Sitting in the Corner at Parties

There was a time when she would have been delighted to be invited to a party, any party, rather than be the only one not to be handed an invitation and pretending she didn't care anyway.

She'd bury her nose inside a book and act as if she hadn't even noticed the buzz of the latest birthday party. She'd been invited to a couple before, when she was younger, only her choice of gift was greeted with silence and the fun and games were too noisy and disorganised for her to join in.

Just being asked to a party would have made her day now. The last time there was a party she hadn't been asked. She was invited, everybody was invited, but she hadn't been asked. He hadn't asked her. She went to the party, didn't fit in as always and ended up in tears and wanting her daddy to come and take her home.

Then she was invited to a party that only a small handful were invited to. She was wanted there. She was special there. She was at a party where who she was had been the reason she was asked to come. Her intelligence had bagged her an invitation. It was a party for special people and she was one of them.

She didn't feel special as she sat in the corner, alone.

She was hiding from one of the other guests and looking for her friend but he was preoccupied with every other thing and every other person.

She was finally invited to the party that everybody wanted to go to.

The only dampener on the whole occasion was the fact that there was a more exclusive party going on elsewhere, a party of two, and she hadn't been invited.

She sat in the corner, sipping at her drink, hiding from her escort, and slipping right back into her old routine of pretending that she didn't really want to go to that other party anyway.

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