Perry smashed through the window into a dark room. He heard snickering nearby and crept forward.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz jumped up from under the table "Surprise Perry the platypus!" he turned on the lights next to him revealing the room. Balloons lay around the place, banners drooped over the pipes and Doofenshmirtz was standing by what looked to be a food court. What was going on?

"Guess what today is Perry the platypus! It's our 'Neme-versary'! We've been nemeses for a whole year now! Seems like yesterday huh Perry the platypus?" Perry blinked blankly at the whole thing. But not to upset him he just smiled and nodded. Doofenshmirtz handed him a bottle and picked up his own raising it in a toast "To our hate. Let it forever scorn." Perry chinked his bottle with Doofenshmirtz 'yes…very moving..(!)' he thought rolling his eyes. Doofenshmirtz was now getting some doonkle berry cake by the 'food court' and Perry was looking at the drink in front of him 'is this poisonous? …is this what Dr Doofenshmirtz's scheme is? Or is he actually giving us a party..?' he couldn't decide but risked it. It tasted weird but it gave off a buzz in his head. Perry looked at the label on the bottle, the third letter was smudged 'Bear? What the heck is bear?'

Doofenshmirtz turned on the stereo and he began to dance with Perry. By 11 o'clock all the beer was almost gone and there was a drunken 15 dollar doctor and a tipsy platypus dancing the conga in the middle of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc building.

Doofenshmirtz rubbed his sore head as he woke up on the sofa. He looked around; the place was trashed and beer bottles lay around the place. He tried to get up but felt something tugging on his lab coat. Perry woke to Doofenshmirtz's scream. He was on his torso snuggling into his lab coat. They both simultaneously threw themselves off each other disgusted. Perry was giving him a worried look.

Doofenshmirtz ran a few fingers threw his hair "Please tell me nothing happened…" Perry pointed. In Doofenshmirtz's other hand was a green and purple ray gun.

"Oh, my Mix-them-up inator. This was supposed to be tomorrow's…well today's evil scheme. I was getting sick of mixed up animals like the turtle dove or the bullfrog or even you the platypus. I mean what are you a duck or a beaver? Anywho, this ray was gonna divide those animals into two separate creatures. I even put a second dial here to make my own creations. Imagine the type of hybrids I could create!" He looked at the gun closely "hmm it's already been fired…" both of their eyes widened "what the heck happened last night?!" Perry waved an empty beer bottle at him "well I know how it happened I'm just worried" he clasped his hands on his head "ow ow ow! …ugh my evil head" Perry couldn't move, every time he moved his head a strike of pain went through his brain. He had never had a hangover before, it hurt! He suddenly ran behind a nearby pipe.

Doofenshmirtz choked "oh god Perry that's disgusting!"

Perry wiped his mouth and shuddered. As he looked away something caught his eye, the party cloth was drooped over a moving object. He raised an eyebrow approaching the fabric.


Perry fell backwards in surprise

"What is it Perry the Platypus?" Doofenshmirtz croaked hugging his aching stomach. He crawled over to Perry and the moving blanket. "Da!" it exclaimed. Doofenshmirtz was shaking "what do you think it is Perry the platypus?" he asked a hint of fear in his voice. Perry shrugged; his eyes wide. They looked at each other "You do it" they pointed.

After 5 games of 'eenie minie mo', pulling 21 short straws and flipping a penny 12 times (which they eventually lost under the sofa) Doofenshmirtz was the one to discover what this thing was. His hand was shaking as it clutched the cloth. Perry looked at him holding up his hand in a signal '3…2…1…' He pulled the cloth off swiftly revealing what lay underneath it.

The infant looked up at them with big brown eyes. She had teal green hair up in short pigtails, a tiny pointy nose and strangely a platypus tail. Doofenshmirtz fell over unconscious and she laughed sweetly.