Danny Phantom: Requiem of Esperanza

By: JB Slade and Hordak's Pupil

Chapter I: Hypothesis


"When I grow up I'm moving out of this nightmare….," Kitama words echoed in the room as I frowned at them. It was bad enough their wretched father left and weren't for the fact I had to 'persuade' him to forget what happened here.

"Ms. Johnson…," I said pushing the button on the PA, "have Ivan Herntz come see me at his convenience," I told her as I looked down at my prized possession and the key to my power. "If only if I had the right tools," I moaned as I placed it back in the desk lest someone should see it.

"Your Honor, Mr. Herntz is on the phone," my secretary said as I told her thank you and picked up the phone.

"You wished to see me sir," Ivan said as I rolled my eyes, "is something wrong your honor," he asked nervously as I rolled my eyes. I had to approach this delicately; the man had a temper and was known to go off especially about the subject I was going to bring up.

"Yes, we need to talk about two of students in Pierre Tordu's class," I told him as he grumbled under his breath. "I think we need more security," I continued calmly.

"HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU BLOATED POLITICIAN, I AM IN CONTROL OF THOSE BRATS NOT YOU!" he screamed as I reached for the item in my desk but stopped this was not the time for such measures.

"Calm yourself Herntz, I am not telling you how to do your job," I assured him, "I just think that we need to keep an eye on the Stryke twins, they are starting to get out of hand," I told him as his anger dissipated.

"Very well, I will keep have the cameras look into them," he said as he hung up. The man made me angry but he was vital in making sure things are in line.


"What you're proposing is madness!" I shouted as Ryker shrugged his shoulders, "you play God with peoples' lives," I said pointing the mirror. The man was infamous of his cruelty and morality meant nothing to him.

"Earth to Clockwork, we aren't talking about people but dangerous beings. I am doing you a favor by taking these rougues out of you hair and into my custody," he smiled floating over to me, "I know how to read people and use that to keep them in line," he said waving his hand across the mirror revealing a picture of Danny Phantom fighting Technus. "This is the one who will grow into the monster Dan?" he asked looking toward the thermos. "I'm surprised he gave you trouble, I thought the master of time could handle a child?" he asked as I glared at him.

"That future is not going to happen and you are not to interfere with his life," I warned him as he laughed looking at the boy.

"I won't interfere but his curiosity will," he said raising his hand and whispering something to himself. "If my experiment is to work it will need a variety of beings," he said looking at Danny with a grin as I got in front of him and the mirror.

"You won't have the chance to," he said as he disappeared to warn the child.

Clarice Starling

"I must thank you for getting me out of there my darling it was quite dreadful," Lecter said coldly as the guards walked us to our car. I could tell that he was annoyed by them but it was only way I could get him out of here without Chilton causing trouble.

"I can take it from here," I said as I arrived at the car and unlocked the door, "you don't know how much trouble I am going to be in by doing this," I told the doctor as he smiled and got inside, "but you're the only one who can make sense of what's going on," I explained handing him a file as he stared at it.

"Hmmm, interesting, Esperanza," he said reading over the file, "you would think the name comes from one of the romance language, especially given that the Spaniards colonized that area in the 1500s look for the legendary cities of gold, but it matches no word or name in any of them," he said thoughtfully as he whispered something under his breath.

"Come again, doctor?" I asked him as he told me it was nothing and to tell me about what I knew. "A recent FBI sting found mentions of this town in the files of a Yukio Oikawa, a Japanese business man. We had suspected him of selling weapons to terrorist but couldn't find anything but we think we might find something in this town. When I researched it, it kept mentioning strange things happens," I told him as he nodded.

Severus Snape

Dear Merlin save me from this torture. Why is it that Potter messes up by finding that infernal book and I get punished by having to endure a trip with him and his friends. "If there is to be any benefit it is that Dumbledore has put in charge of their education while we are away," I told myself as I stalked the halls of the library getting the proper books needed to teach them properly.

While I was gathering the necessary books I hears a voice ask, "You wanted to see me Professor?" I spun around and saw Draco Malfoy in front of me. "You said it was important," he said as I nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy, I have selected you to help me with a bit of extra credit that I will be giving some students soon," I told him as I handed him the books I was carrying, if he was to be here he might as well be useful. "Dumbledore wishes that I travel to America for awhile with Mr. Potter…," I said as he made a face of disgust. "I know, but it will be worth your while since success of this project will mean I will give a large amount of points to Slytherin," I explained as he smiled. "I knew you'd agree, come we'll talk more in my office," as he we walked out of the library.


"Tempus will ruin everything," I said once the Time master left. I would need to find a reason to lure Danny to my 'experiment' it would be the only way if Chronomagic works on ghosts. "I am sure my friend I won't mind if I use this," I said floating over to the mirror and waved my hand trying to find a weakness to the boy.

The mirror revealed a young girl, she looked exactly like the ghost boy save for her gender. Her costume was black on one side and white on the other. She seemed to be running from someone, "Got to hide," she panted phasing through a wall.

"This will do nicely," I said taking out my wand, charred dogwood with Jiang Shi tooth as it's core, the perfect wand for Chronomage. "Oriel Seraphim Eo Potestas Zati Zata Galatim Galatah!" I cried out as energy poured from my wand, through the mirror, and hit it's target. "Everything is in order," I said as I slinked into the shadows of the tower smiling happily. Soon I will have my answer.

Ken Ichijouji

"I can't believe he gave you this key," Yolei said as Cody showed us the key, "What do you think it unlocks?" she asked intrigued by the mysteries before us. I must admit though I don't want to know anything about Oikawa not after what he did to me.

"He didn't say only that it lead to a secret greater than anything we could imagine," he said as we approached the vault it unlocked. "I think it might be a secret about….," he began to say as my cell phone rang. "That's a powerful phone you have there if you can get a signal in here," he said as I smiled. It was Osamu's and he altered it to pick up a signal anywhere but I don't like to talk about him not after I caused him to disappear.

I walked away from the vault and when I was a good distance from my friends I turned on the phone, "Ken, this is mom we need to have a talk would you come home at once," she said as I told her I would be there soon.

"Is everything okay Ken?" Davis asked as he came out to see what's wrong.

"Yeah, I have to go home my parents want me home ASAP," I said walking towards the door and left. I hope everything is okay.

Miley Stewart

"Are we there yet?" Oliver asked looking out the window at the same bland landscape of trees and mountains. "It's been days since we've left. Why did you agree to give a concert in Mexico City?" he moaned as I rolled my eyes while father just ignored him focusing on the road. I agreed with him at first but the Mexican Consulate said they would put us in the best hotels in the country plus it's a free vacation.

"It's not that bad besides it's kind of nice," Lilly said trying to stop him from complaining, "besides it's not all bad, it's better than having to deal Amber and Ashley," she said as we felt a bump in the road and went flying. "Now it's not," she retorted as dad came walking into the back.

"I have bad news, the engine died and we're still in the states," he said, "There was a phone booth a few miles up the road, I'm going to back to there and call a tow truck to pick us up," he said as Oliver stared at him mouthing the words 'cell phone' and he shook his head. "We can't use them, roaming charges besides once they pick us up it shouldn't take long to get it fixed," he said walking out the bus.

"Where are we anyway?" I asked looking out the window and saw a sign. It wasn't the standard highway sign that dots the country but something you would find in abandoned city. The post was rusted and all that could be read was the words 'Esperanza 30 miles.'