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Author's Note: This will be a multichapter drabble-ish story that is told through letters written be Kyo. At the end, you'll see the outcome of all these letters. I don't want to give away too much, but if you're slightly confused, say so in a review. Also, each chapter will be pretty short until the response chapters come into play.

Warning: The writing is rambling and spontaneous due to his deteriorating mental condition. So, no, I don't just write really crappy.

Side Note: The little "-" symbols show him breaking off from one train of thought to another. If this was a real letter, there'd be a bunch of scribbles and crossed out marks and little trail lines that show where he went from there.


It's been such a long time.

I'm crying as I write this. I really shouldn't be. But I am. It's amazing what loneliness can do to an individual. Truly, it-

I'm writing while you're fresh in my mind. These days it's harder and harder to remember things. To think.

I remember….I remember so much about you, and yet so little.

The warmth of your hand.

The heat of your breath.

The tenderness of your skin.

I remember all of your physical aspects, but nothing of your personality. This scares me. I would give anything to remember the way you saw the world, the way you thought, anything.

What do you remember about me, I wonder? Do you remember the way I once laughed? Or has Hatori brainwashed you by now?

You're all I dream of these days (weeks? Months? Years?) I'd say you were my light in the darkness, but you're cliché enough for the both of us. Ha-ha.

The sound of my own laughter feels hollow here in the darkness. Loneliness can do that to a man.

Because I guess that's what I am now. A man. I have no idea how long I've been here, but I can tell I've changed. I feel the sharpness of stubble on my chin and lines around my eyes.

Forgive my rambling. He gives me things here, and he won't tell me what it is, but it makes my head hurt and it's hard to think and-

He's heard me. I must stop. Hopefully I can get this to you.