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Chapter One: Flow of Time

Lost in the still realm of time… I can't help but wonder how much has changed? How many years? Decades? Centuries passed? Stuck in this endless stream of void, with nothing but clear white images, not even my fellow hosts…

How long? Has the world continued without us? The nine hosts that have roamed this earth? How far… Did our civilization exist? Are they still standing? How many faces had been carved in the mountain?

So many questions had littered my mind, as my body and soul wondered into this endless stream of nothingness. I had remained afloat for I do not know how long. The seal that was placed here, trapped none other than the bodies and souls of the nine hosts that once walked this earth.

Nine of us… So close yet so far… We all remain a drift, static in this world. Conscious only to ourselves. In here, time is non-existent, space is irrelevant. But outside… The world turns… How I wish freedom was within our choices, but no… We are here, for the world to never discover again… The power of the beasts…

Chapter One: The Awakening from the Nine Seals

Usagi Tsukino was currently visiting Kyoto along with her classmates, on account of a school fieldtrip that required them to go around the historically preserved (Or what's left of it) city.

As they strolled around an ancient shrine in Kyoto, Usagi had noticed something that had quickly caught her attention like a lit match.

It was a rock, stationed between other rocks, a rope had been placed exactly two metres from its position up front to make the visitors aware that trespassing further to that ground was not allowed, the giant rock in the middle held the symbol of fire as other runic lines seemed to surround the gigantic character, Usagi didn't know why, but that very rock had made her drawn, as she was about to walk towards the seal, a voice, that seemed shaky and weary had immediately stopped her,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, child." Said the old woman, Usagi looked back at the person who said that,

The old woman had a small figure, flowing white long hair reaching to the ground, a worn out cane in the palm of her right hand supported her gait as her beady eyes stared at the teenaged blonde,

"That there, is the Hi no Fuuin (Seal of Fire), it houses none other than the rampaging malevolent Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine Tailed-Demon Fox)."

Mentioned the woman.

Usagi raised an eyebrow, she had faced countless Youma that were far more terrifying than that, or so she believed, the old woman chuckled and went for the nearest stairs and sat down,

"From that look on your face, I see that you don't seem to believe me child, come have a seat with me, I shall tell you a tale of the great beasts that had roamed this earth." She said and Usagi merely nodded, no way could this old coot possibly be sane,

Sitting down near the old woman, Usagi felt quite uncomfortable as the old woman started her tale,

"Once, there were Nine Great Beasts that roamed this world, created by the gods as a symbol of their infinite wisdom. These nine beasts, ruled over their planes in a superior display of might and destruction…"

She paused for dramatic effect,

"… They were the Bijuu. Beasts of uncontrollable proportions, their tails symbolizing the strength they possessed."

Usagi's attention quickly went back to the topic, the story was quite enticing!

"From amongst the Sandy dunes of the eastern desert came, the Ichibi no Shukaku (One-tailed Shukaku)" the old woman then grabbed the dirt from the ground and let it fly away from her hands the wind carrying elsewhere,

"With its ability to manipulate the wind and earth, it created a barrier around it that can be pierced by neither sword nor spear."

Usagi nodded,

"Fear for those who stand in its intoxicated rage, for it is like a drunken Ronin, its temper as hot as the fires of hell and it shall not hesitate to constrict its victim with its sand."

The old woman then looked at the small grave to her left, Usagi leaned in closer to see what interested the woman to look at the left.

"In to the depths of the underworld, came out the Nibi no Bakeneko (Two-tailed monster cat). A monster known for its control over the flames of the underworld, said to torture the poor souls that are sent to hell. It is also the flame that wakes up the dead in the land of the living. A vengeful animal that is the symbol of death."

"The Sanbi no Kyodaigame (Three-tailed Giant Turtle) its territory is the ocean, its power is said to cause storms and Tsunamis that wipe out an entire civilization. Wary are those who stay near the coasts in which it lingers."

"Yonbi no Saru (Four-Tailed Monkey), a giant rampaging beast that has a temper shorter than the Shukaku, its mouth spews forth molten earth found only in the deepest parts of the ground. Its mere breath is said to have caused fires that streak through a forest in a night."

