Naruto bucked against the bed board, his back slamming against the rugged wood. He was going to be so sore tomorrow, and hell, he might have splinters in the wrong places, but it was all going to be worth it. His cerulean eyes struggled to stay open as the tears from pain and sorrow slipped down his cheeks. This was it. This was the last time. "Naruto." Shivers spiked down his tan body as the voice cried out his name. "Naruto, stay with me." Large hands grabbed the side of his face, comforting and gentle.

"Ah..." Lips crashed onto his own. Clinging. Molding. Searing. Naruto felt like he was melting into oblivion as Sasuke grabbed his hips and synced their rythm. "I love you." he choked. Sasuke growled and dug in deeper. He never wanted to let go. He never wanted to forget. He had to burn everything about Naruto into his soul. His stubborness, his pride, his loud mouth.... his gentleness, his love, and just.... him. Him.

With one last shove, both teens relased in agony, pleasure and love. Sasuke emptied into Naruto's body, his seed brimming over the entrance. Naruto felt Sasuke's prescence leave his own and turned over to his side, panting and shaking. The same large hand cupped the side of his face, gently facing it toward deep, onyx eyes. The voice that spoke cracked with emotion beyond words could express. "I love you too."


"Hello? Earth to Naruto?" A hand waved into his face, disrupting the very, very nice memory. Naruto sent an annoyed look at Kiba, his loyal, bestfriend. Apparently one who didn't allow for his friend to fantasize. "Gaara asked you a question." Naruto blinked consecutively and flinched at the cold hand on his thigh. Why did Gaara have to sit so close in the first place?

"Erm... can I help you?" Gaara grinned a ghostly grin that he probably thought made him look sexy. "And no, I'm not giving that kind of help." Naruto said bluntly. The blond shifted on the floor, trying to get away from Gaara's exploring fingers. How did he get here anyways?

"I was wondering where you got the red marks." Gaara's finger trailed to Naruto's collar bone while the other shot up his shirt to follow the trail up. One was above his shirt collar and right below the hairline. Good luck hiding that one. Naruto growled and shoved Gaara away. Damn it, Sasuke, when you come back here I'm going to kill you. Naruto seethed as quietly as he could. He pulled his hirt back down. And if you die on the mission then I'll resurrect you, then kill you!

"They're ah, msoquito bites. I sleep without a shirt on sometimes." Naruto mumbled under his breath. He dearly hoped that they won't see through his lie, but Sasuke always said he was such a bad liar...

Now it was Kiba's turn to gawk. He threw his hand at the impending snow falling down like the sakura petals in spring. "In this weather? You can't be serious?!"

I told you,Dobe. Naruto bit his lip. Great, now Sasuke's voice in his mind too. God, was there absolutely no end to this nightmare.

"Good morning you guys." Came an all too chirpy reply from the doorway of the restaurant. The 3 boys truned their heads and saw Sakura and Sai come in with snow clinging to their hair and clothing. Sai looked beyond tired and silent as usual. Sakura looked happy for somone who's betrothed traveled to god knows where for some top secret mission that only the Hokage truly knows about. She approached the boys, her hips swinging to some unknown beat no one esle could hear. "Why does everyone look so down?" she said cheerfully. Too cheerfully.

Gaara gave an exasperated sigh. "Naruto won't sleep with me."

Kiba shrugged. "I'm good actually. Shouldn't you be the one who's down? Sasuke won't be back for awhile."

Behind her, Sai unwrapped his scarf from around his neck and setlled down next to Naruto. He grabbed Naruto's arm on the way down despite Gaara's bloody glare. Naruto handed him his hot chocolate drink and Sai wordlessly gave his thanks. Sakura watched the scene carefully but continued to talk to Kiba. "No, its alright. At least I know when he gets back we can get married." she gushed.

Naruto fidgeted in his seat, ignoring Sakura's eyes. He couldn't tell his teammate he slept with her fiance before he left for his mission this morning. That... would just be wrong. Plus it was just a mix up with hormones. Sasuke and him were always so close for a couple years now, so maybe the thought of loosing contact was just too much for either one to contain into one's heart. Or maybe Sasuke was just nervous and thats why they made out and had sex afterwards.

"Naruto, will you be my best man?"

"What? Oh sure." Naruto finally looked up at Sakura. "But shouldn't Sasuke pick the best man?"

Kiba rolled his eyes then. "Even if it was up to him, you think he would have chosen anyone else?" God, Naruto was such an idiot sometimes. "Hehe, I would pay good money to see you guys in pink."

"Pink?" Naruto laughed, and smiled his usual smile at high wattage. "Sasuke in pink?" His laughter became less forced and more carefree. "How in the world are you going to make an emo goth wear such a bright color? It's clearly impossible. "

Sakura flicked her pink hair over her shoulder. "If he has any consideration for me and this arranged marriage at all he would take it like a man."

"Which we all know he doesn't." Sai sai quietly. He drained Naruto's drink and plunked down the green cup with a thunk. He pulled out some paper and a pencil or two and began to draw. "I'm telling you Sasuke just isn't interested at all in marriage. To me, it's perfectly clear he is uniterested." he didn't add, in you, but he he didn't have to. Sakura took the the hint by the look of the frown on her lip. "I'm sure Naruto knows that."

"Well, if he never was interested then he would have broken the agreement between my family and her brother."

"You honestly don't think he has tried?" Sai's pencil scratched against the paper as his long strokes became more rugged from irritation. "His brother must have been harsh on him since he's actually been courteous to even you lately."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It' exactly what I mean. You're irritating, annoying, and a real pain in the ass." Sai's eyes studied the his paper with great interest. Everyone's eyes quietly besieged Sai to stop but he kept going. Kiba took the incentive and moved away from Sakura just in case she wanted to punch whatever or whomever was closest. "You always think you kow everything and you always act stuck up as if you're the queen because of Sasuke and the private lessons from Tsunade."

Sakura's face turned red with hatred and she looked like she was ready to explode. Her hands turned into fists and her whole body shook. Her green eyes flashed angrily in Sai's direction while he finally looked up at her with his blank face he so carefully presented. "Well." she said icily. "I know who I am not going to invite."

"Good. I wasn't planning on going either way."

Sakura opened and closed her mouth, furious. Naruto stood up and bumped the table, causing drinks to spill but no one noticed. "Listen Sakura-chan, Sai didn't mean-"

"Oh I know exactly what he means." She seethed, her teeth grinding. "Why don't you just grow up, Sai."

"On the contrary, why don't you stop living with your fantasies and look at life the way it is."

Both of them stared at each other while Naruto stepped around the table in between them. "Come now you two. It looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." He grabbed Sakura's hand to soothe her. "Sakura-chan, Sai was an ass before and he still is." Gaara made a noise to agree. "So why let him get what he wants. Why don't you and I go wedding gown shopping today? I promise I'll comply to anything you say."

"R-Really?" Sakura blinked, but a smile radiated on her lips. "That would be great Naruto." She gave him a little hug and Naruto settled his chin on her shoulder. Women are just so gullible, especially the ones about to get married. You are just so naive, Dobe. Naruto silently locked Sasuke behind in a dark part of his memory. It was best not to think of him, but he certainly will.... 9 months from now.