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Lily woke up in the dark. It smelled rotten and dusty. She could feel her back pressing against a chair and tried to lift her hands. Her arms were heavy and she felt a stabbing pain in her wrists. After a moment she heard the screeching of an opening door and saw the light making its way into the dark room. Lily could see the silhouettes of the stairs and some furniture in the dark from the corner of her eyes. Where was she?

The last thing that she remembered was leaving the house of her friend. What had happened to her?

A person made their way down the stairs and came to a stop in front of her. She looked up and saw a familiar face. Dr. Henderson. She remembered when her parents had introduces him to her on a fund raiser in the hospital a while back. He and his wife had been to a few dinners at the Shepherd's house and were always really nice to her. And now it hit Amy and she remembered. Outside of Susanne's house a car stopped and Mrs. Henderson's head popped out of the car. She told Lily that her Mum had called her to pick her up and bring her home. Lily trusted her. Now she knew that it had been a mistake.

Lily turned to Violet.

"That's how everything started."

Violet swallowed, realizing that this young girl had been through more than everyone in the practice expected. She'd been in a nightmare for the last 6 years.

Violet took Lily's hand but she pulled it away.

Tears were running down her cheeks but in her eyes Violet couldn't see any emotions. They were dead; and that was what scared Violet the most.


Kevin made his way to the 5th floor of the building. He hadn't been in contact with Addison since they broke up and the call from her surprised him. But on the other hand he heard something in her voice which made shivers going down his spine. Something bad had happened.

When he stepped out of the elevator Dell was pointing to the back of the practice. Kevin walked to Addison's office where he saw her sitting on the couch with a guy next to her.

He knocked on the frame of the open door.

Addison heard a knock and looked up.

She saw Kevin standing in the door and stood up.


"Hey, Addison. How have you been?"

Addison gave a slight nod.


"Is everything alright?"

Kevin's concern was audible in his voice when he looked over to Derek.

Addison followed his gaze.

"This is Derek, my ex husband." She explained.

"Oh." Kevin said.

He remembered the night in Addison's living room when she told him about the cheating. So this was the guy.

Derek stood up.



Kevin looked back at Addison.

"So why do you need me here?"

Addison swallowed hard.

"We have a daughter."

She started to explain only to be interrupted by Kevin's questioning look.

"She was abducted 6 years ago."

Addison felt her eyes burning.

"A few days ago she showed up here."

Addison walked over to her desk to take a tissue out of her drawer.

Derek stepped closer to Kevin.

"She told us who it was."

Kevin nodded.

"And now you need me to get to them?"

"Not exactly." Derek exclaimed.

"We need your advice."

Kevin frowned.

"Lily has been through so much. We don't want her to go through everything again when she has to testify." Derek explained their concern.

"There might be another way." Kevin told them.

"What?" Addison's voice was hoarse from crying.

"When the police finds enough evidence at their place, it would be enough for a trial."

"Are you sure?" Derek asked.

Kevin nodded.

"I'll ask some people at the station and the court but I'm pretty sure."

Kevin turned to the door.

"I'm getting back to you when I know more."

Derek walked over to Addison and took her in a deep embrace.

"It's gonna be alright."

Addison nodded against his shoulder, tears starting to run down her face again.


In Violet's office Lily was still kneading her hands.

"Can you promise me not to tell my parents what happened to me?"

Violet nodded.

"This will stay between the two of us."

"Thanks." Lily gave a shy smile.

"What else happened?"

Violet wasn't sure if pushing her was the right tactic but since she didn't know Lily at all she had to find out.

Lily exhaled deeply.

"The next day they brought me out of the basement for the first time. I got a tour around the house and they called it my "new home". That was when I realized those people were nuts. I had a home. A lovely home with loving parents. I tried to run away right on the first day but they got me and I landed in the basement again. I tried it several more times but after a while I just gave in. I gave up on my old life. I gave up on my parents. It was easier to take it this way."