A Nasty Case of Flu – Chapter 10

By luminousSpark

Written/Published: 15th January 2010

Celebrating 2010 with Chapter 10!

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Time seemed to have stopped.

From then on, everything around Yami moved slowly, one second at a time, one movement at a time. Though, he could actually care less on what's happening around him. His vision was fixated only to a certain blue-eyed figure, whose body was gradually (and very dangerously) falling backwards towards the hard marble ground below. Yami's eyes widened as he saw the possibility of Seto being hurt. All of his senses were practically screaming at him, telling him to run as fast as he can towards the falling executive of Kaiba Corp.

So ran he did.

Yami felt like he was running for eternity. Seto was now alarmingly nearing to hit the cold floor. He used all of his will-power to push himself to run even faster. When the shorter duelist was just a few feet way to his goal, he stretched his arm....

...and dived.


"Yami! Yami!"

Crimson eyes bolted open as he heard his own name. He blinked a few times to get adjusted to the light. When everything was clear, the first thing he saw was the young Mokuba Kaiba, who has a mix of worry and relief in his features, on his knees in front of him. The young boy's arms were both on Yami's shoulder, apparently trying to get him back to reality.

"It's okay. You can let go of big brother now." Mokuba assured.

Puzzled on what Mokuba just said, Yami noticed something warm in his arms. He looked down and saw the sleeping figure of Seto Kaiba, whose chestnut locks were disheveled all over the place. 'So I did catch him in time after all.' He thought and let go of his breath he didn't realized was holding. Yami blushed slightly after realizing that he has the brunet on his chest. What an intimate position! He should remember not to mention any of this to Seto as he's certain that the other won't be very happy about it. Brushing that thought aside, he was glad that he prevented Seto from having any injuries. He was now more worried on Seto's current well being - the cause of his collapse.

Mokuba saw that little blush Yami just showed but decided not to say anything. He watched silently as Yami stood up and swung his brother's arm around his neck, his arm around the other's waist, while his free arm supporting the latter's chest. Yami could feel the CEO's abnormally high temperature against his skin, his warm breath against his cheek. "I'll carry him to the sofa. You should quickly call the doctor to see Kaiba's condition." Yami instructed who was unaware of Mokuba's visible surprise of the ex-pharaoh's strength to carry his brother despite his small form.

"Right." With that said, Mokuba took out his mobile phone and quickly dialled the family doctor.

It took a while before the doctor came in the Mansion. The doctor, whom Yami just learned was the famous neurologist Dr. Charcot, was in a middle of a delicate surgery when Mokuba called and the Kaibas won't take any other physician to check them up but him. Since the 12-year old was not as heartless as his stoic brother, he let the surgeon to continue his job, who ascertained that it won't take too long to finish. Mokuba simply ordered Isono to use the Kaibacoptor to quickly pick up Dr. Charcot from the hospital to the Mansion.

People may have argued that why the hell won't they just rush Kaiba to the hospital rather than waiting for some doctor (though famous) to come? Surely they were rich enough to own a hospital, and any other doctor can perform the same diagnosis as him (if possible, better). One thing was, Seto hated hospitals as much he hated doctors. Yami knew that much, but the reason behind it he himself wasn't aware of. It would probably something to do with his past. The only person who would know was Mokuba, though Yami respected the Seto's personal privacy too much to pry the young boy with questions.

In the mean time, the crimson-eyed duelist did everything he could to keep the sick CEO comfortable. Seto's body was too hot for his liking; therefore he tried to cool him off with by washing his sweat-covered face off with lukewarm damped face towel. Within an hour, the doctor once again came to the Mansion, immediately inspecting the older Kaiba's condition. To both Yami and Mokuba's relief, the collapse was only due to fatigue. It would be a matter of time before he wakes up.

After the doctor left, while leaving some prescription drugs for the patient, Yami remained on Seto's side to look after him, cleaning his face every now and then. Mokuba offered to take turns but Yami declined. If the taller duelist wakes up, he wanted to be the first one to see him.

'Kaiba. Please wake up soon....'

The former monarch was pacing around the room. It's been hours now and he still hasn't woken up. He had previously seen Seto collapsed numerous times when he had mind crushed the brunet himself during their first meeting, and other occasions when his soul was recklessly taken by other Shadow Magic users. He could not understand why he felt desperately for the young CEO to wake up and see those beautiful sapphire orbs more than before.

Yami knew he cared about Seto. He valued the friendship they formed ever since in Duelist Kingdom. People might think that he was crazy, making friends with the former Duel Monster champion. Especially Jounouchi. He simply hates the guy.

