Birds Of A Feather

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: His voice was a mocking lilt and the sly curve of his lip had the boy opposite clenching his fists, one hand almost crushing the cigarette between his fingers as he trembled with barely suppressed rage. Gakuen Hetalia, AU, Eventual Shonen-ai.


No one was particularly surprised when Gilbert disappeared after lunch; if he was going to turn up to a lesson, contrary to what was believed of his character, he would be punctual. What his fellow classmates did not realise was that he had stayed on school campus in favour of sneaking out (which, incidentally, constituted a greater risk of being caught, but wasn't that the fun of it?).

He was careful as he edged towards the back of the main building, stealing past the large window of the canteen as quickly and quietly as he could. He slithered between the thick trunks of two trees – effectively hiding himself from view – and trudged through the overgrown grass of the remains of the 'Old Field'. The name gave the illusion of a large expanse of green when it was, in actuality, little more than a park. He weaved expertly through the small bushes and weeds, certain of his destination. Upon reaching it he set to work immediately.

It had been barely five minutes when he was interrupted. Hearing the sound of rustling behind him, he shifted slightly before spinning on his heels to face the intruder, just about maintaining his crouching position without toppling over.
Gilbert studied those green eyes and distinctive brows, quickly establishing the identity of their owner: it was that Kirkland kid who was always brawling with Francis.

This could get really troublesome really quickly if he didn't think fast…

"Kirkland, right?" he asked, voice dry. He didn't wait for an answer as he continued, "Looks like Bonnefoy almost clocked you good before Vater carted you off to detention… I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself, but it looks like you're slipping."
His voice was a mocking lilt and the sly curve of his lip had the boy opposite clenching his fists, one hand almost crushing the cigarette between his fingers as he trembled with barely suppressed rage.

Gilbert's leer widened into a feral smirk, red eyes glinting in the afternoon sun as they stared at each other in tense silence.

He watched with amusement as the other's jaw clenched and unclenched, running his free hand through messy blond locks as he turned and stalked away. Gilbert heard a dull 'thunk' moments later, presumably a fist hitting a tree trunk.
From what he'd heard from Francis, Kirkland would not want to cause a scene and attract unnecessary attention – cutting class for a smoke after so many detentions (because of the aforementioned fights) would not be looked upon kindly by the adults.

Gilbert listened hard for a few moments until he was sure that he was completely alone again. He turned his attention to the bush behind him once more as he went back to carefully attaching a miniature splint to a tiny bird's wing, his fingers nimble despite their size. He stroked its head gently with a finger in reassurance as he ensured that it was secure.

Casting another wary glance over his shoulder he emptied a small packet of assorted seeds into an equally small box, tucking it under the bush before standing and brushing off his uniform.

He would have to keep an eye on that Kirkland for a while… He'd managed to hide the chick with his profile this time but it wouldn't do for him to get caught doing such deeds… he had a reputation to uphold after all.


Vater - Father (I did consider writing 'Vati' since it is what Germany uses in his version of Marukaite Chikyuu, but found out that it meant 'Daddy' and figured that Prussia would be less inclined to use that at school... Regardless of whether or not he uses it at home :D)

A/N: This randomly came to me as I was taking a break from the Russia-centric fic I am writing for WhiteWings9's birthday, so I thought I would post it up in the meantime. I like where this could go, so this is just the prologue and will continue once I've figured out what else will happen (or I can just make it up as I go along, I suppose :/). Anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated!