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The throne room burst into action as the green witch Elphaba began walking towards the Wizard after having found that the same man she at one point idolized became nothing more than a powerless sham. Her long strides brought her even closer to the cowardly man and his whimpering became a tad louder the closer she got to him. His whimpers and the earlier bout of flying monkeys; which the Wizard released at a word from the lanky green woman, brought the attention of the Gale Force.

Three men barged in with staffs and rifles at ready. Well of the three men two were carrying staffs rendering them in the lower class of command and the man who held the riffle out had an air of command. It was achieved by his air of superiority and of course his uniform; it signified that he was the captain of the guard of the Gale Force.

"Are you alright your Ozness?" the tall blonde Captain of the Guard let out before another voice froze his once in a lifetime pattern of thought.


The blonde man, who was the captain, saw the tall green woman and froze for a second before his training took over and assessed the situation.

"I don't believe it."

The Captain needed time and he had to be quick on his feet but more importantly cunning. He had a plan.

"Fiyero, thank the Unnamed God it's you"

"Silence, Witch!"

Using the butt of his riffle he slams it to the ground, scaring the fallen goat which took off and by default the Green Witch.

Thinking of himself clever one of his two guards let out a bit of pun. "There's a goat on the lamb, Sir."

Still looking at Elphaba, Fiyero rolls his eyes at the two idiots behind him. "There's no time for that. I need you too-." He needed an excuse to be alone in this room with the witch and for the love of Lurline he couldn't really think of one. His eyes lit up and thought about the ridiculous allegations the people of Oz began to gossip during his 'engagement' party to Glinda.

"Never mind all that. Fetch me some... some water." Fiyero ordered to the guards, while Elphaba looked at him funny.

The confused guards looked at each other and one of them asked, "Water, sir?

"You heard me, as much as you can carry."

Both of the guards salute and respond, "Yes, sir!" before setting out for water.

With the departure of the other two guards Elphaba finds the courage to speak to Fiyero.


"I said Silence!"

Fiyero walks to the back of the Wizards animatronics mask following his whimpers he pulls him out and when the Wizard try's to get some words out Fiyero roughly throws him towards his electronic mask and aims his riffle at him.

"Don't make a sound, your Ozness, unless you want all your guests to know the truth about the Wonderful Wizard of Oz..." Fiyero walks towards Elphaba's fallen broom and picks it up and throws it to Elphaba. "Elphaba, I'll find Doctor Dillamond later, now get out of here."

With a visible sigh of relief she told Fiyero, "Oh, Fiyero, I thought you'd change."

Turning to look in Elphaba's eyes he replied.

"I have changed. Now go." He smiled at her and would have continued if his blonde fiancé hadn't walked in.

Wearing the formal dress and tiara she was wearing for the special occasion Ball thrown in their honor, Glinda and Fiyero's, to formally celebrate their engagement, which was interrupted by the 'attack' in the Wizard's throne room. Glinda had walked in to retrieve Fiyero and head back to her adoring public and she was going to make her fiancé walk back when she noticed her. Her one true friend, best friend and adopted sister; Elphaba.

"Elphie?" she ran to her and hugged her and pulled back. "Oh, Lurline, Elphie it's you. What are you doing here? You can't…"

Glinda was about to start ranting about her friends outing into the palace when it was more than clear that she was a wanted person. When she was interrupted her fiancé, Fiyero.

"Glinda, get back to the ball. Everything is being handled."

Turning to look at the man she saw that he was holding the Wizard at gun point.

"Fiyero, what are you…your Ozness he means no disrespectation. You see we are friends from school and-

"Glinda!" Fiyero called trying to cut short whatever excuse she was about to utter. Still holding the rifle toward the Wizard, he walked towards Elphaba turns to her. "Elphaba we need to go before the other guards get here."

At his words he received two disbelieving stares by the two women in his life.


"Fiyero, what are you saying?" At the guilty look he threw her way, Glinda jumped to conclusions trying really hard to disbelieve that they weren't true. "We, you mean that you and her all this time, behind my back?"

"No, Glinda it wasn't like that." Elphaba blurted out while her brainless companion contradicted her.

