"The balance sheet," Charlie's voice floated in cheerfully, "is the statement that sums up your financial status."
Julious tried to ignore him. Hard. But after several minutes of hearing the voice outside his window go on about assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity, he caved in.
"What is he doing ?" the blonde rose, giving up any pretense of playing chess. "It seems Charlie is sharing some of his business know-how." Luva smiled amiably.
To what end ? No one could fathom.
They looked out and found the green-haired man strutting up and down the lawn in front of a sheepish Randy, a note-taking Marcel and a distinctly irked Zephel.
Charlie raised a finger. "Next, you should know about---"
Any further enlightenment was soon interrupted by a loud, frustrated yell, "ENOUGH!!! JUST TELL US HOW TO START THE #$%#$%$ LEMONADE STAND!!!!!"