Most know me as Bella Swan. The shy, plain girl from rainy Forks, Washington. I'm the girl who's parents are divorced and who lived in Pheonix most of her life. I'm the girl who bagged the mysterious Edward Cullen and hangs out with the reclusive Cullen family. I'm also the girl who can't walk over a stable surface without falling on my face.

Others know me as Aislinn Foy. The brave, beautiful girl from Huntsdale. The girl that's Mother died so her Grandmother had to raise her, because she doesn't know her Father. The girl that goes to Catholic school with her crazy friends. The girl thats always been a little more aware of her surroundings. The girl that knows what others only think they know.

I'll tell you who I really am. My name is Aislinn Foy. All my life I've seen Faeries, people of the Fey. My Mother died shortly after I was born, so my Grandmother raised me. Around the time I was fifteen, a Faerie began to follow me. I was the only one who knew he was following me though, so I couldn't just turn around and tell him to go away. But he wasn't just a regular Faerie. He was Keenan, King Of The Summer Court. Keenan ruled the Summer. He controled it. And he was convinced that I was his Queen. After a while, I began to belive him. I grew up thinking all Faeries were bad. But I soon came ro realize that only a few were truly evil. Faeries have a tendency to get carried away. I would know. I was changed into one as soon as Keenan knew I was his Queen.

After two years of ruling the Summer Court with Keenan, Grams had some startling news. She found my Dad. Charlie Swan was his name. He lived in Forks, Washington. All my life I'd wondered who my Dad was. I wasn't about to pass up an oppurtunity to be with him. It was difficult, of course. I contacted him and told him who I was. I gave him proof. My mothers name, my birth certificate. All that good stuff. He beleived me. Whcih began my stay in Forks. I had orginally planned to stay for a year. I needed to get back to my Fey as soon as possible. But when I met Edward...

I'm sure you all know what happened from there.

I've been in Forks for nearly three years now. I love Edward. I couldn't leave him. Not even for my Fey. Keenan understood my need to stay. Keenan has always been supportive. He's my best friend, my partner, my other half. We rule a Court together. We even lived togther after we discovered I was Queen. No problems had arised. Keenan had everything under control, just as he had the nine centuries before he found me. Things were peaceful. Until today.

It was July in Forks, which meant cold. No matter what season, it was always cold. I disliked the cold very much and often wanted to warm it up a bit. But in Forks I was supposed to be a Mortal. And Forks was always cold. Besides, Forks was in Winter Queen's possesion. The Winter Queen, Donia, was a very good friend of mine. But it would still be a problem if I changed the weather on her terf. She owned Washington, Alaska, Antarctica, Colorado and a few other chilly places. Keenan and I were in possesion of Pheonix, Florida, California, Texas, ect. Generally warm places.

I was making dinner for Charlie and I, when I heard a strange fluttering upstairs. Edward didn't usually make that sound when he arrived. I turned the stove off and went upstiars to see that that noise was. It sounded awfully familiar. As I descended up the small staircase, I felt a pull towards my room. I sped up my pace and opened my door, quickly as I could. I almost laughed at the sight I saw. Because she was definately not who I was expecting.

It was Siobhan.

The Faerie girl was sitting cross legged on my tiny bed, looking as natural as ever. Her glamour was up, in case a Mortal like Charlie was here. Her glamour made her look as though she was wearing a simple white dress, with long sleeves. Her long black hair looked like it was hanging loose around her face. She looked human. But under her glamour, that was a different story. She was wearing a thin white sundress, with the sleeves in tatters around her elbows. She had a ring of pink carnations woven into her shimmering blue black hair and she had blossoms running up her legs. She had a sunlit glow about her, something perfectly normal for the Summer Fey.

"Well, long time no see." She said, innocently.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. "Keenan and I gave specific instructions that I was to be-"

"Left alone until you were ready to return to our court." She finished in a bored tone. "I know. Keenan tells us every day."

Siobhan didn't refer to Keenan and I as 'My King' or 'My Queen' as others did. Thats one of the things I like about her.

"Then why are you here?" I asked, sitting down next to her, assuming the same position.

"It's so boring at the loft without you. Keenan is always hauled up in his study with Tavish." She pouted.

Summer Girls like Siobhan needed to be around Keenan and I to survive. The thrived on our energy. Since I wasn't there, Keenan took all that responsibility. Obviously, he wasn't doing a very good job. Siobhan looked tired. Summer Girls didn't get tired.

"I know Keenan can be boring. But you have to listen to him. He knows what he's doing." I sounded like a Mother scolding her child for not holding her hand in a busy store.

"I know that, Ash. But he never plays with us anymore. He hasn't gone to the Rath in months." She told me, appalled.

"But Keenan loves the Rath." I argued. The Rath was a club for Faeries. You could go anytime you wanted, to dance and drink Summer Wine. It was a beautiful place, Keenan adored it. He loved dancing with the Summer Girls and I.

"Thats what I'm saying. He's neglecting us." She continued her pouting. "Its not the same without you."

"You lived without me for six centuries, Siobhan." I reminded her.

"Yes, but Keenan was so much fun before he found you. Then he got serious, and you were the fun one." She told me.

"What about Niall?" I asked. Niall used to be one of Keenan's advisers. Now he was the King Of The Dark Court. Siobhan and Niall were always very close. They stayed close after he left the Summer Court.

"He's busy with work. Plus, I don't like him smoking. He always tastes like tar." She said, wrinkling her nose.

I laughed. "Work is good for him. He'd go crazy if he didn't have something to do. Someone to be with." I gave her a pointed look.

She sighed. "He betrayed you and Keenan. I can't trust him."

I rolled my eyes. "I've forgiven him. You know Keenan. He holds grudges." I shrugged.

"But he's the King." She mumbled.

"And he likes you. You're one of the few he actually likes to talk to. Not just dance with. Shack up with." I told her, in what I hoped was a reassuring voice.

She rolled her eyes. "I only had sex with him twice. It was Niall all the other times."

"All the more reason to stick around him." I said, pointedly.

She looked at me, gratefully. "See how helpful you are, Ash?"

I sighed. "Siobhan, I want to come home. I really do. But I can't leave my family."

"We're your family too." She pouted.

"I know, and I love you all. But I love Edward. I can't just leave him." I explained.

"Bring him with you." She shrugged.

"He doesn't even know I'm a Faerie, let alone a Faerie Queen." I muttered.

"You haven't told him?" She asked in disbeleif.

"No." I sighed.

"You told Keenan that you did." She accused.

"I lied." I mumbled.

"Well, it looks like our Queen isn't as trustworthy as we thought." She giggled. I heard Edward's car outside. He was pulling into the driveway. I glanced out the window. He'd just gotten out of his car and was heading for my door. He didn't bother coming in the window when Charlie wasn't home.

"Let them eat cake." She mocked me. I shushed her. Edward could hear her!

"Quick, climb out the window." I ordered. She laughed, quietly.

"Whatever you say, My Queen." She giggled, fake curtsying. I practically shoved her out the window. Edward opened my door a half a second later, looking around suspiciously.