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i know that it's different from the manga version of how goku got his crown but i just like the way this came out.

Child of stone

After eons of gathering all her energy, Nature decided it was time to have a child of her own. The two legged beings that thrived on her were what she decided to mold the creation after.

In due time the creature was released from its rock cocoon. She rejoiced in her child and watched with pleasure as it made its first fumbling moves. Yes she had done well. It was colored from precious things of the earth. The deep brown of the fertile ground was the coloring of the soft growth on its head. Skin the color of a soft flower petal. And the glorious color of molten gold were the eyes which the child gazed in wonder at its new surroundings.

Soon she came to understand that while the little thing had all the capacities of great good. It also had the capabilities of doing great evil. Deep sadness filled her heart. She could not allow the bad to overcome the good so she lovingly but brokenheartedly formed a gold circlet to contain that raw untamed spirit.

The child knew nothing but joy from that point. Everything it needed was provided by a loving mother.

One day the little being heard noises. Not knowing it should be fearful it watched with interest as other two legged creatures passed by. A few stopped and stared for the small shaggy being had no covering. A kindly elder held out an old torn shirt. The child approached and took the cloth. The elder motioned how it should be put on and the child mimicked the motions. Others smiled now when they saw that the scraggly being was now more suitably attired.

As time went on other beings would pay visits to mystery child. They taught it their language, and provided warm coverings for its tiny body when the weather turned cold. Nature was so happy with the other two legged creatures that she generously shared her bounty with those closest to her child. Those people enjoyed great harvests and an abundance of other pleasures.

One fateful day the gods in the heavens took note of this child and grew fearful for they knew it was not a true creature of human or beast. To them it was an abomination, something over which they had no control. So it was decided that it should be brought to the heavens to be disposed of. After careful observation a plan was made to trap it in order to keep it docile, for they did not know how it would act.

They tricked the trusting little creature. It was stunned when metal bands were clamped around its wrists and ankles and a harsh metal collar was snapped around its neck. There were long heavy chains attached to the bands which were attached solidly to a wall. The child grew angry and using all the strength that nature had bestowed it broke the chains from the moorings.

It was then that they used its greatest weakness against it. Food. The tiny creature loved to eat and was tricked with the promise of a large meal if it would only come along quietly. Because of its true innocent nature it was readily agreed upon and the creature followed heavens messenger anticipating a full belly.

Childlike frustration made the being impatient and it became agitated when no food was presented. Instead it was dragged, kicking and screaming to be presented to the goddess of infinite mercy.

All thoughts of food faded when the creature spotted the tall beautiful blond standing in attendance beside the goddess. It adored pretty things and was fascinated by such a sight.

The blond was not as pleased especially when the creature pulled a hunk of hair from his head. This amused the goddess to no end and she decided that the blond should be the caretaker of the child of rock. The child was happy. The blond not so much, but in the end the child found his place and came to be known as Goku, living in the heavens for a time.