"The Gobi no Irukauma (Five-Tailed Dolphin-horse) The terror of the wind, it is said that the whirlwind is one of its hooves pounding on the ground as it runs through the lands, destroying anything in its path, if you hear the howling of the winds, the gobi is neighing and preparing its run."

Usagi now swallowed hard, her saliva forming a tiny little lump on her throat. She never realized, how these tailed beasts were harbingers of the apocalypse. This time, the old lady smiled as she continued her lesson,

"Rokubi no Namekuji (Six-Tailed Slug) Its territory is the murkiest of swamps and the clearest of meadows, many people and beasts alike become enticed by the sight of land that befalls them, the Namekuji is a deceitful one, its entices its victims with the illusions of greener pastures, and it then, spews out acid from its mouth that it slowly kills its victims before it is eaten by the monster itself."

Usagi grew scared, being melted by acid and THEN being eaten? Well, that was a pretty shitty way to die.

"Nanabi no Kabutomushi (Seven-tailed Horned Beetle) The most repulsive and violent second only to the Kyuubi, its mere flap of its wings could destroy rainforests and villages, it only appears once human greed festers in the air, it is the symbol of famine, destroyer of fortune and harvests, many consider pestilence as a sign of the coming of the Nanabi..."

Usagi was at the edge of her seat, as she now looked at the rock that was situated in the middle with the character of fire, the old woman had said that the one sealed there was the nine tails. If so, just how many tailed beasts were there?

"Hachibi no Kyogyu (Eight-Tailed Giant Ox) The second to the top beasts, like the Nanabi it only appears when there is a given requirement…"

Usagi nodded vigorously,

"Lust… The Hachibi represents uncontrollable human cravings, be it the flesh or anything else. The Hachibi revels in lust, once it appears, it is said the earth itself shakes as its stomps its front legs, its mere breath disintegrates human flesh to ashes."

"Then, the last and most powerful tailed beast, The Kyuubi no Yoko. It is said that the Kyuubi rarely appears, and it manifests whenever there is malice accumulated in an area, it is catastrophe incarnate, a natural disaster, with a mere wisp of its tail, it can level mountains to flat ground, the sure sign that Kyuubi would walk again would be, chaos. Because in the midst of it all, the Kyuubi awaits an opportune moment to attack and revel in its destruction, the most conniving and smartest of the tailed beasts, the Kyuubi is evil down to its core."

Usagi had her hair standing on end, and the old lady chuckled, "That is why you should never touch what is said on not to touch, you are fortunate child, that I had come to you before the Kyuubi could entice you in touching that stone, a mere touch of that stone and all the seals of the Bijuu located around our country would go out of control and break."

"That's right, and I won't ever, ever touch those things. We might be in for a whole lot of trouble if someone did!"

With that, Usagi Tsukino had walked off, clearly not wanting to get involved with this whole tailed beast thing anymore…

A flash of light had invaded my eyes… What was it? Was it the sun? It has been long since I have seen the day, I have forgotten how beautiful the sunrise was and how spectacular viewing the sunset is… Where is it? Was it just my imagination?

Was I… Craving for freedom again? But in this empty plain, neither can walk nor can I escape… I'm starting to miss them… My village, my comrades… My friends…

It's funny how the nine of us, having no control of our lives, didn't even manage to regain our selves before we were sealed, humanity and fate are cruel, they are like twins, where one choice can lead to a thousand possibilities… We had no peace, death's sweet embrace could not even hold us here, frozen in this time, it was a punishment undeserving of people who had lived such tragic lives.

Such fragile minds that we have, yet… We still yearn… Is our existence… meant to suffer for eternity?

I utter my name before I went back for my eternal slumber, thinking, that at least, I still have my identity,

"I am… Uzumaki Naruto…"

Usagi had managed to reunite with her friends that afternoon, one of her friends, Ami Mizuno

"Usagi… Where on earth have you been!? Do you know what our sensei told us about our homework for tonight?" the one with short blue hair shook her head

Usagi's eyes grew big as she panicked when she heard the word, homework, she answered, "No, I didn't know there was supposed to be homework! Isn't this a field trip!?"

Ami Mizuno, then said, "Sensei told us that our class would be having a bonfire in the outdoor area of the hotel and she told us that we should have at least one Japanese Folk Tale to tell."

