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One more spin in the mirror, and you're out the door.

The streets are not at all as warm as you had imagined them to be as you calmly make your way to the restaurant to meet the few friends you have made. Clutching your ruby red over coat closer to your shivering body, you quicken your pace, just wanting the evening to come to a quick end. Though you know you have nothing overly extravagant waiting for you once it finally does come to a close. That just means its time to get back to your dead end job as a coat check.

This is just another night dancing and having a good time in the same 3 dollar dress you wore the last time. Same people, same atmosphere, same everything. And you just wish someone could put some excitement back into your life.

Minutes pass as you near the restaurant doors, desperately hoping for a change, but knowing all too well how foolish those hopes really are. And as you open the door, being greeted by the warm cigar tinged air, you know you're right.

Looking around the room, you catch a glimpse of your friends in a table close to the dance floor, and you hurriedly make your way over to them. Rose is already laughing as she takes a sip of her drink when she finally see's you, motioning you over with her hands. Both James and Robert take notice of you as well. And it takes everything in your power not to roll your eyes, instead, planting an overly cheery smile on your made up face.

Before taking a seat, you strip off your coat and place it delicately over the back of you chair. And as you sit gracefully into that chair, you notice a man a few tables over, an ecstatic smile on his face as he converses with another man. He is holding a drink in his hand and his eyes keep wandering about the room. There's something oddly familiar about that man but you shake it off, your concentration returning to your table of friends.

They all seem so caught up in the moment, the sound of their laughter competing with the noise of the music, and you laugh along with them, not at all sure as to what's funny but the laugh is believable and you're in the clear. Then, the song being sung changes, and everyone gets up from the table. Robert turns to you, holding out his hand and leaning forward slightly.

" Care to dance?" He asks, ever the gentleman, and you take it happily. He spins you out onto the lively dance floor and you dance long after the song has ended. Now, your smiling because you want to, and not to make others happy, but there's still a side of you that's bored, craving excitement that's always just out of reach.

Robert turns you once more and you catch gazes with the same man that previously had caught your attention, his face easier to see in the light. His warm brown eyes are watching you slightly, and his lips are curved into a delicate smirk. You can almost feel the mystery radiating off of him as you turn back to Robert, and you can feel his eyes boreing into your back as you continue to sway to the music.

A sudden wave of self consciousness washes over you, but you quickly push it away, trying to obtain the same happy vibe that had previously been running through the air.

Continuing your dance with Robert, you can see the happiness in his eyes as he looks to your left, over to where Rose and James are dancing. Both James and Robert are in deep conversation, trying to be serious though we all know how simply impossible that is. You and Rose laugh together as they continue their ramblings, and eventually, start up a conversation of your own.

" How was your day today?" She asks you through giggles, and you inwardly groan at the mention of it, because its always the same answer.

" It was satisfactory, I guess." You say with as much fake enthusiasm as you can muster, but you know she can see right through it. Her smile falters slightly but she doesn't push the issue, just like every other night. By now, she already knows the answer before she even asks the question.

More dancing ensues, jokes are told, and the laughter grows as the night drags on. The evening becoming much like you imagined it to be. Starting out pleasant and fun, but quickly turning into a repetitive spiral you can't seem to drag yourself out of. And now you wonder if this is what your life has come to. Days dedicated to the job of coat check, while your nights are spent either curled up on your couch listening to your radio, or never ending evenings with people who have long since lost their glamour.

And now you wonder whatever happened to being somebody, making something with your life. But you just assume those dreams are all out the window by now. Though you still put on a joyous façade, secretly wishing to be done with it all.

The room is full now, the chatter growing louder as the clock ticks on, and Rose has whisked you away to get a drink. The boys return to the table, awaiting your arrival as Rose 's voice shoots up almost an entire octave.

" I really think Robert has genuine feelings for you, Billie. Can you please just give him a chance." She pleads, holding the champagne glass tightly in her hand. You look away from her eyes, the blood rushing to your cheeks as you play with a stray lock of your mahogany brown hair. This, as always, being a topic you wish you could never return to.

Robert was a friend, as was James, and neither of the two were appealing to you in any way. Not that they weren't attractive exactly, they just lacked something that sparked your attention. Something that you just couldn't live without.

" I'll think about it." You say, not giving her the answer she is hoping for, but not completely shooting her down. You give her a false hope that can keep her satisfied for a little while, though in that time, you know the answer will always remain the same.

