A timeless bounty of stars hidden by grey misted clouds, watch over the land. They have done this for years. Countless years. But something is happening, something is changing, and the stars are not the only ones to realize.

The few animals that inhabit this barren land have noticed. And they scurry to find shelter. The birds flying East, to the forests, and the land animals to the caves, and rocks. They can feel it, in the air, in the taste of the water, and in their blood.

A cockroach wriggles to and forth. Burying first its head, then gradually its body as it worms its way into the sand. Katie watches, as finally its wriggling tail disappears out of sight. She sighs, feeling lonelier than ever.

She misses human companionship, and the sound of friendly voices. But most of all, she misses Will. And as she sits crouching on the ground, she wishes so badly that he was here. A solitary tear flows down her cheek. Realizing she's at risk of a crying jag. She sniffs and wipes it away. Then licks her finger, needing to conserve all the water she can.

Pull yourself together Katie.

And so she does. She glances around, her eyes staring at the strong colours of the barren world that surround her. The strong reds, the darkened browns, and the hazy grey mist that is forming on the dunes to her right. Curious, she stares at it. And then slowly makes her way towards it, and then steps back quickly as the smell of burning flesh fills her nostrils. Quickly, she throws her hand to her mouth, the smell is sickening. A meaty rich smell, which turns her empty stomach.


Tears creep down Andy's face, but he adds more of the dry grass that fuels the fire. But it is too much, and the smoke flares up in his face, he coughs, spluttering. And then draws back away from the fire and out of the smoke. This is why he does not see the small figure advancing towards the fire, until it is too late. He darts forward but she has already reached the fire. Together, he and Katie look down. Down at the burning faces of Mika, Anthony and Pablos. Andy's team mates.


Katie's eyes widen. She gags. This man, this horrid beast with his grisly chin, and unwashed face is a murderer. He must be.