Usagi sighed in relief, at least she knew what to tell now, "Well, I don't know about that but I've at least heard of one tale to tell to you all."

To that, Minako Aino, the blonde that had a bow on her head, perked up, "Eh? Really? What is it?"

Usagi gave a simple grin and said, "Wait till' you guys hear it later, I'm sure you will all be surprised!"

The said girls walked away from the shrine, all walking away and telling Usagi how mean she was.

Nightfall came…

A lone dark figure had appeared before the ancient seal of fire, as he approached the stone, his face was covered by the shadows of the dark tree only a white suit could be seen from the moonlight, he reached out to the large stone that had the seal of fire the hand that had touched the seal had a ring into his ring finger with the kanji of Gyoku (The Black King) as he touched the seal, he could feel the flowing of the mysterious energy going unstable.

'Curse you… Uzumaki Naruto… How dare you… How dare you take away my deserving power! My restored eternal Mangekyou! Because of you, I've had to live twenty millennia in obscurity, my dream for conquering this wretched planet was destroyed! You filthy Jinchuuriki (Power of Human Sacrifice)!'

The man in the suit squeezed the rock hard, the flow of the energy in the stone wasn't even disrupted, as the man turned around, his spiky jet black hair turned his head to the seal of fire before leaving,

"One day… I will break that seal, and I will restore Gedo Mazo (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) to its former power, all of the Bijuu's powers shall be mine!"

With that he left, Madara got back into his limousine, a shadow of the man that he once was, the great schemer, faded into history as nothing more than an obscure immortal man.

By the time that the said man left, a cloaked figure had materialized in front of the seal

'Interesting tale that old woman gave me, I wonder, if just a simple tug of my power, could destroy this very seal…'

With that, the man outstretched his hands, hands that decayed with the passage of time, watching as the dark energy began to surround the giant rock with the kanji of fire written, the countless runic lines began to glow…

Hikawa Shrine:

Rei Hino had looked at her teacup, a small crack had appeared on the edge as she was sipping tea.

She didn't know why, but she felt the uneasiness welling up inside her,

'Oji-san told me once to take signs of ominous premonitions seriously… Is there something about to happen?'

Rei Hino looked at the cup intently and then out to the window, the serene view of the city of Azabu Juuban caught her sights, she was beginning to be restless, her psychic powers were triggering again, as she stood and looked apathetically at her window,

She saw fire, dancing wildly around nine people, seven were male, two were female, two of the men were large in built, while one had sunglasses covering his eyes and tanned skin with large muscles to sport him, the other was just as bulky, though he had a straw hat and what seemed to be smoke coming out of his back,

The one with the red head looked at her then, the kanji for Love had been written on his left forehead, his red hair flowing as the fires danced and ember rising up, his emerald green eyes supported by very thick eyeliner stared at her, completely emotionless, the next one to his right, was blowing bubbles from his pipe, the man was a bit effeminate if it were not to his bare exposed chest, Rei would have thought he was female. The other one, the shortest of the group, did not even dare look at her, as he looked far beyond than his companions, the flower on his staff glowed in incandescent yellow, the fire around them not even affecting him,

But what shocked her was the one in the middle, he had blonde hair, as bright as the sun, bright blue eyes that seemed to penetrate the soul, and battle scars on his cheeks, it reminded her of a whiskered fox. As she was about to walk, the blonde haired man gestured for him to stop and he looked at his companions, all of them, began walking into the flames, Rei reached her hand and told them to stop, but it was impossible, she could only see the flames obscuring her view of the nine people, as the hot embers of the flames, rose up into the sky.


Ami was interested in Usagi's tale to say the least, she had never heard of the tale of the tailed beasts, harbingers of destruction and chaos, sealed within the land of Japan with the most significant seal, the Hi no Fuuin located at the very shrine they had visited, she was fascinated as how nine fictional creatures could hold so much destruction that it actually caused dread to some of the students, at least it was more interesting than Minako's story about the Kitsune and the impoverished farmer, who thought it was the most romantic and tragic folk tale.

As she was then asked to stand for her part of the homework, she grew nervous as everyone stared at her, her story would be about the four gate guardians of Kyoto, Genbu of the North, Byakko of the West, Suzaku of the South and Seiryuu of the East.

