A Nasty Case of Flu

By luminousSpark

14th July 2009

A/N: The title sucked. I know. I can't think of anything else. And no. This is NOT swine flu.

Summary: Seto is sick with a flu! What should Mokuba do? Ask for reinforcements of course. Now how the hell did Yami get mixed up with this? Prideshipping. [Seto/Yami]

Hello fellow Prideshippers! luminousSpark here with her very own and very first Prideshipping fic! (Oh gosh NO!!) I hope you like it. Please be gentle with me. I'm still establishing my own writing style. Also, please ignore the crappy title. I just can't think of anything more appropriate. ;;

This story has been in my head for quite a while. It even left me staring off space while I was working. Good thing my manager wasn't around. It's suppose to be a humourous fic. If not, well, that just means I sucked. Bad.

This is dedicated to -The-Shadow-Realm-, for inspiring me from her work in "Seteo and Yamiet" and "Realization". Go ahead and read it!!

Warning: Seto/Yami (Prideshipping). No like-y. No read-y. And also foul language coming out of Seto's mouth.

Note: I never had a flu before (no jokes!), therefore this story might be a bit inaccurate. I'm sorry in advance.


Nothing can faze the great CEO of the Kaiba Corporation, Seto Kaiba. In a young age of seventeen, he has gone through some of the greatest challenge that noone can ever wish they'll face in their time. He defeated the previous CEO of KaibaCorp, Gozaburo Kaiba, in a game of chess when he's still at the orphanage at twelve. After being adopted by Gozaburo, he designed his very own weapons that rivaled the company's originals. At sixteen, he bought and took over KaibaCorp and turned it into a successful multi-billion dollar Gaming Company that the world has ever seen. He made his abusive stepfather commit suicide and made other businessmen from looking down at him to actually bowing to him. He got his mind destroyed by his own rival, put it all together, and came back as if nothing happened. He got his soul taken from his body multiple times by different villains during his duelling days. He faced great and terrifying monsters ranging from Egyptian Gods to Evil Dark Master Zorc and lived to tell the tale.

He has seen everything. Nothing can scare the great Seto Kaiba. Nothing can scare him at all. Not even a nasty case of flu.

At least he thought he did.

He was wrong.


"I'm sorry Mr. Kaiba. You are suffering from a bad case of flu." the Kaibas private doctor said after examining the brown-haired CEO lying on his large four-poster bed. The CEO's younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba, insisted on calling the middle aged doctor after the older Kaiba collapsed in the kitchen where he was scolding a newly hired maid for making 'the most hideous, atrocious, foul tasting coffee he ever drank, that even dead people will wake up just to spit the damn drink if it was ever fed to them'. Whatever that means.

"You need to be in bed rest for at least five days." the doctor continued, removing the stethoscope around his neck and place it back in his bag. He can feel a set of sapphire eyes burning behind his back as he turned and reached out a set of prescription pills for the brunet to take. Being their private doctor for years, he's prepared for the enormous fit coming from the CEO next. He knew how much the older Kaiba hated being away from his work. It'll be any second now. One.. Two.. Thr--

"WHAT?! I CAN'T HAVE A FLU! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE SICK! AND FUCK THE BED REST, I HAVE A COMPANY TO RUN!" Seto coughed heavily after his outburst. His right hand clenched tightly to his chest making his whole body rolled up in a ball. Mokuba quickly ran to his brother's side and rubbed the latter's back in a circular motion to ease his pain. Even with a flu, Seto never ceased to scare the living daylights of the people around him. The doctor took a moment to recover from his petrified state caused by the CEO.

"With all due respect, Mr. Kaiba," he reasoned, as he turned back to face Seto, holding the pills in his hand, "with the level of stress you acquire from your work, it will not do good to your health. You may collapse again from fatigue and --"

"Spare me the lecture, doctor, and just hand me the pills." Seto reached out his hand towards the older man, indicating that he wanted the drug. The doctor quickly handed two pills to him, along with a glass of water. The sick CEO quickly threw the pills into his mouth and drank a mouthful of water. He was about to get up from the bed when a pair of small hands clutched his left arm, ceasing his movement. Turning to the source of the touch, he was met with a pair of pleading grey eyes.

"Big brother, please! You should stay at home!" his younger brother begged. His grey eyes grew larger than they normally were. Mokuba never ceased to amaze the doctor. He was using his younger brother tactics again to get the older Kaiba to stay. The oldest man silently watched as the CEO strived to shake his brother off.

"No. I can manage the flu, Mokuba. I'll go to KaibaCorp and that's final." he replied sternly. The doctor saw that he winced as he said those lines. Mokuba noticed this too. He was attempting to hide his pain from him, pretending that everything was normal. His body must be hurting like hell.

Well, it's time for Mokuba's plan B. This should be interesting.

"Please stay Seto. Even if you don't care about your own well being, can you at least do it for me?" Mokuba's eyes grew even larger. They became glassy from the tears that were dangerously tempting to fall down to his puffy tanned cheeks. He clutched his brother's arm even more. His mouth was pouted too. And it was twitching. Hard.

Seto sighed. It seemed that he just can't deal with an emotional younger brother right now.

"Fine. I'll stay at home. But there's no way in hell you'll make me stay in bed for the whole week!" the younger Mokuba instantly hugged his brother tightly.

That kid really deserved a medal.


"I'm sorry about my brother, doctor. Thank you for all your help." Mokuba said, as he led their doctor to the front door.

"It's always a pleasure. Your brother is always a stubborn one. Here's the list of medicine he needs to take each day. Try to keep him away from working. He needs to take a lot of sleep and eat a lot of food to recuperate." The doctor bid the younger Kaiba goodbye and entered the limo that the latter called to drive him home.

Mokuba sighed as he watched the limo getting smaller and smaller from his view. Convincing his brother to stay in the mansion really took a lot of energy from him. All the sugar he consumed just an hour ago must have already been used.

"God. If there's anyone who can keep Seto in bed for just five days will definitely deserve a huge bonus." he thought out loud.

The nearby maids had heard this and quickly spread the little piece of information throughout the Kaiba mansion. Excited to be that lucky person.

Little did Seto knew that having a flu will give him a living nightmare.


A/N: I seriously planned this as a oneshot. But I write too damn slow!! It took me a whole freaking day to finish this chapter. Stupid, stupid, stupid... My eyes are burning!! I'm originally a comic artist, where I make four panel ones. So yeah, this is the longest one I made (comic-wise, it's more than four panels!). Hooray!

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