"When will the meeting end ?" Marcel whispered, watching the older guardians talk. "I'm getting really hungry."

"I don't know. I'm so hungry I could eat five burgers," Randy whispered back.

"I could eat ten," Zephel cut in.

"I could eat twenty."

This exchange went back and forth until Zephel suddenly declared, "Yeah ? I'm so hungry I could eat a googolplex of burgers !" And would have followed up with a "Hah, I win!" for good measure if it didn't hit him at that point how the room was eerily silent, and probably had been that way for awhile judging by the gamut of expressions on everyone's faces.

"What is this needless hyperbole ?" Julious asked, slowly.

"Actually, the last one was an adynaton," Luva observed, then laughed sheepishly when Julious looked unamused.

A/N: There supposedly isn't enough room in the universe to write down a googolplex in actual numbers, much less fit all the hamburgers Zephel claims he'd eat, so Luva calls this an adynaton (an exaggeration to the point of impossibility) instead of a hyperbole (an extreme exaggeration).