I do not own either Twilight or The covenant but it is my favorite book and movies.

Bella's POV...


"But Caleb why do I have to go. Can't I stay with you and the guys?" I begged.

"No Bella. It's for the best. Your not safe with us, you saw what happened to Sarah, I already risked her safety, if Chase finds out about you, he'll use you against us. I'll come back for you, I promise. Just let me find Chase, and when I beat him, I'll come back for you." I let the tears fall at my last goodbye to Caleb.

"I'll miss you so much. Try and contact me some way please. I can't just put you behind and not wonder how you are."

"You're a strong girl. I know you can do this. I'll try and see you once in a while. Just remember, never use 'the power' unless you really have to. But it has to be like about to die emergency." I nodded and kissed his cheek.

"I love you baby sister." He told me and kissed my forehead.

"I love you too big brother." he put my hood up and pushed me in the car. The driver sped off to my new family. Where I would pretend to be someone I'm not and hide. I looked back at Caleb, to what wouldn't be the last time I would see him, even if he tried. I knew when he promised to see me, he was lying, but that wasn't the last time I was seeing him. Like it or not, something or someone was coming after me, and he was going to be there.

End of Flashback.

That was about more then 2 years ago, when I was only 15. I was now 17 and living my hidden life in Forks Washington. My name is Isabella Marie Danvers but now I was Isabella Swan. My father died on my brother's 18th birthday, he gave up his power to Caleb, killing his own life in the process. The guy Caleb was trying to save Sarah from was Chase, and he escaped. He was the reason I was hiding. When Chase moved to Massachusetts I was away in Paris for a year. When I came back on Caleb's birthday he sent me away, in hiding. No one ever told Chase about me which meant he wouldn't hurt me until he found out about me.

You see my brother is one of the sons of Ipswich. There were 5 family's, from those five only four survived. They formed a coven, agreeing to hid our secret about our powers. The other decedent was Pope, but he was banished for exposing us back in the late 1600s, he was too power hungry. They wanted revenge, but we thought the last of the Pope's were dead, we were wrong. Chase was son of John Pope, he killed his father and made him will him his power. He was twice stronger then Caleb, but when he ascended he was more powerful, yet it wasn't enough. So my father gave up his life and power to save Caleb. Chase lost that battle but escaped.

From those four family's came 3 more decedents like Caleb and I. Taylor Simms, he was like my other brother. Pogue Parry, Caleb's best friend and mine. And lastly Reid Garwin, my ex boyfriend and still friend. Everyone knew I had more power then Caleb, but never spoke from us 5. Mom didn't even know, she though I didn't have any powers at all. I was much stronger then Caleb, even with dad's power and his new power from when he turned 18. We don't know why, they think it might have to do with the fact that I was a girl, the only girl of the son's of Ipswich. That's why Caleb made me leave. He planned my death, one mom didn't even find was fake. He also planned my fake birth with a fake family who believes I'm their daughter. How'd he pull that one off, he simply erased there minds and put me in the picture. In real pictures, well I wasn't in many of them. I hated this, I hated to pretend, but I was doing it for my brother, because I knew he would risk his own life for my own. So I agreed to this stupid lie. How many time's did my brother visit? None! Not on my birthday, nothing. How'd I know he was fine? I called Taylor from payphones at my new school. He assured me Caleb was fine, and everyone else as well. But I was turning 18 soon, which meant I would ascend like the others. I knew once I ascended I would have more power and I would have to control it more. There was only twice in my life I've ever used my powers. The first time was when I was 11. Usually you get the taste of your power when your 13, but again, I was different. I was simply playing on the top stairs with Caleb. I can't remember what happened but he pushed me a little to harm making me fly of the stairs. I was suppose to hit the table but I some how levitated my body away and flew up back to the stairs. I was forbidden to ever do that again or use my powers. Dad said I had to keep it a secret and never do that again.

Then the second time was just last week. I was getting out my car, the one Caleb bought me making my fake parents think they bought it for me. It was a birthday present. Anyways, I was getting out my car when a van -Eric's van- came straight at me, no one was around, or so I thought. I used my power to push the van away, at the same time Edward Cullen tried to push it away. I got to the van first. No one saw a thing except Edward, and since then he wouldn't leave me alone. I knew something was up with his family too, but he wouldn't quit. It was either his secret or mine.