A short Crossover story for Doctor Who/Torchwood. Do not own them, BBC does.

Changeover by Bluerock 7

The Doctor was dying.

Once again, he had been called on to battle the Cybermen, who unfortunately had made a new version of themselves, this time putting Brains from the Darleks inside themselves. They had been hard to destroy but with the help of Captain Jack Harkness, Martha, Donna (who still did not remember the year she was with the Doctor) and Rose, who had again crossed over, leaving her John Smith looking after their children, they had succeeded. The abominations were trapped in a void beyond space and time, hopefully never to be seen again.

There was nothing any of them could do to stop this. The Doctor would die and regenerate into a new Doctor who with a new personality. Jack was upset about this as the Doctor would leave him behind and choose a new Companion to wander the Universe with, as he always did.

He kneeled behind the Doctor and held him in his arms, kissed his forehead and sighed.

"Goodbye my friend, it has been fun"

The Doctor looked up at him, grimaced and died.

The women gave a wail and Jack pulled the Doctor's body closer. Was that to be his lot in life to love someone and lose them to death? Would he ever be free of his existence?

The Doctor's body was surrounded by a bright golden light. The change was starting.

They waited in angst-anticipation for the light to clear to see the Doctor's new face.

The light cleared and Jack looked down at that man in his arms, who was now sleeping and gasped. Martha gave a shriek while Donna and Rose looked confused.

The Doctor opened his eyes, looked up at Jack and whispered "Boe?"

Jack gulped, tried to talk but could only sob. Martha held her hands to her mouth and cried.

"What is going on?" asked Rose

"Oy! Highlander. What's Occurring?" yelled Donna

Jack looked down at the doctor who smiled at him; Jack grinned back and said through his tears.



I hate COE, maybe this in someway changes things in my mind. If you like the idea than by all means use it to make new stories with Ianto still around. Stupid poopyheads. Might be too short and silly but I wrote it, I finally wrote something.