Compared to Usagi's story, it was much lighter and much more benevolent, stating that the four guardians were partially responsible for the legendary Kamikaze (Divine Wind), the overwhelming victory of the Japanese Army against the Mongol army, with the help of the gate guardians and the gods themselves, the whole Mongol army was wiped out.

Everyone clapped at that story, their teacher, noticing it was getting late, nodded and signalled her students that it was time to get to sleep.

By midnight, everyone was sound asleep, except for Usagi as she stared up at the ceiling of her room with the girls,

She could feel something was going to go wrong, and she could instinctively crawl in her skin. Being a senshi, the saying, "Calm before the storm" was exceptionally true, all of the things had been going good so far, there had been no sightings of Youma going around Kyoto and all was well and peaceful,

But still… Usagi could not get the peace that she needed in her head and it made her worry, she stood up and looked outside the window, the Beautiful City of Kyoto was shown in her eyes, in all of its glory, she sighed for a moment, thinking that she was just paranoid, but then, something caught her eye, a stream of light, rising from the ground, from the city, then she saw another one, then another, by the time that she saw Nine lights that were rising from the ground, immediately, she grew pale,

"N-No… Someone… Tampered with the Seal of Fire!" Usagi panicked, as she frantically went for her friends and shook them violently,

"Wake up! The Nine Seals are broken!" She said

She could only hope that the powers of the Senshi were enough to deal with this threat…

The shrine:

A fissure had formed in front of me, the countless cracks began to travel its way around my world, around my seal, my guess is, some fool had tampered with it, I looked longingly beyond the fissure, I saw light, white, luminous, light. My yearning for freedom made me want to go there, to get out in this jail of nothingness…

As I looked outside, I cannot help but accept it, freedom was now in my grasp. As I approached the light, I felt my whole world flashed before me. And then…


The cloaked figure looked at the person in front of him, it was a boy no older than twenty by the looks of it, wild spiky blonde hair, a red Hakama with black flame designs at the hem and at the shoulders. A sleeveless blue shirt underneath the Hakama, with a green flak vest over the shirt, long navy blue pants covered his lower extremities and a pair of tuber sandals covered his feet, a metal plate with a long black cloth was placed securely on his neck with a spiral and a triangular design at the bottom right. A pair of long black gauntlets worn underneath the white armguards. To top it off, the boy wore a white porcelain mask, the mask of a fox.

The boy looked at the cloaked figure in front of him and then asked,

"Are you the one who broke the seal?"

The cloaked figure grinned underneath the clothing and then held out his decaying hands,

"Yes… Now, I would like to make a proposal."

The boy immediately intervened,

"Have you ever heard of the saying 'The first rule in making a deal with the devil, is don't'?"

The cloaked figure was silent for that for a moment and then grew angry, "You ungrateful worm… How dare you make me go all this way, eroding that rock that supported as your seal was tiresome work, and now you reject working for me?"

The masked boy then asked, "Then let me ask one question…"

He paused for dramatic affect

"… Did I ask you to release the seal?"

Now, the wiseman, in anger then said, "How dare you… How dare you!"

The cloaked man then released the dark energy with him, creating black a portal on the ground and out appeared a monster, it had three scorpion like tails, a lizard's head and mane of white horse, a torso of a lion and claws of a tiger,

"Fool… You will come to realize that nobody in the black moon clan should be taken lightly."

The boy in the mask merely scoffed at the idea and said, "I just already did."

With that, the boy disappeared in an instant reappearing beside the cloaked figure and a tail had been cleanly cut from the said creature, the monster howled in pain as the masked boy then said,

"Were you fascinated with the tale of the Bijuu?" Asked the boy, the cloaked figure remained in silence as the blonde said,

"It was not the entire truth… For you see, before we were sealed into different lands…"

Another flash and another tail was gone,

"The nine beasts were already sealed within the nine humans that were sealed under a rock."

This time, the blonde went through weird hand gestures that he then slammed the ground with an open palm

"Fuuinjutsu: Fuujou no jutsu (Sealing arts: Sealed Ground technique)" With that, a small translucent pillar of light surrounded the monster runic line appeared around it as the said lines began to intertwine and interconnect, rising from the ground, the lines rose the monster from the ground as it was suspended in midair.

