Siobhan and I stayed up talking all night long. Charlie came home late and fell asleep on the couch, so I just decided to tell him about Siobhan in the morning. Charlie knew about Faeries and my status, so I hoped he would be understanding about her being here. I had yet to talk to Keenan, Siobhan was making me call him at one o'clock. One o'clock came out of nowhere, I think its kind of like a deadline. Call him by then, or she will. We were going over to the Cullens today. Alice wanted to take Siobhan shopping, but everyone else wanted to talk to a Faerie and see me, well, in my natural habitat. We headed over there in no hurry, considering Edward was still mad at me. Well, not mad at me so much as jealous. I got the feeling he wasn't too appreciative of Keenan being in my life. But he was going to have to suck it up. Keenan was always going to be in my life.

"Bella!" Alice squealed, as she flung open the front door.

"Hey, Alice." I said, uncertainly.

We walked into the house and everyone was waiting in the living room. Even Edward. Though he looked less then thrilled to see Siobhan walk on in and sit down on the couch next to Rosalie, who, not so politely, scooted far away from her. But Siobhan, pretended not to notice and smiled around the room.

"So..." I trailed off, hesitantly sitting next to Edward. He surprised me by pulling me into his lap.

"I never want you to be afraid of me." He murmured in my ear, pulling me closer.

"I wasn't afraid of you, so much as your reaction to all of this." I whispered, even though the whole room could hear.

"I hope I didn't dissapoint you." He chuckled, quietly.

"That has yet to be determined." I answered, with a small smile.

"Alright, young lovers. Let's move on and hear what the doctor man has to say." Siobhan huffed, gesturing towards Carlisle.

"Thank you, Siobhan." Carlisle smiled, making the sound of clearing his throat. "We all took a vote last night, and we've come to a conclusion."

"We want to see your Faerie Land!" Alice burst out, bouncing up and down in her seat.

"You want to see the Fey?" I asked, in dibeleif. I had known that everyone else was okay with this whole idea, but I thought Edward and Rosalie wouls be completely against it.

"We originally had two votes for 'no'." Carlisle exlained. Ah. I knew it. "But we talked one of the no's out of it and that left one. And, well, you know how it goes. Six against one..."

"I'm thrilled that you all are accepting the situatuon, but I'm not sure bringing you to the Fey is the best idea." I said, uncertainly. "I mean, I haven't even discussed anything with Keenan. I need his full agreement, before we do anything."

"Why?" Emmett said, snorting. "You're the Queen."

"Yes, and he is the King. Keenan and I run the Fey by making decisions togther. I can't expose out Fey to outsiders, without Keenan's consent. He's half of the decision making process." I explained.

"You think we're outsiders?" Alice asked, a little hurt.

"No, no! Not in a bad way! It's just that, well, you're not Faeries or part of the Fey, so it would be a big thing taking you there." I said, trying again.

"So?" Rosalie snapped. "You're not a Vampire or part of this family but you never leave."

"Rosalie," Esme gasped. "That was completely unnessacery."

"It's true." She sniffed, standing up. "And I'm not sitting here and listening to you all make plans for our trip to hell!" She stormed out in a big huff.

"We get enough drama from Celeste." Siobhan snickered in my direction.

"Tell me about it." I muttered, shaking my head.

"So, Bella, what do you say?" Jasper aslked, a little anxiously.

"I'll have to talk to Keenan." I sighed.

"Ooo, yeah!" Alice chirped, clapping. "Call him now!"

"It is one o'clock, Ash." Siobhan grinned, holding out a small silver cell phone Keenan gave me when I was appointed Queen. I huffed and snatched it out of her hand. I hit speed dial one and waited, impatiently for Keenan to pick up.

"And to what do I owe this immense pleasure?" Keenan's smooth voice rang through my ear.

"We need to talk." I sighed.

"Ah, I know that voice. You have something you have to tell me, but don't want to." He concluded, happily.

"Can you shut up?" I snapped. There was silence. "Thanks. Anyway, yes, I have something important to discuss with you."

"Do share." He prodded.

"They know." I blurted out.

