Guess what I found out, guys? It was the Czech republic leaving Slovakia, because Slovakia was the one who wanted to stay one country. So, now you know! I hope you enjoy this chapter, and forgive my mistakes...

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It had been fun in the beginning. Lithuania liked Poland well enough, and living with him had been tolerable. However, now, it was starting to grate on his nerves. Why should he have to live with Poland? The blonde never put his dirty clothes in the wash basket, and he didn't pick up after himself.

In fact, he also tended to be a boring person to play games with. He would always declare himself the winner, and it felt as though there was no one else ever around. If he moved back to his house, he could live with his brothers instead and not have to deal with Poland's flighty attitude.

That was it! He would tell Poland today that it was over.

He marched over to Poland's room, swinging open the door. Poland looked up at him with a yawn. "Like, what is it, Liet?"

Lithuania tried to be a little distant, standing straight and shaking his head. "Poland, it's ov- what the heck?" Russia loomed in the window, surely at least twice the size he had used to be. Hadn't he only been a child when Lithuania last looked? How had this happened?

Poland, back to the window, was oblivious. "Like, are you okay? What's 'ove'?" Lithuania smiled nervously. "Ah, nothing, Poland, I just think we should strengthen our ties..."

/AN/ So, like, partway through the fifteenth century, Lithuania was trying to get out of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. But then Russia suddenly grew stronger near the end of the century, so they had to get an even closer relationship with Poland instead.