"And those nine beasts… Were already absorbed by the nine humans in which they are sealed."

By then, the blonde walked slowly towards the monster and raised his hand,

"I am now the new lord of time and space, I am now Catastrophe incarnate, and I am the one who will destroy those that seek to destroy peace, I am Uzumaki Naruto, I am the new Kyuubi no Yoko."

With that, the cloaked figure could see that his creature was beginning to be compressed and distorted by the distortion of time and space around it, the space it was being crushed into a ball slowly and then, a powerful gust blew it apart and the monster was disintegrated,

By now, the girls had managed to arrive at the shrine short of a hair's breath, they had seen the Youma being curled into a ball as it was destroyed by some distortion, when they arrived at the scene, they could see a boy, at least a foot taller than them, wearing a mask, a red Hakama with black flames at the hem, a green flak vest underneath, and a completely navy blue attire underneath,

Not much was heard in the conversation until they had heard the last statement of the boy, "… am the new Kyuubi no Yoko"

The girls looked terrified for a moment, when they saw that the cloaked figure retreating into the shadows, albeit reluctantly, the three looked at each other and nodded

"We can't let this person roam free! We have to stop him now! This is our only chance!" Usagi mentioned and her two friends agreed

With that, the three friends stood in front of the boy with the mask.

Naruto looked at the three women in curiosity, he didn't feel very threatened by them, they looked like normal women and they had not an ounce of killing intent directed at him, so he looked at them in a confused expression and said, "What?"

"We're here to stop you! Kyuubi no Yoko! We won't allow you to terrorize the earth and let you do as you please!" Said the blonde that had her hair tied up in twin pig tails who wore a blue mini-skirt and a white fitting tank top.

Naruto made facepalm with his mask, he shook his head and sighed in frustration as he muttered, "Who the hell kept writing the history books?"

"It was never a good thing when one made early assumptions about the people that they had just met." Said the male blonde

The three looked at him confused and then Naruto continued, "Listen, I'm not in the mood to fight, I've just been released from a seal God knows how long. Now if you could just leave me alone, I'll be on my way in search of my other friends."

"We won't let you, as the guardians of the earth; we won't let a monster like you roam free!" Said the other blonde, who wore an orange mini-skirt.

Naruto groaned in disappointment, they couldn't just leave him alone, and they wore what could possibly be, the most revealing set of clothing that Jiraiya would certainly be drooling at.

"Ano-sa… Could you please just let me go? I'm sure if we could just all sit down and talk about this we could come to an understanding."

The one who had blue hair and a short mini-skirt said, "I wish it were that easy, but we cannot let you go."

Naruto was now looking serious under his mask, "Look, I don't want to hit you, and I don't want to resort to violence. It won't solve anything."

"No more room for talk! Moon Tiara Action!" Said Usagi, throwing her magic tiara at the blonde boy, who merely dodged the attack to his side,

Naruto waved his arms and said, "Look, lady, I'm not a fifty metre tall rampaging demonic beast with nine tails! Well, technically, I do have his powers but still…"

That last part he mumbled

"Sabao Spray Freezing!" Said the blue haired girl, bubbles began spraying to a wide arc towards the blonde male.

Naruto simply jumped up and said,

"Come on! We can talk this out! Just calm down and we can surely have nice peaceful conversation like civilized men… er, ladies." Said the blonde running from another blast of weird and absolutely glamorous attacks

"Damn it, the world's gone queer!" He said as he dodged another magic induced tiara attack

"Crescent beam shower!" Said the one in orange, the multiple blasts of laser Naruto dodged comically and said to the women,

"Can't we all just get along?" He whined,

"No!" Said the three continuing to hit him with their attacks, Naruto finally had enough

"That's it! You three need to calm down!" The blonde said as he went through a series of handseals and slammed his right hand on the ground,

"Doton: Tani Shuukan no Jutsu! (Earth Release: Valley imprisonment Technique)"

The ground began to rumble underneath the three sailor scouts, all of them fell out of balance as large columns of earth rose up and trapped the three inside.

