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Chapter 5

"Fiyero!" Falling to her knees as soon as she was a few feet of the ground and far away from her sister's dead body and maybe even her lover's body, but the body maybe didn't have to be a body. That was the main reason for landing prematurely; she had to look in the Grimmerie and look for a spell to help her beloved.

Hands shaking, eyes blurring, heart and mind racing she quickly scanned the pages all the while cursing the author for not making an index or table of contents to guide her. Finally settling on one she recited the spell in her mind and once under her breathe she began whispering until almost to the end of the chant her voice rose up in level.

"Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum Ah tum Eleka nahmen Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum Ah tum Eleka nahmen." Elphaba chanted endlessly as she tried to beg or maybe even pray to whatever deity out there for the spell to work and for Fiyero to live.

'Please let him live, please take my words as your canvas and draw the protections on him to never leave me. Don't let his blood run nor his skin be pierced, don't let him feel the pain of broken bones when they beat him, give him the strength to never succumb to their will and forever keep him alive no matter what they inflict on him.' the green witch thought as she chanted.

"Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum Ah tum Eleka nahmen Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum Ah tum Eleka nahmen" hands following patterns only they could keep up.

But after the fourth minute with no ping, wow or pizzazz to indicate the spell had taken effect she slammed her fists at the ground on either side of the book in anger and frustration. She was doubting herself and she couldn't come up with reason of what all the chanting was about if the spell kept pushing her out by not working and pretty soon the green woman down on her knees head bent down picked up a fist and pounded repeatedly on book yet again all the while mumbling under her breathe in agony at feeling useless.

"Please, Fiyero come back where ever you might be however much you bleed please call to me and I'll find you. Could it be that you're dead? Why did I have to mix you in this fight? Where you another poor unfortunate disaster in my life?" tears streaming she picks her head up and it finally clicks in her mind what she had tried to deny. What she had defended herself from her sister? All the good she had tried to bring into Oz by uniting man and Animal in peace, was all that wrong? Did she deserve to be punished like this? All of her good intentions she had lined up; that she had put in motion where they nothing but a road full of good deeds that were undeserving?

What more lists did she have to create to notice the pattern of body's left in her wake? The most recent being her sister, the one person she had sworn to protect, she left, hurt and weak by giving her a power that she didn't know if it truly was deserving of Nessa. Her sister is dead and from rumors spreading, that little bout of magic she'd mistakenly allowed her to channel, she died a witch. And then there was Dr. Dillamond the one person who inspired her to become a radical and an activist she lost when he needed her the most and she couldn't really pinpoint his whereabouts making him as good as dead. Two down and the most recent the one whom she barely got back and then taken away from her by the same person she had taken him away from. Her beloved, Fiyero, whom she loved and who loved her back with a deep passion. Oh Fiyero.

No she can't stay here she has to get back to the Animal's she has to lead them out of Oz. She…there, there's that word again. Her, Me, Elphaba, I, that's who keeps coming into the fray whenever she mentions doing 'good' or saving the Animal's. Could it be that she was truly seeking out the well being of the Animal's or was this just a front she put up to gain attention from all of Oz; the same attention she had hoped her father had given her equally along with her sister.

Is that how all good intentions are formed or is that how obsession comes forth? Maybe that's the reason all the good deed's the verdant woman has set forth are just urges that double on with seeking attention. Heart pounding, chest heaving and ragged breaths are the only things she can identify now. There's no love, warmth, no more tears; they can't fall and she's glad. Picking herself off of the ground she pulled 'her' book with her and put it in her satchel and then dusting her dress skirt she took in a deep breathe.

"I couldn't save you Fiyero, and after these Animal's are taken to Kiamo Ko, I swear in your name that no more good deeds I shall do." Pushing her head back she screamed the last part. "Let all of Oz be Agreed I'm Wicked!!!!!!! Through and through, and no more good deeds will I do again."


Outside an apothecary/healer's shop stood a bloodied cart where earlier it had carried the Good Witch of the North's small and pale body. Inside the shop aligning the walls where shelves upon shelves of crystal bottles labeled with different oils and medicines and standing there were a mix group of Gale Enforcers and Ozian Armery soldiers. They where anxiously waiting for the healer in Center Munch to come out from the back room with good news about the Good Witch who had sustained a bullet through the abdomen and had lost a lot of blood on the way to the healer's shop.

Those who had taken the ex-captain of the Guard and mounted him on some poles in the field where already at the shop after having him tortured and finally killed when he wouldn't give up the Wicked Witch. A message was sent to the Wizard and his Press Secretary in the Emerald City telling of what had taken place but describing the sentence placed on the Winkie Prince and the guard whose incompetence had led to their Mistress' body lying in a healer's table possibly dying.

Inside the backroom Glinda the Good lied on a stone table unmoving, breathing shallow and body trembling softly from blood loss and high fever. The Healer and his assistant work meticulously to save the life of the one woman who personifies all that is good and unchanged in Oz. The bullet head struck the good witch in the abdomen a couple of inches above the waist and as far as the healer could tell the bullet missed nicking the liver and her lungs but the complication that seemed to arise from this ordeal was infection he knew would set in.

But as the healer busied himself with her outer shell the Good Witch of the North was fighting an internal battle that in the end could possibly cost her; her life or sanity. The noise level in her head was deafening and the lighting dimmed and only caught the outlines of body's.

In the center of this dimmed room sitting, knees pulled onto her chest and head bent down with tears flowing freely down her snow white pale cheeks, was a young blonde girl, hair flat and wearing no make-up. Whispers were echoing freely and the young girl wrapped her arms around her bent head protectively trying to push back all the noise and the random images flashing in front of her.