Seto Kaiba was not as most people sees. He was not just a cold and heartless bastard whose only goal was to get anything he wants using any means (often dirty) necessary. To Yami, Seto was one of the most kind-hearted persons he knew. He saw firsthand how much he loved his baby brother in Duelist Kingdom. Seto would rather die than losing his only brother to Pegasus. He even threatened him to kill himself if he was not allowed to win the duel against Yami to save Mokuba.

In Virtual World, Yami learned more about Seto's past and his personality while they were in the middle of the Battle City Tournament. It was revealed that the brothers were both orphans. Even at a very young age, Seto acted like a mature adult and did everything he could to give the younger the best environment there is. He beat his soon to be stepfather in a chess game just to get them both out of the orphanage. He even beat his stepfather with his own game to overrule the former weapon-making company and turn into a multi-billion dollar gaming one to spread happiness to the world. All of these efforts were made for Mokuba's sake. With that knowledge in mind made Yami wanted to be close to Seto even more. He wanted to see more of his soft side that only appears when he's around Mokuba. He wanted to see him being truly happy.

Yami walked towards and sat on Seto's side, staring at his handsome features. With his free hand, he gently stroke Seto's warm cheek then down on his lips. He wondered how the other looked if he smiled a genuine smile for once, without any malice behind it. The brunet looked so peaceful sleeping on the couch. Only the gentle rise and fall of Seto's chest indicated that he was still alive.

Yami waited long painful hours for him to wake up, long enough to make him not to feel his legs anymore. When he noticed that Seto's breath started to get ragged, he pressed himself on top of the taller male's chest to get a good look on his face, shook the brunet's shoulders and called out his name repeatedly and loud enough for the other to hear.

When Seto did finally wake up, however, all of Yami's previous thoughts about him were thrown out the window.

'RA! Kaiba is so frustrating! Can't he see that I'm concerned about him? Every time I do, he becomes a total jackass in the next second!' Yami shouted in his mind link he shared with Yugi. He immediately called his aibou as soon as he left the brothers alone in the living room. If anyone saw the ex-pharah right at that moment, they could see that he totally lost all of his calm and collective composure.

'Remind me as to why I'm doing this again?!' Yami continued. He was starting to regret accepting this job from Mokuba. He took it for Yugi and his grandfather's sake. He just wasn't sure if he could put up Seto's stubborn attituted long enough to actually do the job.

On the other end of the mind link, Yami swore he could hear Yugi snickering.

'Aibou, what's so funny?' he asked. He was very much annoyed that his light was making fun of him while he's in distress.

When Yugi finally got himself together, he replied, /Yami, it's just the first day! Don't tell me you're giving up already?!/

'Of course I won't. I never forfeit!' Yami quickly answered. He would rather move to after life than admitting defeat on a simple job.

/Then why don't you cook something for him?/ Yugi suggested as if it was the most obvious thing to do in the world.

'Cook for Kaiba?' Yami asked, astonished as to what he heard from his aibou. 'Why? Doesn't he have cooks of his own? Besides, he might want a first-class gourmet food for all I know.' He crossed his arms and cutely pouted his lips as he said it. Even though Yugi couldn't see him, Yami knew that the other could feel him pout, making the younger to laugh again.

/Don't you have any confidence on yourself aside from duelling? Your cooking is great! I always go home early for dinner ever since you started to cook for us. Heck, I even skip my daily trip to Burger World just to taste your food!/

'You're just trying to cheer me up, aibou.'

/No, really! Did you even wonder why Jounouchi and Honda always look for an excuse to stay over at our house?/ Yami paused for a while. It appeared that the revelation just struck him now.

When Yami didn't argue any further, Yugi continued, /Anyway, Kaiba's whole staff's on holiday leave. And that means it includes the cooks. Who would cook for the Kaibas then? You don't want them to starve, do you?/

Yami pondered on that statement. 'Now that I think about it, the Mansion is quite deserted. How did you know that anyway? That doesn't make any sense. Kaiba needs--'

/Enough questions! Just cook already!/ After that, Yugi ended the mind link.

'Aibou!' Yami called.

Seriously, what's with Yugi lately? This morning he was so giddy preparing him to meet Kaiba. Now he's demanding to cook for his greatest rival? Was he out of his mind?

Not having anything to do, Yami shrugged the thought and simply went straight to the kitchen to fix up their lunch.


Yugi ended their mind link fully contented. He couldn't believe he was having so much fun even while he's working in the boring, customer-less Game Shop his grandfather owned.

'Heh, Yami is so gullible sometimes. He didn't even notice that he only loses his cool when it has something to do with Kaiba.' He laughed again at his thought.

With something sinister in mind, Yugi pulled out his phone, pressed a quick dial number, and put it on his ear.

"Hello, Mokuba? How's it going at your end?" This must be the best mid-semester break EVER!


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