Usagi looked up and saw the boy his hair dancing as the wind blew along with the hakama's hem that went with the flow of the wind. Then, as spring had come, cherry blossoms rained down on the three sailor scouts below, just then, the man sighed in relief and he removed his mask.

"Man you three are quite a pain, I hope I don't encounter any more of you out there." He said with a smile, all the females were surprised, when they saw the chiselled face and the cute whisker marks along his cheeks, but what surprised them the most was the deep ocean blue eyes that he held…

Minako quickly had hearts in her eyes as she pushed Usagi who was dusting herself only to fall down from the other blonde woman's push

"Hot blonde Stud at twelve o'clock!"

Said Minako and Usagi saw him, it was such a surprising turn of events that she found out that the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko was such a handsome man! But she shook her head as she frowned at the man and said, "Y-You're going to pay for that Kyuubi!"

Naruto meanwhile chastised her, "Calm down, pretty lady, like I said, I'm not here to fight."

Usagi was held back and blushed as she was complimented by the man, she looked at Minako who was glaring at her furiously and said,

"It's not fair! You already have Mamoru! How come you get all the hot guys!" Minako pouted, Usagi and the rest just sweatdropped.

"Okay girl, now that we've all calmed down, I'll introduce myself." He said as he sat down on one of the ledges

"My name is Namikaze Naruto, ninja registration number 012607, my biological age is eighteen, as for my chronological age… I don't know, being sealed in a dimension of frozen time made me forget."

The blonde grinned, and Minako squealed.

"I am the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko."

Ami looked at the blonde in wonder, "So you're a ninja? And what's a jinchuuriki?"

Naruto answered, "Yes, I am a ninja, my rank is Kage, before you ask what rank that is, it's the highest rank, and a jinchuuriki is a person that jails the beast, it is said that a jinchuuriki have similar powers as that of the tailed beast, although to a certain extent."

"Jinchuuriki are rare, there are only nine known people to have contained a tailed beast and the nine of them serve as the secret weapon to any war."

"I am one of them, however during the sealing, I don't have the slightest clue what happened, but apparently, my soul had overpowered and siphoned the chakra and life-essence of the Kyuubi, which makes me by default, the new Kyuubi no Yoko. It seems that even though the beasts were extracted, my body was placed in a stasis and absorbed into the Gedo Mazo…"

"Gedo Mazo?" Asked Ami

Naruto then answered, "Ah that's right, The Demonic Statue of the Outer Realm, it was the container of the Nine Bijuu during the final moments of my battle against Uchiha Madara…"

More questions built up from Ami, Naruto quickly read her mind and then said, "That story is for another time, however, there's quite a possibility that the same happened to the remaining Jinchuuriki, their soul was bound to Gedo Mazo and their tailed beast, to insure the safety of the existence of the nine bijuu, the said beasts would have absorbed the bodies of the Jinchuuriki into the Gedo Mazo itself, and let it remain in stasis for an indefinite time period. The people that created the Seal of Fire, didn't know the consequences of putting a seal over another so now, the gradual reanimation of the bijuu was counteracted and instead, the reverse flow happened."

Usagi's eyes were swirling by the time it ended, she fell on her butt again and said, "Too much information…"

Minako said, "Oh no! Usagi's mind overloaded! It's rebooting!"

Naruto stared incredulously at the girl that fell down and laughed, Ami mumbled, "Just like a low end computer…"

"Well now, that I introduced myself, what about you three? Who are you and is your uniform supposed to be that skimpy?" Asked the blonde blatantly, the three blushed at that and said,

"I am Sailor Moon! Guardian of justice!" Usagi mentioned, doing her pose

"Sailor Venus! Guardian of love and Beauty!" Said the other blonde girl giving out a wink, Naruto just laughed lightly and gave a simple wave, all the while a sweat drop falling from the back of his head,

"Sailor Mercury." Was the blue haired girl's simple reply, and she bowed

"Okay now that we are properly introduced, I want to know where I am, and in what country." Said Naruto

Usagi answered him, "Kyoto, Japan"

Naruto remained silent for a second and then said, "Okay? Is that in any part of the Godaikoku (Elemental Countries)?"

"Godaikoku?" The three asked, Naruto just sighed, so the countries didn't exist anymore… Did that mean that the land was unified?

