Chapter 1

Nefret smiled with her friends as they made their way up the steps of the Museum of Natural History. Christopher took the money from them and went over to the desk to pay for them. Jasmine nudged Nicole to take a picture over at the statue of Theodore Roosevelt. Nefret watched the lady at the disk smile at Chris as she gave him the tickets. Chris smiled at Nefret, but she gave no smile back, she knew he liked her, but she didn't.

Once Jasmine and Nicole were done, the four friends made their way over to King Ahkmenrah's exhibit. "Nefertiti," using her full name, "Aren't you Egyptian as well, like Ahkmenrah here." Nicole asked Nefret, who stood in front of Ahkmenrah's sarcophagus, tracing the designs with her fingers. She spoke having an accent, "I am, but my Egyptian isn't really that great."

Christopher watched the two speak and a grin spread across his face. "Hey! I have an idea. Why doesn't one of us stay here at the museum for tonight?"

Nefret narrowed her at eyes at him at this stupid idea, but knowing Jasmine she would agree along with him, since she had a crush on the boy. "Well, we should vote on someone to stay here," Nicole spoke out. Christopher and Jasmine agreed with her and they all looked at Nefret. The three of them grinned at her and spoke all at once, "We vote Nefertiti to stay!"

Nefret cursed in Egyptian, "Like hell I'll stay here, effing bastards." She glared at them and spoke in an angry voice," Are you guys nuts, crazy in the head, or what?"

Christopher laughed at her and spoke, "Come on Nefret, you're not scared to stay here at the museum, or are you?" She looked at him and felt to embarrass to admit it, and clenched her teeth when he laughed at her, "You're just trying to make me look like a fool, Chris." Jasmine and Nicole looked at each other and laughed.

Christopher looked at Nefret and smirked, "Well it's getting late guys. Either you stay or you don't Nefret, pick. It's not like these wax figures are going to come alive at night or something." She looked down and sighed, "Fine I'll stay,see you guys later then." He watched her walk towards the back of the exhibit and slump down on the far left corner, almost completely hidden in the back. Nicole and Jasmine called out there good-byes to her and left, leaving Christopher behind.

He made his way back to where Nefret was and smiled at her; he reached down and grabbed her wrist, yanking her to her feet. She grimaced in pain and pulled her hand away, slapping him in the process. "That wasn't too nice Chris. What is your problem anyways, I'm doing the stupid dare, now leave and let me be." Chris looked at her, "Well Nefret, I want you for myself that's why. Now next time you slap me, I'll get you." He smirked and delivered one back to her, she staggered on her feet, falling to knees on the ground.

He walked off and said his good-bye at her; she pushed herself back to her feet and made her way to the back of the wall to lean against. She sighed, and glanced at her watch another hour or two before sunset. She glanced around the corner of the wall in which the Tablet of Ahkmenrah was on and saw no one coming in no more, she knew there was a night guard here. What if he found her? What was she suppose to say to him? She yawned too tired to stay awake, after being slapped back by Chris took a toll on her.

She fell asleep, her hair slightly falling over her face. An hour later, she jumped as she heard a loud bang. Almost as if a large stone had fallen. She pushed herself to her knees and peered around the corner, she gasped, and quickly covered her mouth at what she saw.