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"If you talk to Rose..." The Doctor paused unsure as to whether he would be able to say it "Just tell her..." She knows! he thought "Tell her I- " She deserves to hear it he argued with himself "tell her I love her" He didn't want to wait for Ida to respond to him so he let go. If those were his last words he would die happy and so, with an image of Rose in his mind, he dropped.

"Doctor are you there?" Rose's voice sounded making Ida jump. "Doctor, Ida, can you hear me?" Ida fought back the tears. How could she tell her he was gone? She could tell how in love they were just by looking at them. "Are you there Doctor?" Ida swallowed.

"He's gone" she didn't mean to sound so blunt but she was terrified. Terrified of dying alone, terrified about what may be down in the pit, terrified that the Doctor was dead and terrified about what she had to tell Rose.

"What do mean he's gone?" Rose didn't want to believe those words. The Doctor wouldn't leave her. He can't be gone. He just can't.

"He fell into the pit." It broke her heart to have to tell Rose about his death. She wondered if Rose had known that he loved her. "And we don't know how deep it is. Miles and miles and miles..."

"What do you mean he fell?" Rose was barely holding back the tears now.

"Well I couldn't stop him" Ida replied. She didn't want to be blamed. Her voice was starting to shake "He said your name... And he..."

"What? What did he say Ida?" Rose was crying now. Tears were streaming down her face leaving black trails from her mascara.

"He said that he loved you"

Rose handed the com back to Zack she didn't want to hear anymore.

---------------- (EPISODE RESUMES AS USUAL)

"Hang on though Doctor. You never really said... you two... who are you?" Ida asked. The Doctor looked down at Rose and grinned.

"Oh, stuff of legend!" He pulled down the lever and the TARDIS left. The Doctor danced around the TARDIS' controls while Rose watched him. She didn't know whether to bring up what Ida had said or not. The Doctor noticed Rose staring and looked up from the TARDIS screen.

"What?" he asked. He looked down and noticed that he was still wearing the orange space-suit. "Oh right... I'll go change! Won't be a jiffy! Do people say that, jiffy? Whoever thought of the word jiffy? Someone called Jiffy I suppose... Imagine being called Jiffy! Maybe it's short for something! And how long is it I wonder? I mean you could hardly say you took a jiffy...could you? I-"

"Doctor" Rose cut him off.

"Yes, right. Sorry. Are you sure you're alright?" He walked over to where Rose was standing by the controls.

"I'm fine it's just..." Rose's heart was pounding. Was she really about to tell him? Maybe she should just drop it, water under the bridge and all that.

"What? What is it?" The Doctor was nervous, Rose looked pale and he could hear her heart beating loudly.

Rose decided to swallow her fears and ask him.

"It's just something Ida said..." The Doctor figured it out and his hearts started the race as if each one was trying to outrun the other. "She said that you said that..." Rose trailed off and looked into the Doctor's eyes. He looked frightened and in all honesty so was she but she needed to know. "That you loved me..?"

The Doctor didn't say anything. His mind and hearts were racing. Did she love him back? Does she want to leave now? Will she say it back? What would he do if she did love him back? What would he do if she didn't?! Should he tell her? Should he not tell her?

"Doctor?" Rose was waiting for the Doctor to reply. Waiting for him to say that he didn't mean it; that the lack of oxygen had gotten to his brain and muddled it up. She was waiting for the rejection she had always feared.

"Rose...I..." here it comes she thought. The Doctor looked into Rose's eyes and he saw that she was scared. He could see his own feelings reflected in her eyes and he took a deep breath. She wouldn't have brought it up if she didn't feel it too he convinced himself. He thought back over their time together and thought about how much happier he was when he was with her. He thought about her cheeky grin and how she would always put her tongue in her cheek when she was about to laugh. He thought about every touch and every hug they had shared and how by even just being near her made him feel more alive than ever before. There wasn't a doubt in his mind; he was absolutely head over heals in love with Rose Tyler.

"Rose I love you" It took Rose a few moments to absorb what the Doctor had told her. It was one thing to hear it from Ida but hearing it from the Doctor gave it so much more meaning. She looked deep into his eyes and couldn't see a trace of regret or lies. All she could see was truth; truth and love.

"Love you more" she smiled, giving the Doctor her cheeky grin that he so loved and entwining their fingers.

The Doctor's eyes lit up with unconditional love and he muttered "Not possible" before bending down and pressing his lips to Rose's.