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Buffy came to with a low moan the first thing she noticed was the pounding headache that was attacking her temples, the next was that it was pitch black, she couldn't make out her surroundings. She could hear her heart beating like it had migrated to her ears for the winter. It took a moment for her sluggish mind to realize that it was so dark because her eyes were screwed, tightly shut. Slowly blinking her eyes open she was greeted with the sight of treetops painted an ominous black in the night sky. 'Where am I?' Buffy thought, her mouth miming the words, but she didn't seem to be able to find her voice. 'Maybe, maybe I'm in Miller's Woods…' Buffy thought doubtfully, it didn't seem likely. 'I was on my way to… the vineyard… god this headache hits like an anvil… so how did I end up in a patch of unfamiliar forest?'

Buffy closed her eyes against the relentless pounding in her brain for a moment, before she moved to get off the forest floor. Pushing herself up into a sitting position, Buffy paused as wave of dizziness hit her. Closing her eyes again she waited for it to pass. When she felt she could move again without being sick she shifted onto her knees and used a sturdy tree trunk that she had been lying beside to help her clamber to her rubbery feeling legs. As soon as she was on her feet she knew that it had been a bad idea, as another wave of dizziness hit her, making her stomach churn sickeningly.

Putting a hand to her mouth Buffy tried to keep down the contents of her stomach, Buffy lost the battle against her upset stomach and sagged weakly against the tree, her whole body heaving as she coughed and spluttered; sagging back down to the ground leaning against the tree, the rough bark digging into her back and arm. Wiping at her mouth Buffy grimaced at the taste left there, also wiping at her eyes, removing the tears that had gathered in her eyes as she had emptied her stomach. Closing her eyes again Buffy relaxed against the tree, taking even breaths trying to calm down her body, as it started to shake, and shiver. With her eyes closed she remembered the gusts of what felt like wind that hadn't seemed natural and the way the world had spun faster, and faster and then the sudden darkness and the sharp feeling of falling that seemed to last longer than seemed natural.

Buffy shook her head slowly and opened her eyes. 'What had happened? Had it been The First? Or was there some other big bad rising that she didn't know about?' Buffy sighed as she looked around the forest she was in. A pained dying scream rent the air, making Buffy jerk her head in that direction; only to wince as the sudden movement caused an extra painful pound to rock against her skull. Buffy forced herself to her feet as other screams rent the air; forcing her to forget the pain in her head and the weakness in her legs for the moment.

Buffy started to walk in the direction she could hear the screams, the fact that they were getting louder told her that she was going in the right direction. "Come on body faster. Faster!" Buffy urged; her voice a bit croaky as she slowly gained speed. She could hear gunshots now, the crack that rent the air startling her the first time. Buffy slowed down as the scent of fresh blood filled her nostrils. There were no gunshots now only the stench of blood. Buffy wrinkled her nose at it. She paused in the tree line when she heard a pained groan, looking towards the sound, her body tense and practically humming with the strength of her senses. The first thing that caught her attention was the man being held in the air his limbs flailing uselessly, and the next was the unbelievably ugly… thing that was effortlessly holding the man in the air with one bulky rock like arm. He was blue with reddish-yellow lines stretching across his body, like tiny visible veins, and as the monster tilted its head she caught sight of the horns that were poking out of its skull.

Buffy shivered; there was just something about horns that sat wrong with her. Stiffening her spine Buffy was about to step into the glade filled with dead bodies, when her vampire senses went off and a heat spread from her lower back throughout her whole body. Freezing her eyes wide with shock she turned her head to be able to see, and confirm with her eyes what her senses were telling her. He looked different, but she'd recognize him anywhere, her heart was pounding a million miles a second she was sure, but he didn't seem to hear it as he looked over the dead bodies, a look of disapproval on his face as he examined them. The look shocked her for a moment, before she realized it wasn't the death he was disapproving of; it was the wasted blood that was on the ground.

