Points to Note: This is a CRACK fic. Meaning there may OOCness, much weirdness, and zero sense. This is what happens when the temperature goes over 100 F. Important things melt, like brains and ice caps. Plus, I wanted to see if I could write a purely dialogue fic and have it make sense.

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Part I: You Just Lost the Game!

"Hey Artemis!"

"Hello Juliet."





"Arty, I'm bored. Let's play a game!"

"Let's not."

"Let's see, which game to play."

"Juliet, I believe I said—"

"Something not too boring, but no to complicated either."

"…have you even heard a single word of what I just said?"

"I know! We'll play that game!"


"It's a great game, Arty. Everyone in the world is already playing it, even if they don't know it."

"Dare I ask how?"

"There's only one rule. Don't think about the game or you'll lose."

"What type of bizarre game requires one not to think?"

"This one of course. Ha, you thought of it! You lost!"


"Darn, I lost too! Man, you're good at this."


"Geez, Arty. Do you really have to immediately master very game you play? "


"No wonder no one ever wants to play with you! Losing all the time stinks."


"You know, if you weren't a certified genius, I'd think you were cheating."


"Have you ever played poker before Artemis? I think you'd be good at it."

"…You lost several times in the past minute."

"Wha—hey! Darn it!"


"Don't smirk at me! You lost too!"

"The difference between you and I is that I really do not care about this idiotic little game of yours."

"Then why are you playing it, hmm?"

"…I am not participating in this juvenile game."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, now stop talking. I can't concentrate."

"…darn it, I lost again. Thanks Arty."


"You lost too."


"Have you always had that twitch Arty?"


"You should probably go and get it checked out. It looks pretty serious."


"Are you not talking to me again? And you called me the juvenile one."

"…Juliet. What would it take for you to cease your pestering?"

"Hmm…I don't know…how about admitting that you cheat at games."

"Good bye Juliet."

"Aww, it was just a joke Arty. Be happy for once!"




"Don't say it, Artemis. Just don't."

"…You lost the game."


Note1: All readers are now playing the game! And guess what? You all lost it! :P

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