((This was my first attempt at a 'I', 'me', one person view story... I felt really wierd writing it... but I think it's turning out fine! This story takes place after they finish "Dark Moon" and Kyoko has a new (small time) job. Chiharu Asano is a OC character, by the way... Please enjoy and comments are welcome. More chapters are to come soon~))

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Swift Current

Chapter One... A Slight Misunderstanding...

"Kyoko-chan! That's good! You can change and go home now!"

Hearing my name, I perked up. Staring blankly forward, I tried to remember where I was. It's always like this when I get 'In Character'. A smile slid on to my make-up covered face as I looked back at the director from my spot on the set. "Yes," I said, bowing in his direction. "Thank you!"

Making my way quickly to the changing room, I carefully changed out of my costume, taking off my snow white wig as I did so. Looking in the mirror, I almost had to laugh. Oh! I forgot to take my makeup off again!!While I dabbed at the drawn on wrinkles covering my face with a moist towel, Chiharu-san walked in.

"Kyoko-chan? I thought you would be gone by now?" Chiharu Asano asked in a surprised tone.

"Oh, Chiharu-san! I was just about to when I noticed I had left my makeup on!" I explained as the veteran actress sat down at the vanity next to mine.

"Again? Kyoko-chan, you should really try to remember things like that." Chiharu-san scolded in a motherly voice.

"I know." I went back to attempting to remove all the make up. "Maybe playing this old woman role is starting to have side effects." I joked.

"You do play a convincing elderly woman. Ahh. Here, dear. Let me get it. You're missing a lot." She took the towel and began to erase the evidence off my face. Opening one eye, I watched as my senpai worked slowly. I never noticed before, but Chiharu-san is very beautiful! I still remember when I met Chiharu-san on the first day of shooting. She was so sweet and considerate. Chiharu Asano, an actress a little over 30 years old, with flowing black hair down to her waist. Her face is as gentle looking as a lambs. One would say she looked more like a 23 year old collage student than a married woman and mother of a 3 year old boy. She has been preforming in plays and movies since she was in 4th grade, is famous around the world, has made a fortune, and married her high school sweet heart. Truly a gifted actress on top of that. If that wasn't enough to gain my admiration, Tsuruga-san had also praised her when I told him about my new job here. He had said he worked with her in a few movies and on a drama. Even before I met her, I respected her, because Tsuruga-san called her a good and reliable actress. A bigger smile bubbled across my face as the older actress finished cleaning it up.

Chiharu-san blinked. "What? Are you that happy the makeup is off?" she asked, commenting on my smile.

I shook my head. "No, I was just thinking about when I first met you." Lowering my head, I scratched my cheek sheepishly. "Actually, I was sort of nervous to meet you. You're so famous and all, I didn't think you would turn out to be so nice."

"And is that a problem? My being nice?" she said, cocking an eyebrow.

"NO! No no no no no!!" I responded, furiously waving my hands back and forth. "I'm happy you're nice! I had heard before hand you were nice, too! Tsuruga-san assured me that you were one of the most professional and friendly people I could be working with."

"You know Tsuruga-kun?" The other eyebrow shot up.

"Eh? Y-yes. Tsuruga-san works at LME with me. I also worked with him in the drama "Dark Moon". He is a very nice person and helps me out with my acting quite a bit!" The more I seemed to speak, the wider my smile seemed grow. Chiharu-san raised her eyebrows higher.

"Hmm... I see..."

"Huh?" I looked at the wicked grin spreading across my senpai's smooth features. "What?"

Chiharu-san chuckled. "Oh, nothing. I was just thinking how it was to be young again."

"Young again? But you're still so young and beautiful, Chiharu-san!!"

"Hehe, yes," she said softly, patting my head and ruffling my hair. "I am young, but I have already passed the 'young love' stage of my youth. It just seemed funny to me." She giggled at the blank stare I gave her.

Ignoring her laughter, I stared straight at Chiharu-san. "Wha.... What do you mean by 'young love' stage, Chiharu-san...?"

Taking control of the giggle fit she was having, the elder actress looked down at my confused face. "I meant the way you speak of Tsuruga-kun so highly sounds like you're infatuated with him. It's completely understandable, seeing as he IS Ren Tsuruga. Model, actor, and a totally nice guy. You even work with him. That means you get to be closer and in more contact with him than all his fans, right? I just assumed you had a little crush on him."

"WHA...!!!" I could feel my face becoming hotter. Standing up quickly, I attempted to explain. "I-I do NOT harbor any feelings towards Tsuruga-san beside my professional respect!"

"Uh-huh. Right..." Chiharu-san said in a sarcastic tone, also standing and grabbing her purse. "Lie to yourself all you want," she sighed, turning and opening the door. "... but you can't lie to me. Call it... woman's intuition. Bye bye, Kyoko-chan." With a giggle and a wink, she was gone, leaving me behind in a muddled and flushed huff.

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