Buffy heard a gurgled cry that made both her and the vampire that stood directly across from her now look at the demon. She was just in time to see the man's broken body fall to the ground unmoving; lifeless. Buffy moved back further into the tree line not wishing to be spotted just yet by either demon. She was confused and most definitely frightened and the fact that the vampire that was stalking closer to the now fully visible demon that looked to be made of rock, had that cocky gait and arrogance in his bearing that made it impossible even at this distance from him, to mistake him for Angel. The vampire before her was pure Angelus; Buffy felt a shiver of dread run up her spine making the fine hairs all over her body stand on end.

He was the one demon that she had never wanted to face again. The memories of five years ago still made her want to run and hide. Buffy pulled herself to the present moment, her eyes fixed on the form of her first love, drinking in as much as she could of him in the dark.


Angelus picked his way through the bodies littering the ground around him. Soldiers all of them, their guns had been useless against what had attacked them. He frowned at the bodies, he'd been to three other sites in the last three days, all where the same. The rumours of something big taking out platoons in this area had drawn him, like a moth to a flame. He'd had hoped to find a hunting partner, someone as depraved, and evil as he was, only to be disappointed at the lack of creativity of the kills. All had been gutted, their blood wasted. The scent of the blood staining the ground ticked his nose, making his hunger rise, in turn making him irritable at the wastage, blood was everywhere around him, but not a single drop he could drink.

Angelus scanned the bodies carefully, he swore that he could hear a heartbeat coming from somewhere. The heart was frantic as if the person was trying to hide, and was terrified. Angelus smirked at the thought, but each body he laid his eyes on was truly dead, their bodies growing cold even as their blood leaked out of them to puddle on the ground. He looked up when a gurgled cry pierced the night and he smirked, his eyes flashing as he first laid eyes on the demon he'd been tracking. Angelus stalked forward boldly, not believing in a million years that something that killed so dumbly could ever best him.

"Angelus?" The blue demon spoke, his voice deep and rough, as if he didn't use it much.

Angelus paused, cocking his head to the side with a haunty arrogance. "So you've heard of me."

The Beast sneered; as he levelled his gaze to the vampire he had been seeking, not at all appreciating his arrogance. "Who hasn't? You've made quiet a reputation for yourself in only a few short decades. Not an easy task."

Angelus crossed his arms, and raised an eyebrow. "You act as if you were expecting me."

"Of course. I knew such an impressive amount of carnage would draw your attention."

"Is this supposed to impress me?" Angelus snorted. "Such waste, all that blood… being wasted on dirt. Hardly impressive friend." Angelus taunted, making The Beast growl.

"I have a proposition Angelus."

"Oh, this should be good." Angelus mocked.

"If you accept this I will owe you a great deal."

"So this is a, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours kind of deal." When the Beast growled at him again, his hand tightening into fists as his anger rose. "Come on Rock-boy I don't got all night."

The Beast growled again, but continued to speak, his voice more gravelly in his badly suppressed anger. "You will kill the Priestesses of Svea they plan to vanish me, this cannot happen…"

"And in return I get what? A brand new doggy?" Angelus mocked, his tone clearly indicating just who the dog was.

"You kill the Vanishing priestesses and I will owe you a favour Angelus, do you accept my generous offer."

Angelus uncrossed his arms and raised a hand to his face tapping his chin with one of his long fingers mockingly. "Well let's see I have nothing planned, and there's nothing I like more than committing a little sin directly against god."

"So you'll do it then." The beast said relieved, the anger leaving his body, as his worries eased.

Angelus chuckled, a cruel smile curving his lips. "Oh no I won't be. You see despite all that… I don't take up with idiotic, blood wasting, brainless toadies." The self-satisfied smirk on Angelus' face didn't last long, as with an enraged roar The Beast struck-out, his closed fist smashed into Angelus' face sending him flying to the ground where his momentum rolled him onto his back.


Buffy winced when the demon sent Angelus to the ground, the blow had looked powerful. Her eyes narrowed as The Beast walked towards the fallen Angelus, before she really knew what she was doing she ran from her spot amongst the trees, and into the glade full of dead bodies, coming to a stop in front of Angelus.

Her sudden appearance made The Beast pause, a low rumbling growl of annoyance coming from his chest. He looked her over, the odd clothes she was wearing confusing him. "What in the hell are you?" He snarled.

"Who me?" Buffy chirped her eyes narrowing on the demon, not at all appreciating being referred to as a what. The Beast snarled his anger building. "Oh come now. You didn't think that your little killing spree would attract only demons did you. I mean seriously it's like waving a sign saying 'come and kill me please.'"

"Get out of my way, insufferable human."

Buffy shook her head. "Now, I can't do that, look at all the humans you've killed. Nope. I'm afraid that I'm gonna haveta kill ya…" Buffy paused, before giving a small quirky smile. "Stakes wouldn't happen to kill you would they?" She asked doubtfully, as she looked at the rock that seemed to be his skin.

The Beast tilted his head back and roared out his rage. "Slayer!" Buffy swivelled to the side barely missing the large rock-like fist that had been aimed in her direction. Buffy frowned The Beast was slow, his muscle weighing him down, she should be much faster… she could only assume that whatever had happened to her was still effecting her. Buffy ducked another wild angry swing, before moving in closer delivering powerful punches to his gut and chest. She was too close to avoid the arm swung in her direction, the blow sending her flying back. Her back made contact with the trunk of a tree.

Buffy clambered back up to her feet ignoring the pain the movement caused her back. A wry smile curved her lips, she never thought that she would end up protecting Angelus, life's little quirks never failed to turn her around. Buffy straightened up, trying to look as intimidating as she could with her small stature. Buffy blinked as The Beast paused, a look of terror and rage on his face. She turned her head to see women in royal blue robes long intricate staffs in their right hands, she could hear their chanting as it got louder, the words in Latin. She could feel magic building… powerful magic. Buffy looked back at The Beast, it didn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the women were the priestesses that The Beast had mentioned.

Angelus came to for a small moment as the magic brushed past his senses, he raised his head slightly to see the women in blue and The Beast blurred by the magic that was taking place, his eyes drifted as he caught movement out of the corner of his eye; a petite blond woman, moving back a couple of steps from the surging magic. His world went black again as he lost consciousness for the second time in as many minutes.

Buffy closed her eyes against the strength of the wind the magic was kicking up, making her hair fly out behind her. A moment later the wind dropped and the magic dimmed. Opening her eyes Buffy was only vaguely surprised that the priestesses were gone leaving only her, Angelus and the dead bodies in the glade she was standing in. She sighed in disappointment, feeling sure that the priestesses could have at least pointed her in the right direction of how to get out of here and back to Sunnydale. Buffy turned and walked cautiously over to the fallen vampire, gazing at him for a long moment before squatting down beside him.

A sad smile curved her lips as she reached out, her hand coming to rest gently against his cheek, her thumb stroking the soft skin it could reach. Buffy closed her eyes in pleasure of the feel for a moment. It had been so long since she'd been able to touch him, and see him. Opening her eyes again she looked him over, taking in the old style brown jacket, the creamy white shirt and the brown pants. Buffy looked back up at his face, her hand moving to touch the strands of his shoulder length hair, the light brown colour surprising her. It was becoming obvious that she was in the past… but was it an alternate dimensions past… or her own dimensions? Buffy shook her head the question was too confusing to even attempt answering at this moment.

Buffy looked up at the sky, her senses told her that dawn was less than an hour away. Would he wake up before then… and if he did would he make it back to whatever shelter he had in time? Buffy frowned as she bit her lower lip chewing it softly as she often did when she was nervous or worried. Wiping her hands down the sides of jeans, to remove the dirt and sweat that she could feel gathered on her palms. She moved so that she was squatting behind his head. "If you wake up and try to kill me, I'll kick your ass all the way to hell, and this time it'll only be a one way ticket." Buffy quipped at the unconscious vampire, trying to relieve some of the tension and anxiety she felt at being this close to the being that had so effortlessly made her life a living hell for months.

Taking a deep breath to centre herself, Buffy reached out again, this time with both hands. She winced slightly as she jostled him as she looped her hand under his shoulders to come to rest under his armpits. Lifting herself up Buffy began to drag him in a direction she hoped would yield cover sooner rather than later. "Damn your heavy." Buffy muttered under her breath for the first time… and probably the last time she wished that he wasn't so well proportioned. Buffy lowered Angelus to the ground stretching her back for a few moments. She paused, her body tensing when Angelus let out a low sound. She waited and watched for a few moments with baited breath wondering if he was going to wake up.

