." Said Kingsley, looking around the table at the eleven people listening to him intently.

"Anything sir…I mean Kingsley," said Mr. Weasley

"Well the first thing was the not calling me Mr. Minister or Sir," Kingsley said with a chuckle. "The second Arthur was to ask you to become head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. George, I was hopping to increase the cooperation between WWW and the Ministry to keep providing defense against the dark arts tools as well as other…objects of interest. Those pocket fireworks could be a great distraction. They could act like what the muggle's call flash bang grenades." When Kingsley only received blank stairs from everybody except Hermione he went on. "Never mind, suffice to say they could be very useful to the Auroras and the Magical Law Enforcement squad."

Mr. Weasley was speechless, although he finally managed to sputter out something that sounded like "Yes, I'd be glad to"

"I'd be Happy to," George said, a gleam in his eye that hadn't been seen since Fred died. "On one condition," George added

"Name it," said Kingsley.

"I want Ron to join me as a partner." George looked to his little brother.

Now it was Ron's turn to be speechless. He managed to sputter out something that sounded like, "Why?"

"RON," Hermione shrieked at him as she slapped him on the arm, "what do you mean 'WHY?'"

"I mean why do you want me?" Ron asked his brother, looking completely dumbfounded. "I'm not that great with magic, money or business. If that's what you're looking for talk to Percy or Bill, but not me."

"But that's not what I'm looking for," said George calmly, "and you can learn a lot of that once we start working together. I'm looking for a weapons and tactical consultant who knows the business of fighting dark wizards and knows what the people doing it will need. Not only that Ron, but I see a lot of potential in you and I think you would be great at not only coming up with new defense products but at other things also."

"What does it pay?" Asked Ron after a few moments of silent consideration

"A 50-50 split of all profits," said George without blinking an eye.

"Deal," said Ron quickly. A gleam in his eye as well.

"Great," said Kingsley, patting Ron's arm appreciatively. "Now I have one more request, and it's for you Harry." Kingsley shifted in his seat and look directly at Harry, seemingly closing the two of them off from the rest of the world. "Harry I want you to join the Auror department. And help the Ministry clean up the rest of the Death Eaters. There seems to be a power vacuum now that Voldemort is dead. For the last few weeks we've been seeing the different factions that were under Voldemort's control fighting not only other factions but each other also. We need your help to clean it up."

"But wouldn't I have to go through almost 4 years of training before I became an Auror?" asked Harry

"Nope," said Kingsley simply, "We lost more than half of our Aurors in the final battle, we're taking people and putting them through an accelerated training course. Anybody who showed they could fight during the battle will be getting an offer from the Auror department in the next few weeks, but I need you Harry. You and the others who fought in the battles of Hogwarts have experience that none of the other Aurors have. And from what I've heard about the D.A. it alone covered about half of what was in Auror Training." Kingsley took a deep breath, preparing himself for something that he had obviously rehearsed. "Harry you are a very powerful wizard with respect and acclaim on the international scale. There are many Dark Wizards who would just give up if they knew that THE Harry Potter was coming after them. Harry the wizarding world needsyou, the Ministry needs you, Harry… I need you."

Harry looked at Kingsley and burst out laughing, leaving not only Kingsley but everybody else in the room looking dumbfounded. "How many times have you rehearsed that little speech in front of a mirror?" asked Harry after he had calmed down a bit.

"About 30," Kingsley admitted with a slight smile.

"Well it worked," said Harry as he stood up and reached out to shake Kingsley's hand. "But I have one condition also. I want you to train me, from what I've seen and heard you're the best, and I want to learn from the best."

"Deal," said Kingsley. And with that he turned to leave

"Um…excuse me Mr. Min…I mean Sir…I mean Kingsley. I'm your senior aid Sir, do you have anything you need me to do in the next few days?" asked Percy awkwardly.

"Percy…you're a very smart young man," started Kingsley, "and I'm sure you were a great aid to my predecessors, but I think you could be put to better use else ware. So effective immediately you are fired from your position as Senior Aid to the Minister of Magic."

Percy just stood there, completely surprised. He tried to say something, but it only came out as incoherent sputtering.

"However," Kingsley said after a few seconds, "I am putting you in charge of any sub-department you want at the Ministry. Take the weekend and think it over and owl me on Monday with a few choices. I'll make the final decision but I can almost guarantee you'll have your first choice.

"Thank you Sir," Percy said, as he bowed deeply, his glasses nearly falling off his face as he did so.

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