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Two weeks have passed and Alex was miserable with her broken family. She began thinking of ways to fix the situation and make her family whole again, despite her brothers falling for each other. To her, it was disgusting yet adorable at the same time. She smirked to herself.

Alex POV

I caused this to become worse, so now I have to make it better. " Ah! I've got it, I know how to make everything all better." I said out loud to myself, it was kind of creepy since I don't usually talk to myself. I took my wand out of boot and waved it around, and in an instant I was in Justin's room at wiz-tech. I saw Justin and Max cuddled together watching Captain Jim-Bob on TV, it was quite a sight. I loudly cleared my throat, only to see both of them jump of their bed in shock. I began laughing uncontrollably, but stopped at Justin gave me the same death glare he had given me before. "Okay look, before you start yelling at me and blaming me for your situation, I'm sorry. I've been thinking about and have come to terms to realize that this isn't all bad, and that I really don't mind. It's just going to take some getting used to. Also, I have come up with a solution to make this family whole again, and allow you two to be together." I explained. I felt a bit relieved when Justin's glare faded and when Max smiled his innocent smile. "So Alex, what's your plan?" Justin asked. I explained to them how all three of us could use our magic to clear Justin and Max's relationship out our parent's minds and then when they want to be together they can just transport into an alternate universe. Justin expression changed to shock.


"Wow Alex this actually a great plan, it's actually the only great plan you've ever came up with" Justin said with a smirk. I smiled, I'd been missing my brothers brotherly insults. Max had been really quiet the entire time I was here, he must have been homesick. To get started with our plan, we baked "charmed magic brownies" and when our parents ate them, they would forget about Justin and Max's relationship. We were all ecstatic about the plan and we were hoping it would work.

That Night…

"Hey mom I'm home!" I shouted as I walked in the door. Both of my parents were standing behind the counter having a conversation. They haven't been the same since they disowned Max and Justin. I walked over to them with my plate of brownies and placed on the counter, I saw my dad's eyes widen with joy which me smile and my mom chuckle. This is the first time I've heard her laugh since the incident. I was going to go sit on the couch when my dad began talking. "Alex, we miss Justin and Max, and we miss being a family. We were wondering if you could just erase their relationship out of our memory and never tell us about it again. Please?" My jaw dropped. I was stunned yet happy because they wanted their memory to be erased. I told them that I would do it first thing in the morning because I was exhausted from "spending the day with Harper". I'm such a good liar, I never cease to amaze myself. I smirk to myself and then watch them chow down on the brownies, relieved that I didn't have to impose the brownies on them. I rushed to my room to call Justin and tell him the good news.

Justin's POV

At first, I was a bit on edge about Alex being here, after all, she caused this disaster. This could've just been a sibling secret, but she had to f*ck it up .But, for the first time ever, Alex had a good plan. Another first is that I actually have faith in her plan. I kept hoping it would work. I'm glad that Alex is on our side and doesn't mind Max and I being together, I know it took a lot of mental strength and the breaking of our family morals. Max had been really depressed lately, I know he's extremely homesick and it's hurting him as well as me. I miss our home and our family. I really hope that Alex's plan works. My phone rings, it's Alex. She explains to me about how our parents wanted their memory to be erased and I was shocked yet excited none the less. Finally, we would be able to go home. I hung up my cell phone and told Max the good news. He smiled as he jump into my arms. As soon as it's midnight we would be able to return home and pretend like we were never disowned. For the first time, and not because of Max, I had a real smile.

The Next Morning….

No Ones POV

Justin, Max, and Alex walked into the kitchen and saw both of their parents cooking breakfast. "Mom? Dad?" Justin said testing the waters. "Good morning kids." Their mother said with a smile. All three of them sighed in relief, the brownies had worked. They were a family again, everything was the way it was, plus Justin and Max still get to be together. The entire family ate breakfast together, laughing altogether and enjoying being whole again. Jerry and Teresa got up to wash the dishes and all three of the Russo kids smiled at each other. It was a happy ending.

Or is it?

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