"I don't think you're being vague enough. Care to elaborate on that last statement?" He asked, patiently.

"My fiance and his family know about us." I said, quickly.

There was a bit of silence. "Alright. Thank you for sharing that with me once again."

"Once again?" I asked, confused.

"You told me you were telling them many months ago, Aislinn. I told you it was alright with me. Just because there of Dark nature, does not mean we cannot trust them." He said, reassuringly.

"Right. I'm a big liar." I said, remembering. "Anyway, there's another thing."

"You're having his demon spawn?" Keenan asked, good naturedly. I heard Edward quietly growl next to me.

"No, I am not pregnant!" I exclaimed. "They want to come to the Fey."

"Is there a reason for this inevitable visit?" He asked, curiously.

"No, they just want to see the place I dictate." I said, casually.

"I hardly call our power, dictating." Keenan snorted. "And, I suppose, that there is no putting it off. Go ahead and bring the demons. They can bunk with Niall and the rest of evil incorporated."

"Keenan, so help me, if you are not kind to these people-"

"Relax, Aislinn. I'll be the perfect host. When should I expect you?" He asked, a little amused.

I looked around.

"Tomorrow, eight o'clock." Alice said, grinning.

I relayed the information to Keenan and we agreed to see each other tomorrow. "We'll show off your pets at the Rath."

"They are not pets, they are my Vampire family." I growled.

"You say potato, I say patato." He said, dismissively.

"Keenan." I said, warningly.

"We'll go to the Rath and show off your 'Vampire Family'." He sighed, giving up.

"Thank you. See you tomorrow?" I asked, checking.

"See you tomorrow. Oh, and Aislinn?" He stopped me, before I hung up. "I assume Siobhan is there with you."

"Yes, she's here. Do you want me to put you on, so you can yell?" I asked, smiling at Siobhan, while she waved her hands around to say no.

"No, that's alright. I'll just wait til tomorrow." He said lightly, hanging up.

"You're in trouble!" I sang, lightly.

"Damnit! Sure, I'm the one who's bringing you back, but I still get yelled at." She huffed, pouting like a child.

"You should've listened to Keenan and I. We know what were doing." I chided, playfully.

"In a nutshell." She shrugged.

"What am I going to wear?!" Alice shrieked, panicking. "I've never been to the Faerie world before!"

"Aislinn and I will help you." Siobhan reassured her. "Maybe Aislinn can work her magic and help you fit in a little more..."

I knew what she was getting at immediately. "No!" I snapped, a little too harshly.

Everyone seemed a little surprised. They'd never heard me take that tone before.

"Aislinn, they could get the real experience! You could change them!" Siobhan cried, gleefully.

"They don't want to be changed." I growled.

"What did you mean 'changed', Bella?" Carlisle asked, uncertainly.

"Siobhan wants me to change you into your human forms, so you can really get sucked into the realm." I explained. "But I'm not sure Keenan will agree to that. And I can't change you alone."

"Would we be human forever?" Alice asked, eyes widening.

"No. Only in the Fey." I assured them. Esme looked thrilled, along with Alice. Jasper looked a little scared, but Emmett looked ecsatic. Carlisle was in Docter/Scientist/Leader/Father mode.

"What would the process be?" Carlisle asked, seriously.

"It would basically be letting the Summer take over your body, draining the Vampire venom out of your systems whenever you're in the Fey." I explained, logically.

"Would it only be in the Summer Fey or in any Fey?" He asked, skeptically.

"Every Fey, which is one of the reasons I worry. Summer won't hurt you, but the Dark Fey is relentless, and if you're powerless..." I trailed off, remembering Rosalie's talk with me those months ago, about her past. "Not to mention, we have to determine which Fey you are destined for. I can't tell until you're in the Fey's presence, and I'm not sure all of you are Summer."

"What happens if we belong to another Fey?" He demanded, a little alarmed.

