"Why this? Why him? Why me?" Justin Thought.

Justin began to accept the fact that he was gay, and he had a crush on a guy. However, this guy happen to be his younger brother Max. He loved everything about Max, his clueless ways, his random thoughts, and most of all, him. Justin's feelings were so intense, he could barely be in a room with Max, especially if they were alone. This is why he didn't want to baby-sit Max that night.

"Why can't Alex baby-sit, they have more in common, they're both airheads." Justin asked trying to sound normal, but wasn't doing so well.

"Because unlike you, I have friends that want me to hang out with them." Alex shot back. Justin glared at her and then quickly turned to his parents, thinking of excuses so that he didn't have to baby-sit Max.

"We've made up our minds, you have to baby-sit Max and Alex will be back in the morning." His parents stated.

"Morning?" Justin Questioned.

"Yeah, I'm spending the night at Harper's, I just hope her mom took the plastic covers off of the couches. I hate the way it squeaks when I sit." Alex said while sitting at the counter and texting.

Within the next hour Justin's parents left for an Emergency Sandwich Convention and Alex, after saying a few mean remarks, was also gone. Justin was sitting on the couch with a glass of punch and his Wizard notes, reviewing the lesson from earlier that day. Max sneaks down the stairs wearing a gorilla mask and tip-toeing towards his brother.

"Boo!!!!" Max shouted.

"What the fuck?" Justin stated in shock.

Max was taking off his Mask and Justin was recovering from his sudden scare. He then saw Max and couldn't take his eyes off him. Max saw his brother staring at him and started to question his own appearance. "Is my hair okay? Is there something on my face?" Max was also gay and had always thought his brother was good looking, but he had never said anything because he didn't want Justin to hate him. "Is there something wrong bro?"

Justin snapped out of his state and nervously responded " uh… uh…no, you uh…just freaked me out." Justin saw that Max was looking at him weirdly and quickly looked elsewhere. Max walked over to his brother and asked, "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." Justin responded, aware of the worry in Max's tone.

"Yes you are." Max stated in a dreamy voice, unaware that he was thinking out loud.

Justin heard this and glanced at his brother. "What did you just say?"

"I didn't want you to find out this way." Max mumbled.