When he didn't move or make another sound Buffy relaxed and let out her breath in a soft woosh. Looking around, she narrowed her eyes trying to make them pierce through the dark night… what she wouldn't give for the light of a full moon. Buffy continued to look, her eyes finally coming to rest on what she hoped was a cave… one deep enough to keep tall, dark and evil from becoming extra crispy when the sun peeked out over that horizon. Buffy frowned at that, should she really be saving tall, dark and evil? Despite her reservations Buffy bent down and began dragging the still unconscious vampire towards the possible cave.

Buffy was panting by the time she reached the cave, and her back was throbbing angrily letting her know that it didn't approve of its recent treatment. Buffy pulled Angelus back deeper into the cave, going as far as she could without backing herself into a corner. She lowered his upper body gently to the ground of the cave; the care was more out of fear that any extra jostling would wake him before she had the refuge of the morning light. Buffy shuffled out from behind him, moving with a silence that had taken years of hunting vampires to perfect.

She situated herself close to the cave entrance, peering out into the sky that was beginning to come alive with the predawn light. Buffy sighed, she didn't have to worry about what was out there anymore, most of the demons would be hiding from the bright light of the day. So she really only had the unconscious vampire behind her to worry about. Buffy rested her head back against the cool stone of the cave wall behind her, turning her head slightly so she could see him. His outline was fuzzy in the dark cave, but she could still see him… somewhat.

A smile tugged at her lips, and she closed her eyes for a moment savouring the feeling he never failed to rouse in her senses; that beautiful warm feeling that always made her feel safe around Angel… but with Angelus… Buffy felt a shiver run through her that had nothing to do with the cold of the cave. That safe warm feeling had almost gotten her killed many times throughout his unwanted visit in Sunnydale. It had felt wrong to fight him… terribly wrong…

Buffy shook herself she hadn't thought about that year in a long time, in fact she tried not to think of Angel period, it was too painful… especially after hearing he had fallen in love with Cordelia, maybe she could have accepted someone else, but Cordelia! That was a bitter pill to swallow. Her eyes flew open when she heard a soft pained sound inside the cave. Scrambling to her feet, she stood in the entrance, the warmth of the newly risen sun at her back. She could feel her heartbeat speeding up against her best efforts, at the thought of having those rage, and hate filled eyes focusing on her again.


Angelus grimaced a low groan escaping his lips as the dark fog clouding his brain began to lift, allowing the pain, he hadn't even known was there to be felt rather keenly along the side of his face. He took a deep breath before opening his eyes. He knew that he was no longer in the glade before he'd even opened them. The scent of the dank dirt he was lying on, plus the musky scent of a deep cave, but the lack of the scent of drying blood was the dead giveaway.

He jumped to his feet, his face shifting into the hard ridges of the demon on instinct as the scent of another, and other movement in the cave alerted him to the fact that he was not alone. He scanned the cave, his eyes coming to rest on a petite blond woman at the entrance of the cave. He recognized her immediately, despite the fact that he had been mostly unconscious at the time. Angelus was stunned into remaining silent, his lips parting slightly in shock, as his eyes swept over her small feminine form. She was dressed in a way that he had never seen a woman dressed before. It was startling and yet strangely captivating.

The way the strange dark blue pants fitted her, moulding to her body like a second skin. The jacket she wore was a lighter blue, the couple of odd large buttons that were done up made the jacket almost completely cover the strange white slip she wore underneath it. The entire outfit accentuated her soft curves, in a strange way that was oddly appealing. Angelus felt his cock stir to life with a twitch; that particular hunger, reminded him of a different hunger that he hadn't had a chance to sate for the last three days. And seeing her, just standing there watching him… suddenly he was famished… in more ways than one.

Angelus let his face shift back, the hard ridges disappearing, smoothing out into the angelic features of his human visage. His eyes made contact with her hazel ones, he could see wariness in them, and a pain that he didn't understand. He smiled, a warm one; meant to charm.

