The three of them walked towards the station, Perry carrying one of Becky's suitcases Doofenshmirtz pulling another

"How many clothes do you need Becky?" he said struggling to pull the heavy suitcase. Becky smiled pulling the smallest of the cases "Dad you said to be well prepared so I'm taking everything!"

"Yes I know honey but did you have to pack the kitchen sink?"

"You're lucky I didn't take the washing machine" she smiled brushing back her hair.

The train steamed 'the train now arriving is for New York University'

She smiled "well here's my train I've gotta go…"

Doofenshmirtz hugged her tight "Aww my little schtoomple already off to university… you take care now ok?"

"I'll be fine daddy, don't worry"

She bent down to Perry and hugged him "take care of dad you know how he can get" Doofenshmirtz smiled "hey I heard that!" Perry handed her a piece of paper and winked. She winked back standing back up. She pulled her suitcases onto the train making sure her platypus tail didn't get caught in the door.

"Bye guys! I love you!" she waved at them grinning. Doofenshmirtz lifted up Perry as they both waved goodbye to their little girl. As the train began to go out of sight they wiped away a few stray tears and began to leave.

Doofenshmirtz smiled "y'know with Becky not around I could start doing my evil again!"

Perry smiled punching him lightly in the arm 'Not while I'm around you're not'

Becky sat down on the train sighing. She unfolded the piece of paper Perry had given her

My dear daughter,

Your father and I are very proud of you. We never would have thought that we would have a family of our own but we when we had you, we always knew that you would be a brilliant daughter. And even though people may say that you're different but you will always be our little girl.

Stay safe, dress warmly, eat well and don't ever change.

We will always be there for you.

Love Perry and Doofenshmirtz


Attached to the letter was a picture of the three of them laughing together. The picture had been taken years ago when she was just an infant but nothing had really changed. Becky felt her eyes fill up with happy tears, refolding the piece of paper and putting it in her pocket, keeping it close to her heart.

A voice was heard from the train

'Welcome to P&F trains. The fastest, safest, most on time train ever. Have a nice journey.'