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Just a Job

The Chiss female dropped heavily onto the floor, face pressed into the dirt, writing as the burning blaster bolt ate into her flesh. Biting down hard on her lip she stifled her cries and gently flipped herself over. If she was going to die she wanted to look her killer in the eyes.

The shadow cast by her murderer was cold and harsh, and she shivered as she studied them, also keeping a close eye on the still smoking blaster held so precisely it was like an extension of their body. From within the dark depths of the person's flight hood there was a flash of colour, a rich sort of emerald green; but the dying alien couldn't be sure whether the sparkle was just a random creation of her pain-riddled mind; everything else about the figure was black.

She scowled, forcing her quivering lips to open and her tingling tongue to move,

"Who are you?"


"You can answer me without fear," she implored through gritted teeth, "I am not leaving this place alive and I'm sure you know that."

Again there was no reply. Screwing up her eyes, the Chiss began to murmur under her breath, whispering the customary death rites to herself before it was too late. The next second could be her last. She stopped immediately as the dark form above her spoke, in a surprisingly, feminine voice,

"I'm the last person you'll ever see. And that's all you need to know."

The Chiss stared up into the woman's obscured face with wide eyes, there was no doubt that what she had said was true.

"You were sent to kill me."

There was no question in her tone. The other female must have sensed that as she made no motion to respond, silence settled over them in a suffocating blanket again.


"I'm given orders and I follow them. I don't ask questions," came the cold, detached answer.

But the Chiss shook her head defiantly.

"That wasn't what I meant….How….how can you do this?"

With a loose shrug, the most movement the victim had seen the figure make so far, she replied surely without the faintest whiff of regret,

"It's my job."

Then with the slick, efficient actions of a trained assassin the black clothed spectre lifted her small yet lethal-looking weapon and fired a single, confident bolt into the alien's chest. The blue skinned female fell limp, crimson eyes glazing over so she seemed almost peaceful.

Spinning the gun on her finger before slipping it fluidly back into its holster on her thigh, the murderer gave a final sweeping glance of the area and then stalked away with a stony, grim expression.

No, it was nothing personal, it was just her job.

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