Me: Hello and Welcome to Rayman: Truth or Dare challenge! Yeah yeah yeah, I know there's a lot of ToD fics around, but this is the only Rayman one!

Rayman: If you don't mind, I'd have preferred it to stay that way.

Me: Aww, you're no fun. Anyway, here is my co-host, Yoshimi Takeshi!

Yoshimi(My OC): Hallo!

Me: So, Yoshi, what are you exactly?

Yoshimi: I'm an anime magical girl who is part rabbid!

Me: Oh that's gre-Murfy?

Rayman: He hurled himself out of the window. He hates magical girls.

Me: Ah.

Murfy: -re-materialises in the middle of the room- Huh?

Me: You can't die in this. Everytime you die, I bring you back to life.

Murfy: TT_TT

Me: Anyway, I might bring the TV series charecters in at some point, cus it's like Marmite.

Rayman: Huh?

Me: You either love the series, or you hate it.

Tily: Can we get to the dares part now? I'm bored.

Me: Urrgghhmmm...Well, not yet, cus no-one's sent any in yet, but... -turns on stereo. La Vida Loca plays-

Everyone: -starts dancing-

Me: -while dancing- Send in your reviews!