I'm Bella Swan and I have been a mute all my life. I wasn't very pretty or very bright. I never had any friends except for Alice and Rosalie and my big brother Emmett. We were in some kind of institution. I suppose it was more like an academy. I tried to speak everyday. As hard as I tried it never worked.

"Hey Bella!" Alice said as she ran up to me. I waved and smiled.

"Hey Bells!" Rosalie said as she put an arm around me. I smiled.

"well if it isn't the stuck up wench." I heard Victoria say. They didn't take the time to u nderstand that I wanted to talk and they thought that I was only being silent because I thought they were beneath me. Which is true because of how evil they act towards others. But anyways. That's when I saw him. The breathtakingly beautiful man, to us as Edward Mason. He was gorgeous and he was new here. I think today was his first day. Beside him was a blond he was pretty hot but nothing in comparison to Edward. He walked over to us. Oh wait. OMG he's walking over here. Calm down Bella he's just a boy. Alas it was not meant to be he walked past us. I sighed. This was going to be a long day.


I did not want to go here, Already a whole flock of girls had htrown themselves after me. None the least bit attractive. That's when I saw her. Her beautiful brown hair flowed over her shoulder in waves, she actually made the longsleeved blouse, tie and red and green plad skirt look good. Her beautiful brown eyes captivated me. She gestured with her friends and they seemd to understand. Was she doing sign language? No surely someone so beautiful couldn't be mute. Or maybe they were deaf. I wouldn't wish it upon any of them. Her eyes widedned as she saw me walking toward her. I lost my courage and turned the other way, I was planning to ask her out. Wait where did JAsper go? Man! We came late during the day so the bell rang for lunch. Jasper punched my arm.

"Man where did you go?" I asked.

"Looking around asking questions you know."

"Who was that girl?" I asked.

"Who ? The brunnette? That's Isabella Swan, she's mute and her dad's the police chief. She hangs out with her older brother Emmett and her two Bffs" He said 'BFFs' in a nasaly girly voice. "Alice and Rosalie." I punched him in the shoulder.

"Isabella." I sighed breathlessly. She'd been named well. " Wait she's mute?!" I asked.

"Yeah, Other girls pick on her because she won't speak. No one really likes those girls I think their names are Tanya, Irina, Kate, Jessica, and 're positively disgusting."

"Who could ever pick on someone so beautiful?" I asked in shock. I collapsed against the locker.

"Oh no don't tell me! Edward Anthony Mason don't you tell me you've fallen for Bella Swan!" He shouted laughing. Maybe I had. That's when I saw her walking down the halway. She looked at me blushed-the most beautiful thing to ever hapen- and then looked away. She closed her locker and that's when those girls, The wench crew, yeah that's what I'll call them, surrounded her.

"Whoops." I bleach blond, nasaly voiced girl said as she knocked the books from Bella's hands. Bella bent down and one girl with dark hair kicked her in her side. I had had enough.

"What's going on over here?" I asked angrily as I walked over there.

"Nothing wer're just taking care of some garbage. By the way I'm Lauren." the nasly girl said. I suppose she was trying to be sexy. But it was actually sort of disgusting. Bella was quivering on the floor I giessed she was crying.

"I suggest that you leave all of you. " I growled.

"Whatever you say." Lauren said and the wench crew left.

"Hey are you okay?" I asked her as I bent down next to her. She turned to look at me. Her beautiful brown eyes filled with tears. I wiped one away, She nodded.

"Do you wanna sit with me at lunch?" I asked her. She blinked I loved the adorable doe eyed look she got in her eyes. She smiled and nodded again. I helped her up and unexpectadly she hugged me. It felt so right, a wave of electricity shot through me.

" My name's Edward. Your Isabella." She shook her head. and gestured with her fingers, I was so glad I'd taken a course in sign language over the summer.

"Oh just Bella." I said. She smiled and hugged me again. I guess she was happy that I understood her.

"Shall we?" I asked as I held my arm out for her to take. I carried her books for her and led her into the cafateria despite the shocked look from Jasper and remaining people in the halway.

"Ok, so like we have to find Bella like the perfect dress!" A short pixie like girl squeeled. She caught sight of me and Bella and then poked the girl next to her. She turned to look at us and her mouth dropped. Bella blushed. I loved that. She tugged on my arm and pulled me over to the two girls.

"Hi we're Bella's friends. Rosalie and Alice." The blond said.

"I'm Alice!" The pixie squeeked.

"Nice to meet you." I said as I shook their hands. I pulled the chair out for Bella and sat down next to her.

"So Bells are you going to the medieval dance? Alice asked hopefully, Bella shook her head.

"Why? Oh no date huh?" She said. Bella nodded and put her head on the table.

"There there, Alice will fix everything." Alice soothed as she stroked Bella's head.

"Yes, don't worry Bells, we've got your back."

"I know it'll be hard but we'll find a guy who doesn't need a girl that can speak." Rosalie said. Bella ran out silently sobbing.

"Rosalie!" Alice groaned.

"I'm sorry I didn't know she would do that?" I decided to go after her. I wandered around until I found her outside under a tree. Huh here I go.