The visual looked much like a flat screen television floating five feet in front of her with extra surround sound making the intertwining voices become unbearable and painful. The meticulous work she put into building rooms to stick the visions and prophecies in so that this conundrum could be avoided seemed moot and a waste of time so that it could all fall apart because of an idiot guard who acted irrational.

The further she sat there having un-human visions the more her mind shattered and became small particles tethered together in her head mixing with each other while they bled together.

"Please, no more. No more, I can't hear myself." The young blonde girl muttered over and over.

The flashes she kept seeing over and over grayed over and static replaced them and when they flickered on again everything was cut and pasted into a mess of a movie being edited.

Where once the memory of her first meeting with the green witch, Elphaba, whom she called friend no matter the circumstances, there now was a flash of her being in school but not in Oz, the people were dressed foreign and where the uniforms at Shiz where colorful and vibrant the uniforms worn in her memory where grey and drab. The colorful pants became grey or brown corduroy pants the shirts once white or green or blue now stood out in a faded yellow color. The flashing of the green woman whom she was to have met that day became just that flashes. She was there or at least supposed to have been but nothing would come forth. Until the next flash came up and then she saw that same woman she was looking for scream in pain and sizzled as a young girl, who looked familiar, threw water at her.

But that memory or that vision that was still pending to happen shouldn't be right to her. Elphie wasn't burned by water or was she? She couldn't remember, couldn't place fantasy's apart from her real memories. The twister falling on her friend killing her, did that really happen or did she protect her in the end? Was Nessa waiting for her somewhere or was she really under that house dead? The Wizard, did he have powers or were his tricks mere illusions? Did he come from another world or was he from Oz?

Nothing was clear to the Good Witch, or was she really wicked? She didn't have any more time to stay in that room and gain enough power to sort through the mess that became her mind. She was being pulled and she was glad to follow so she could just run away from the noise in her head.

Outside world

The Healer sat in a wooden chair a few feet away from the stitched form of her Goodness, waiting for her to awaken and still the hectic emotions coursing through him. Anxious at seeing her eyes open, afraid if she didn't open her eyes, sad and angry that someone would really try to hurt the woman on his operating table and overall just spent. His assistant went out minutes ago finally gaining enough courage to face the guards waiting in the healer's apothecary shop letting them know that now the only thing to do was wait for Lurline, Ozma or the Unnamed God to let Glinda the Good wake up.

Apothecary shop

It has been over two days and the Wizard and his Press Secretary had arrived by magic to check in on the status of the young blonde woman.

"How is she doing, today Master Uegrer? Has the healer brought good news of her recovery?" was the first questions the Wizard asked as he stepped into the shop, his press secretary just feet behind him indifferent to anything.

"Your Wizardship, welcome to Munchkinland. The healer sent out his assistant a few tick tocks back and the news was the same from a few hours ago. She's in a coma due to the shock her body received by the impact of the bullet. The bullet was extracted and now the healer is waiting for her to pull herself out of the coma or…" Uegrer the Captain of the guard, related to the Wizard pausing at the end not able to say the words.

"Or for infection and the fever to take her from us." Placing a his forefinger and thumb on the bridge of his nose he began to massage the area trying to prevent a migraine from forming. "And the culprit was taken care of, Captain?"

"Yes, the traitor Winkie Prince was interrogated on the Wicked Witch's whereabouts but he held out and wouldn't talk, and I'm afraid he didn't survive the interrogation." Captain Uegrer averted his eyes at the last words.

"You are telling me you tortured him to death instead of bringing him in to the Emerald City for justice? What would give you the idea that torturing a prisoner like that would be ethical in these trying times when we should be showing the people that we are a just nation?" the Guard men and Armery men bowed deep in a show of asking forgiveness. "Straighten up men, what about the impatient guard who had a hand in the accident?"

"He's being detained in the prison house here in Center Munch. He's supposed to be heading out the City for trial."

"So you let the man truly responsible for the act live while you kill our political prisoner, Captain? That is not boasting well for you judgment." Giving one last glance to the Captain he turned to Morrible. "Do you believe that this can be manipulated into our favor, Morrible?"

"Well of course your Wizardship." She answered in a very fake and overly sweet smile. "If I had been informed of this the day we were summoned I could have come up with a better line but I can make do with what I have in hand. So Captain where is the Prince's body?"

"The strangest thing happened, Madame, some of my men set him up on some field and as we were sent back here to donate blood for her Goodness. We headed back out to bring him down when only to find that the body disappeared and we had the borders closed and inspected any person coming in and heading out but we've had no success in finding the body."

"You've managed to create a disaster in a small glass of water, gentlemen. Not only did you break protocol but also lost a dead body. I want you all to head out to the makeshift jail and wait there until I've come up with a severe punishment to deliver onto your failures." Guards and Armery men left the apothecary. "Morrible you're going to have to head out and begin to spread word on Miss Uplands well being. We can't let Oz know that their Sorceress is possibly dying or hurt. We won't be able to withstand the pressure and riots that could break out if we don't have a culprit."

"You're truly in the right mind, this incident no matter how unpredictable could end in the bad." Morrible agreed.

"Our campaign has to be measured and built swiftly here or, well, there might not be an; or. Our…" the graying man trailed.

"Well your Wizardship how about we twist this in our favor." The grinning white powdered face woman's words caught the Wizard's attention. "How about this headline, 'Wicked Witch attacks the Good Sorceress of the North and flees west.' The publicity that we could garner, could in the end cement your reign over Oz, when we capture Elphaba, or if best serves when the people themselves hunt her down. Our chance could be here at last, we could now have a 'Witch Hunt' that would be supported."

"I see what you mean, Morrible. Head out and spread the news, 'Hunting season has arrived in Oz, and our prey will be Green Skinned Witches."

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