Now back at the table, you sit back down, trying your best to be absorbed by the conversation of your peers. Though after a few minutes, you just give up, laughing when the others do and stopping as soon as their chuckles die down.

The time seems to crawl by ever so slowly, and as you sit, laughing at things you don't fully understand, and smiling the whole way through it, a man much like Robert comes up to you.

" Why hello there miss. How would you like a dance?" He asks in a southern drawl, one that is inconceivable painful to your ears. You take one look at this man, as you politely decline, shaking your head and mumbling a " No thank you." The fello leaves, and when you turn back to your friends, you find Rose giving you a hard glare.

Shrugging your shoulders once, you take a small sip from your champagne and act engrossed with the conversation.

Then, it soon coming close to the time where you take your leave, excusing yourself politely from the exuberant bunch.

And as your laugh starts to quiet down, you know you're ready to part ways when the same man as before walks up to the table, his beautiful brown eyes on you. And in that second, all thoughts of leaving disappear.

" I don't know why you gave that fella' the go by.. But I'm awful glad you did." He spoke. His deep voice soft like velvet, and his brown eyes dancing with a passion you have been looking for all your life.

" What's your name?" He soon asks, and you quietly answer almost all to willingly.

" Billie Frechette." You answer almost automatically, but still trying to keep a mysterious tone to your voice, not wanting to show him how eager you really are for him to be your prince charming.

A smirk graces itself on his lips as he continues. " Can I buy you a drink?" He asks, holding out his hand which you eagerly take. " Okay." You answer, rising to your feet.

As you begin to walk away from your friends, you catch a fleeting glimpse at Rose, the smile on her face nearly stretching from ear to ear.

Looking away, you meet the man's gaze, when you realize you still haven't asked for his name." So, you got a name." He lets out a chuckle, finding some kind of humor at the mere mention of his name, but otherwise answers.

" Yea. Jack." He replies, and you smirk, catching sight of the twirling bodies on the dance floor. And for the first time in ages, you truly want to dance.

" Do you dance Jack?" You ask, heading in the direction of the floor. Billie Holiday bursts out into one of your favorites, filling the air with songs of Blackbirds, and you cant help but fall into the mood.

" I don't know how." He admits sheepishly, his eyes darting from you, then back to the floor. And you suddenly feel sorry for bringing it up, though that doesn't stop you from getting what you want. There's a long pause before you speak, but you speak nonetheless." How can you not know how to dance?" You ask bewildered, and he instantly changes the subject.

" Frechette. That's French isn't it?"

" Yes. On my father's side, there's an E at the end. Here, this is a two step." You say, guiding him to the dance floor. And though you think he might just drop his hands, turn away, and disappear out of site like Cinderella with her glass slipper, he surprises you. He instead, tries.

The song soon engulfs the room, and you dance In silence for a little while as Billie Holiday sings.

Somebody waits for me, Sugar sweet. So is he. Bye bye blackbird..

" Your dad is French, what's on the other side." He acts, as if he really does give a damn about your past, though you hope he does, you find it rather hard to believe. And a little insulted by the question, you answer slightly agitated.

" My mom's a Onamani Indian, okay? Most men don't like that." And as you say those words, you look into his chocolate brown eyes. Past the warm chocolate pools, you can see slight hurt, as if the words were like a cut to the skin.

" I ain't most men." He says confidently.

" Yeah." You start, not able to fall for his perfect charm. And wanting to get everything off your chest. Your not a rich girl, nothing special. And the sooner he knew that the better. Less heartache for yourself.

" I've been a dice girl, and I check coats at the student club." You tell him, watching him intensely. He shakes his head slightly, though not in distaste. Not quite able to read him you decide on asking more questions, hoping to find out more about this mystery man.

" And what do you do?" You ask, and it seems simple enough, but his answer seems like more of a diversion. " I'm catching up. Meetin' somebody like you, dark and beautiful. Like that bird in the song."

You smile, and can't help but blush a light pink at his flattery.

A silence envelopes you as the song continues, and your bodies sway to the music. You stare into each others eyes, seeing fascination and wonder in his, and wondering what exactly he see's in yours. You hope its something good, you pray that this will be the one, and you wish your prayers will go answered.

The song slowly comes to an end, and your swaying bodies soon come to a halt. Carefully, he takes your hand in his, and leads you out the door. By now, its colder than before, and noticing this, he gives you his coat.

Continuing your walk, you can't help but smile at the thought that you may have just found the excitement you've been looking for.

If only you knew…

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