"Yes, it was. I mean no, I mean it's complicated." Turning away from his now ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancé as her face turned from shock; to disbelieving; to confused and finally heartache and pain. "Glinda I'm sorry. Elphaba lets go."

Starring at their retreating backs she gave out her defeated words, "Fine, Run away you two deserve each other." Glinda bowed her head and let out a whimper.

When the witch and his ex-captain of the guard left he turned to the blonde and pulled out a small green vial, opened it and offered it to her.

"Here take a swig of this, it numbs the pain."

Looks up at the Wizard and then down at the offered vial. She knew she shouldn't accept whatever it was in the vial but the thought of the two people she cared about betraying her hurt her to much to even try and form a coherent reason not to accept.

"Thank you, your Ozness." Reaching for the vial she took it and the Wizard smiled a bit. She was about to drink from it when the blow fishy press secretary walked through the throne room in what it seemed giddy delight.

"Where is she? Is it true that your betrothed captured her?" Madame Morrible asked.

Turning to the woman the wizard seemed a bit peeved at being interrupted by her presence, "Actually he left with her. It seems that our new captain had other plans."

"Oh, no so that means she hasn't been captured."

"Yes, and considering how well Elphaba had been eluding us…"

"Now it shall be ten times as hard then. I believe we're going to need to think harder in our chase."

While the Wizard and Madame Morrible had been trying to think of a way to capture the green witch, the blonde sorceress stared at the green bottle in her hand that seemed to be mocking her with it's color. She was mad and she wasn't thinking strait and she wanted revenge. The whispered words of her two companions brought an idea to 'help' them.

"Her sister." The sorceress whispered.

"What? What did she say?" Asked Morrible of Glinda and then of the Wizard.

Having not really heard the whisper he looked to the girl and asked, "What's that you say dear?"

"Elphaba's sister. Spread a rumor that her sister is in danger and she'll fly to her."

The Wizard looked at the blonde awkwardly at the fact that the ditzy blonde actually said something helpful. While Morrible grinned at the blonde, she was finally proving herself to her.


"Now if your Ozness will excuse me I have a headache and will take my leave." She almost ran out barely holding her tears and heartbreak carrying with her the green uncapped bottle. She still couldn't believe that Fiyero and Elphaba could be capable of hurting her. It was luck that the city was empty on this night but painful thinking that they are not out here because they are at the palace celebrating her 'engagement' with the Winkie prince. That last thought made her chest heavy and gave her difficulty to breathe. But in the only good side of that thought was that the Ozians wouldn't be out where they could see Glinda the Good breakdown. Stopping on a street lamp she leaned against it and she reflected something that a girl of her social standing and title shouldn't have a need to do.

"Don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart. There's a girl I know, he loves her so; I'm not that Girl." She fell to her knees not caring about dirtying her dress and for the first time in a very long time she sobbed out lout in a public place not caring if any one who wasn't at the ball would see her.

Later that night after having sobbed herself out of tears, she returned to her room at the Emerald Palace and went to her vanity where she sat down and stared onto her reflection. Broken and tired she stared and looked trying to find the small cracks; that in her mind were visible. After a while she couldn't dare to look at herself any longer and looked away and when moved to put her hand on her vanity to push herself away she finally felt the weight that she seemed to have since she left the throne room.

In her hand there she held the green bottle that the Wizard had offered to her when her fiancé ran away with her best friend. Looking away from it she flinched at the reminder and thoughts that flowed in her mind. She closed her eyes and was going to set the cork less green bottle on her vanity when the words the Wizard had told her earlier were brought to the front of her mind. Looking back at the bottle she tried to make a decision on whether or not to drink from the bottle. She didn't have many options to weigh in about not taking a drink; the only thing stopping her was zilch. Nothing in her heart but heartache and it kept making itself known to her more often; she took a long drink from the bottle and then set it down to the vanity. Pulling herself up away from the vanity she walked to her bed and plunked down and passed out. What ever was in that bottle knocked Glinda out and it didn't give her time to remove her dress and clean up her makeup. When she awakens she will be a grumpy sorceress.

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