Buffy felt her breath hitch in her throat, that smile was like a trip to happier times, mainly the pre-Angelus period of her life… and even then Angel's smiles had never been that carefree. It made her want to touch him, to make sure he was really there, but that would be stupid. There may not be the hate in his eyes, but the maliciousness was there. Those deep brown orbs that stared at her so charmingly could never be mistaken as Angel's.

Angelus took a couple of steps forward, careful to remain in the safety of the shadows the cave provided. The action brought Buffy back to the present her eyes focusing again as she banished memories from her past. Angelus cocked his head to the side slightly, he was used to women staring at him, in fact he used it to his advantage, but the way the petite blond was staring at him… it was like she was drinking him in, as if preparing to never see him again… or at least for not a very long time… but this was the first time they had ever met… Angelus shook it off, it didn't matter, all that did was getting the girl in reach. "W, what am I doing here… and what happened… to that thing?" Angelus asked in a whimper infusing his voice with vulnerability, and widening his eyes, as he wrapped his arms around himself as if terrified.

Buffy swallowed, she knew it was an act… a good one, but an act all the same, and yet she felt her guts twist in sympathy, and an urge to go to him ate at her. Before she knew she was even going to do it she took a hesitant step towards him, before she forced her body to a halt. Her eyes widen slightly in realization, and with a considerable effort she wrenched her eyes away from his captivating brown ones. He'd been trying to thrall her. Angelus had never tried that with her before. Buffy gave herself a mental shake as she felt an urge to meet his eyes again, shaking off the last of the thrall that had temporarily caught her mind. She was suddenly glad that she was standing in front of what had to be a much younger Angelus, she was sure that if she was faced with the two hundred and forty three year old version she'd faced in 1997, it wouldn't have been so easy to break free.

Buffy turned away, showing her back to the demon in the cave knowing that the sun would protect her from Angelus attacking her back. Angelus blinked in surprise, before calling out to the petite blond that had broken free of his thrall. "Wait… won't you sit with me for a while? You can tell me what happened to that… blue thing that attacked me."

Buffy hesitated, her foot only slightly raised from the ground as she froze in the midst of her first step away from the cave. Buffy turned so that she could look at him out the corner of her eye. She could see that the 'charm' smile was once again firmly gracing his lips, his eyes sparkling with a life that belied the fact that there was no soul behind them. A smile pained smile graced her lips, as she answered. "Angelus, I'd be safer taunting a viper." Buffy quipped, before turning away completely and heading quickly down the almost steep hill that lead to and from the entrance of the cave. Her heart hammered in her chest as she went, even though she knew that Angelus couldn't follow her out into the daylight. The dark hours of the night where a different matter completely!

Buffy paused halfway down the hill as it dawned on her that she had used his name. She had called him Angelus… and as far as he knew they'd never met before! 'Great Buffy really! Way not to peak his interest!' Buffy glanced behind her up the hill to the cave where she knew Angelus remained, safely in the shadows. She had a keen desire to go back and explain away just how she knew his name, but doing that could very well raise an interest where there wasn't one. There was even the chance that he had missed her slip? Buffy rolled her eyes there was no way he had missed it… but maybe he'd over looked it. Cause really what's so weird about a complete stranger knowing your name?

Buffy forced her feet to begin moving again, to continue down the slopping hill. She had no idea what he was thinking, or what would happen when the sun went down. All she could do was exercise caution and put as much distance between them as possible. Buffy moved faster down the hill a sense of haste encompassing her. It was early morning and she was tired, she hadn't slept at all last night, and it wasn't like she'd had much chance to have a good sleep lately, and when she did sleep she was plagued by her prophetic dreams of other potentials that they hadn't found being killed by the First evil's Bringers.


Angelus watched in silence as the petite blond disappeared from his view leaving only her shadow behind for a few moments before that to disappeared, as she moved further and further away from his cave. Angelus growled softly as the last of her shadow disappeared from his view. He wasn't sure why, but he felt annoyed, and angry that she had left him here to be alone. It felt like she wasn't supposed to walk away from him, to leave him unless he wanted her to.