"Nevermind, I'll tell you someday. Well now that I've been set free, there's something bound to happen here, I'm telling you girls now that with the seal being broken, there's a chance that the appearance of the nine jinchuuriki would disrupt the former peace that you once held so dear. Back then there were cold blooded criminals after me, killers that have abilities that can be grotesque and downright scary. Even now, I could feel the movement within the shadows… The age of shinobi is rising again and the battles that you girls would be facing, would be much more difficult." Naruto then looked serious, as he stared at the full moon, and just as he was about to cancel the jutsu, he saw the moon turned red for a moment, and then black lines traced and curved inside it, Naruto frowned

"Mangekyou Sharingan… Huh..." The blonde uttered as he frowned, even now, the feel of Akatsuki still plagued him, he had to find the remaining hosts before someone else does…

A few days later:

The group of teenage girls were making their way towards Azabu Juuban high school all the while the three girls that came back from Kyoto talked about their adventures and how they had met such a mysterious figure that turned out to be the vessel for the Kyuubi no Yoko, from the descriptions that Ami, Usagi and particularly, Minako gave, the man that was at Kyoto looked like the very same person that was in her visions.

As they arrived at the school the girls went to their respective classrooms.

Once the Ami, Usagi and Minako sat down in their respective seats, they could hear several of the students going about the daily rumors.

"Hey did you hear? A new student is transferring here in the middle of the semester!"

"Eh? No way! I hope it's a really cute girl again, we just can't get enough of those!"

"Perverted men and their urges, we already have enough girls in this school, why can't we find the perfect guy here!?"

By now, everyone was arguing in the classroom, Usagi, Minako and Ami just remained in their seats and kept quiet, well, Usagi sleeping was quiet enough, until the homeroom teacher arrived and told them to be quiet,

"Alright class, now that you all calmed down, we have a new classmate joining us for the rest of the semester, he's particularly new to the Japanese Culture, he looks like a foreigner but he's half Japanese, please come in and introduce yourself."

The person went inside, the blue uniform donned, with his hand bag held back on his shoulders and his right hand on his pocket, he looked at class and said,

"Yo, Namikaze Naruto, please take good care of me." Said the blonde as he bowed courteously and some of the girls squealed

"Kya! I can't believe Naruto-sama would be here! It must be the red string of fate!" Minako yelled, Ami flinched at that, Minako was turning more and more into a fangirl

"Aw man, a guy?" Some of the boys complained, Naruto just shrugged

The teacher silenced the classroom once again and then motioned the blonde to sot beside the window. Naruto nodded and walked to his designated seat and sat down, all the while staring outside the school, worrying for the other hosts that still walk this country.

He need not to fear though, as his vast network of Kage Bunshin had already been working the day he left the seal, now he was just waiting for one of his clones to disappear to transfer to him the location of each of the hosts

Somewhere in Tokyo:

Madara suddenly stood up from his seat in the executive's office he could feel the rise of chakra from nine different locations, he looked from the window of his building of the Guren Zaibatsu

A small smile escaped his lips, some fool had opened the seal of fire which he couldn't, now, his Sharingan eyes flared as it began to change form to that of the Mangekyou, he could see it, the black flames rising from the distance, the eight coffins that he had buried so long ago and kept preserved in a seal, right now they were being brought to life again by the excess chakra that the nine hosts were throwing out, he could feel it, chakra was beginning to litter in the atmosphere, and the life from his subordinates were slowly going back to them.

"Kinjutsu: Zokunen Tensei (Forbidden Technique: Unholy Ressurection)"

Some unknown place:

A coffin had risen up from the ground, a kick from the said object destroyed the cover and out revealed a man that had a black coat, red clouds adorned its design and the high collar had prevented anyone from seeing the lower half of his face, with a look up he said,

"This had better be good… Yeah."


Time has started moving again, and like always I face it with an uncertainty as I did a long time ago. The age of the shinobi has fallen and about to be risen again, I could hear it, the sound of drums pounding itself into conflict, I could only hope, that my worst fear would not come true, that he has given up on his quest for domination, for revenge, after all, Konoha does not exist anymore, and the countries had been united,

Uchiha Madara, just what is your madness stemming from?

To be Continued…

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