I was reading a magazine on military history, and this idea popped up in my head! Enjoy! I intend to make this a series of oneshots!

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In the beginning, it had seemed like a great undertaking. A little painful at times, but otherwise beneficiary. Germany had taken Czechoslovakia and Poland without major losses.

Now, however, it seemed things had fallen into desperation.

His leader seemed insane now, as the Allies pushed forward, destroying his troops and making him almost writhe in pain. The worst part was, now, in his almost dying breaths, he knew that his leader had sent out the youngest combatants available- The Hitler Youth.

He wanted to scream at him to just give up, to not send children out into battle. Anything but the children!

In his current state, however, there was little more he could do than lie there and feel them die by the score. They were too inexperienced, surely his leader knew that! All that was being accomplished was the future being killed off as well as the present!

He coughed violently as a whole regiment of Youth were slaughtered. When would the madness cease?

/AN/ Okay, so near the end of the war, Germany was running out of troops, so they sent out the Hitler Youth, who were training to be in the army at the time. Some of them were as young as 12.