"Well, it depends. If one of you are Dark Fey, which I doubt any of you are, Niall would expect you to stay in that Fey. If you are Winter, Donia would most likely let you make your own decision, but she'd keep a close eye." I answered, hoping sincerely that none of them were Dark Fey. Niall was in love with his power, and was incredibly controlling. I honestly thought it was from all those years just being Keenan's consultant. He was finally in control, not off to the side. Donia and Keenan had a very close history and were in an off and on relationship. Let's just say Fire and Ice has a hard time mixing.

"Would it be dangerous to be away from you while we're there?" Esme asked, a little concerned.

"Well, not entirely. I'm most likely going to leave you to be watched over by Siobhan or few Rowan men. Just to be sure Niall is up to no trouble." I responded, hoping to sound reassuring. If they were going to be there, I needed them to be as safe as possible.

"What would you be doing while we're being babysat?" Edward asked, curiously and a little jealously.

"I have a lot I need to discuss with Keenan and a lot of work that I've neglected. I'll be free every night and parts of the day, but I've been gone a long time. Keenan runs things smoothly, but he's gotten used to me being around to help clean up the mess. It shouldn't take up too much time, Keenan has been doing this alone for nearly nine centuries." I said, snuggling closer to him.

"What's fun there?" Emmett asked, a little childishly..

"Whatever we create. There's water for miles, but a lot of the Faeries are there most of the day. There's a small beach we created by accident but there's basically anything you could possibly find Summer to be. Just take your pick." I grinned.

"The Rath is where the real fun is." Siobhan grinned, evilly.

"The Rath is a club exclusively for Fey people. But you'll be able to get in, no problem." I said, waving it off.

"Ooo, clubbing!" Alice jumped up, dancing. "What do I wear to that?"

"We'll get you a fabulous dress, Alice." Siobhan laughed, reminding me strangely of glitter. I could tell she was itching to take off her glamour. Glamour's weren't uncomfortable, but Siobhan wanted to be herself around the Cullen's. "And it's kind of formal. Most Faeries are from quite a few decades ago, so it's almost more like a ball than a club. But don't worry, you'll be fine with what we give you."

"Siobhan knows what she's doing." I added, so Alice knew she was legit.

"As long as you're sure." Alice said, a little worriedly.

"You'll be fine!" Siobhan twittered, happily. "We can get you and Rosalie outfits too, Esme."

"Thank you very much, dear." Esme smiled, warmly. "Though I'm not sure how excited about that Rosalie would really be."

"I'll talk her into it." Siobhan winked. She turned to me, with pleading eyes. "Ash, can I?"

"No." I said, firmly. She wanted to take off her glamour, and I just wasn't sure the Cullen's were quite ready for that yet.

"Please, Ash, please?" She asked, pouting. "They're going to see hundreds of Faeries without their glamour's tomorrow!"

"I don't care, Siobhan. This isn't the time or place."

"But, Aislinn!" She whined.

"Siobhan." I growled, pulling out my Queen voice.

She huffed. "Fine."

"Um, Bella?" Jasper asked, quietly. "I'd personally like to see her without her glamour."

"Yeah, Bella!" Alice chirped, excitedly.

"Is it creepy?" Emmett checked.

"It's beautiful." Siobhan purred, stretching her arms.

"Alrighty then" Emmett agreed.

"See, Ash! You're just being a downer." Siobhan sniffed.

I threw my hands up! "Fine! Show them!"

"Yes!" She cried, jumping up. She held her hands out, making a huge, big deal about the whole thing. "Stand back."

Everyone inched back in their seats and waited, patiently. Edward looked a little nervous, which was quite unlike him. He was usually so sure of himself. What was wrong? Siobhan twittered a little and before our eyes, she slowly faded from her glamour, into her true form. I was a little jealous. When the Summer Girls changed from their glamour's, they faded into it. It was like a firework show when I did it. I didn't sparkle or anything, I just glowed and whooshed.

Siobhan faded slowly, her hair turning a shiny shade of blue black and her yellow sundress turned a brighter shade. The Summer glow around her sparkled, leaving her looking Sunkist and more beautiful and immortal then she did before. Flowers were weaved through her hair, and she looked like she should be on a commercial for Sunny D. Everyone's mouths fell open in shock. The gorgeous, intelligent, talented Vampires were stunned.

Life is good.