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As I sit later in my office dazed, I think over and over again, I'm in love with Heather.

But that can't be true, I think. Yeah, I like her and everything but love her? Not a chance. But then why can't I stop thinking about her?

What she's my best friend, I counter myself. It's not a crime to think about her, is it?

No, but it's a crime to think about a girl that way if she happens to be someone else's girlfriend.

Oh god why am I talking to myself? I need to get out of here or I'll really go insane. I can't get some work done, not today. I'll get some takeout- Bodega fried chicken or maybe a sandwich from Joe's. Thinking about it brings my mind back to her. We haven't eaten takeout together in a long time and will most certainly not. Okay, I so need to get out.


As I'm about to enter Joe's when I hear my name being called


I turn around to see myself face to face with none other than my ex girlfriend. Oh no, I groan inwardly, could my day get any better than this?

See me and her- Jessica that is- were going out last year. I don't want to get into the details so long story short she was cheating on me. Anyway I broke up with her but I was really hurt and thought I wouldn't love for a long time. Well I didn't really found anyone who caught my fancy after that. Until now. Argh.

"Cooper Cartwright!" Jessica says pulling me out of my reverie "I don't believe this! Of all the places, bump you into Joe's. So how have you been?"

"Um... good" I say somewhat bleakly "You?"

"Never been better" she replies "would you like a cup of coffee?"

I look at her confused. From what I remember we parted on a sour note, so why this sudden affability. Maybe she senses my unease and says "oh c'mon Cooper. Just I coffee

For old times sake, please"

"Okay then" I say shrugging

Fifteen minutes later I'm sitting opposite her in the coffee shop with my shoulders slightly hitched. If I had to say my body language is very hostile. Conversation is very low and a bit awkward. I mean when we broke up I thought I'd acted hastily but I realize I hadn't even missed her or given a thought or two.

"So I haven't seen you in a long time" Jessica says in a feeble attempt to start conversation. "What have you been up to?"

"Nothing" I say "Same old, same old"

She laughs at that "Trust Cooper not to tell anybody anything" she says. I look away from her.

"You still angry with me?" she asks

"Not exactly" I reply

"Could you be more specific?" she asks

I look at her "No I'm not angry with you" I say really meaning it

She seems to relax a bit "Good. So are you seeing someone?"

Apart from seeing her all day in my head. No. "Not exactly" I repeat

"Seriously can't you give a straight answer" she says in a frustrated voice

"No, I'm not seeing anyone" I say trying not to sound too bitter because she doesnot know she's actually rubbing salt on wounds.

"What?" she says surprised "Doesn't it get lonely?"

"Not really. I have a roommate to entertain me" is ay with half a smile

She raises her eyebrows at that "The female kind?" she asks

"The female kind?" I confirm

"Do I know her?"

"Um... you might have heard her name, its Heather wells" I say

Her eyebrows have gone way up at that "As in the ex pop star Heather wells, your brothers' ex?" she asks

"Yes that Heather" I reply annoyed with her for no reason at all "Why?"

"Nothing, she was just one of those people who had everything on a silver platter but was stupid enough to blow it up" she says

Before I realize I'm already on my feet "SHE'S NOT STUPID" I yell "SHE'S SWEET AND HELPFUL AND DON'T YOU SAY MEAN STUFF ABOUT HER" I realize that I've got it really bad for her .

She looks oddly at me. A few other people, I notice, are now staring at me now. But I don't care. Who does she think she is anyway? She doesn't even know Heather.

"Jeez, relax. Sit down will you" she says "I didn't mean to be rude about your girlfriend"

"She's not my girlfriend" I snap

"But you're in love with her" she says. When I don't reply back she goes on "Don't try to deny it, I know it"

I shrug sadly "It doesn't matter, she already has a perfect boyfriend" I say dejectedly

"And you're not?" she asks "The perfect boyfriend I mean"

I laugh humorlessly "if you'd have seen him you'll understand what I'm saying"

Her cell phone beeps. She reads the message and looks up at me apologetically "Sorry but I've got to go"

"Okay" I say disinterestedly

She gets up to leave and I look at my untouched coffee. Before going out she turns and says "And Cooper, tell her before its too late" With that she leaves. Its already too late, I think sadly.

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