Angelus frowned as he turned from the mouth of the cave, every fibre of his being thrumming with the want to go after her, to make her see that she was his. But she wasn't his? So why did he feel this sudden wave of possessiveness towards the blond he'd only met for a few moments. But what he found even more intriguing was that she had known his name. There hadn't even been a quiver of uncertainty as she'd spoken it. He sat down leaning against the back of the cave, far out of the suns reach as he faced the entrance, where the sun teased him with its bright light. Guarding the girl from him. A smirk curved his lips as he closed his eyes. The sun wouldn't protect her forever, as soon as the sun sank low enough in the sky she was his. Angelus drifted into a light sleep as the sun rose higher in the sky.


Buffy watched from between trees as soldiers marched down the road she had just recently been walking down. She didn't think it was such a good idea to be seen by more people than necessary, especially with the way she was dressed. The soldiers marched past her mostly in silence, a few whispered amongst themselves in a language that confused her more than Latin ever had, making her scowl. Not only was she in the past, but in a country that the first language evidently wasn't English!

Buffy sighed and backed away quietly walking deeper into the forest she had first appeared in. She continued in the same direction she had before, her pace quickening to make up for the time she'd wasted staring at the passing troops. Her stomach growled at her and she placed a hand over it with a wince, it was midday and she hadn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday… which wouldn't occur for however many years it was until 2003. That thought seemed to make her feel hungrier, and if possible more helpless.

She had a goal though. After walking for a few hours she'd come to the conclusion that her best option would be to head for England and The Watchers Council. Surely they'd help her get back to where she belonged! All she had to do was get there, from where ever in the hell she was now. Why couldn't there just be a big sign with the name of the country on it, or even the closest town in the direction she was heading. At the very least that would give her a start.

Buffy sighed her shoulders slumping as she walked through the trees avoiding roots and low hanging branches of trees and shrubbery that made up the forest. There were huge worms twisting in her gut, her mind stuck on the apocalypse she should be fighting. At this moment she should be kicking some evil women hating priest butt. Not walking around a forest she didn't recognise, in a country that was as foreign to her as a science book.

Buffy straightened her shoulders, and did her best to ignore her grumbling stomach as she quickened her pace again. The day was moving on and she wanted to be farther away from that cave then this.


Angelus opened his eyes just as the sun disappeared leaving the world bathed in the cool dark of the night. His lips curved into a predatory smile as he stalked from the cave. He took a deep breath of the fresh night air, faintly catching the remains of the girls scent in the air. His stride quickened as he walked, and soon he was running in a blur of speed through the early night. The girls scent getting stronger with each step he took.

Anticipation curled in his belly. Anticipation for what he wasn't sure all he knew was that he was excited about catching up to her. Finally after a few hours of running at his quickest speed he could see the light of a small fire, one designed to keep warm, as well as keep small animals away. Angelus slowed to a careful walk, being careful not to stand on any twigs, or leaves.

He came to a stop just outside the tree line that surrounded the small rounded clearing the girl had settled down in. He could see her sitting in front of the fire, the side of her face that he could see was illuminated by the glowing flames she was staring into. She had a stillness about her in that moment that most humans couldn't accomplish. There was an unfamiliar tightening in his gut, one that made him shiver in anticipation for a battle. As he watched her, she stiffened coming out of her trance like stillness; her body tightening, her face becoming wary. Her heartbeat quickened, and then in a sudden movement she was standing in a defensive pose a stake clutched in one of her small hands, her eyes seemingly piercing the darkness to stare right at him in his hiding place amongst the trees.

"You may as well come out Angelus, I know your there." He heard her growl lowly. Angelus was sure that if his heart was still capable of movement it would be fluttering in anticipation. She looked lethal and deadly and it called to him in a way that was impossible to ignore. It stirred his blood. An unseen light entered Angelus' eyes as he watched her, soaking her in, in a way that he had never done before. 'Slayer.' Angelus thought as he watched her, the practised ease of how she held her stake like she was comfortable with it, like it was just another part of herself. His cock stirred to life again, and Angelus' smile grew bigger, stretching his lips until his white teeth showed. The first Slayer he had ever come across. Somehow in all the ways he imagined it would be like, and how he'd feel, the reality was just that much better.

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