I know it's been a shamefully long time since I updated this collection but I've been really struggling to write recently! I am still reading fics constantly but I just don't seem to be able to produce anything worthwhile myself! And, after finding out about David and Georgia's engagement and that she's 5 months pregnant, I seem to find it very difficult to imagine 10! I think I need to go and have a good, long Doctor Who marathon - if anyone cares to join me ;)

But, anyway, enough of my ramblings on my sad life :P This is something I wrote when I skipped P.E. a few weeks ago... Unchecked, but what you going to do...

Enjoy :)

"Well, it's not that bad," Rose commented as she looked around the small compartment they had been assigned. The Doctor nodded, solemn, ducking his head to look out of the tiny, air-tight window at the monstrous black-hole above them. "I mean, we've had worse!" she continued, trying to coax him into conversation but his face remained blank, his eyes focused on the collapsing star, "And look, they've even got a mini-fridge! I like a mini-fridge, don't you?" Nothing. "Doctor?"


Rose's shoulders slumped as she took in the Doctor's defeated demeanour. His face was clear of any sort of emotion and that scared her most of all because at least if she knew what he was feeling than she could help him, but there was nothing, no fear, no sadness, no worry, no acceptance, just a void.

"Doctor," she whispered, edging towards his stiff frame. His empty eyes met hers as she came to stand before him. She rose up on her toes and pressed her forehead against his, her hands clinging to the back of his neck, bending his head so that she could reach. "Let me in, please," Her breath fanned across his lips and Rose felt him shiver beneath her fingertips. "Just let me in, Doctor. I'm here, let me help," She repeated herself like a mantra, over and over as his shivers turned to trembles and until he finally crumbled in her arms.

His strong arms encased her as he buried his face in her neck. All Rose could do was cling to his as sobs wracked his body.

"Oh, Rassilon, Rose!" he cried, "She's gone! They're all gone. I can't hear her, I – I can't hear any of them! It's just silence, how can you-" he pulled back and pressed his forehead hard against hers, "How can you bear it?" Rose's mouth opened but no response left her lips. He flipped them around until her back was pressed into the wall, he head slipping into the gap made by the window, making her look like she was wearing a halo and casting the room into semi-darkness. His forehead was still pressed against hers with bruising force but she was determined not to flinch, all she could do was stare up into his eyes, which were now filled with fire instead of the cold, emotionless darkness which had occupied them earlier.

"How can you bear the silence, Rose? Don't you go mad?"

"Are you going mad, Doctor?" Rose whispered against his lips, her breathing haggard from fear, and possibly something else.

The Doctor pulled back, the fire gone and replaced by something softer, something that now caused Rose to be the trembling one.

"I think so," he muttered before he leant down and crushed his lips to hers. The room lit up around them as he pulled her flush against him and her head unblocked the window. He broke the kiss after a short while and they lay on the small bed, with Rose safe in his arms until the storm rose again.

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