We went to the resturaunt after that little incident at holiday world. Geeze Emmett you are such an idiot! Anyways we picked a booth for us to sit at. We were all laughing and having fun, eating when this dude comes over and sits on Bella's lap.

"WTF man!" I shouted as I pushed him off of her.

"excuse me?" The man said in a nasaly tone.

"Get off my girlfriend!" I shouted at him. "Excuse me Bella." I whispered in her ear,and she moved so I could slide out. The dude pushed me so I pushed back. A second later I felt Bella's small hands on my chest trying to push me back and break up the fight. He swung and hit Bella in the shoulder. That's exactly when I lost control. His a** was mine. Emmett was behind me suddenly and JAsper after him and they started beating the living crap out of him, along with me. Alice and Rose were checking out Bella's shoulder. We saw security and all of a sudden we just stopped and the dude ran out. We sat back down in our seats as if nothing happened. Stupid perv. Tryin' to ruin my birthday, yeah no thanks I'll see you around the way. We ordered milkshakes, everyone sipped it through the straw except Bella. That's one thing I loved about her, she was different.

"Okay." Alice said in her usually perky tone.

"Let's go we have a tight schedule. Because Tomorrow we're going to six flags, and-"

"Alice!" Emmett said.

"what?"she asked with an innocent l ook on her face.

"Your doing way to much." Rosalie said.

"Well we're going to be her for two weeks aren't we?" she asked.

"Who told you that?" Bella snorted.

"Screw you!" Alice joked.

"That's Edward's job." Rosalie said.

"I look at it as more of a privalige." I responded.

"I look at it as something he'll never do if he someday plans to reproduce." Emmett growled.

"Chill dude." Jasper, always the peace maker.

"We could go to church." Bella suggested quietly.

"Anything you want." I assured her as I kissed her cheek. Emmett gagged.

"Eeeiw." He groaned.

"What's wrong with church?" Rosalie said defensively.

"Not that. You didn't happened to see..you know what never mind. Anybody wanna go see a movie?" Emmett asked.

"Its up to birthday boy." Bella said.

"Sounds fine to me. I wanna go see. um, that new movie with Robert Pattinson-"

"oh you mean Edward's twin?" Rosalie said.

"Ew no, Edward is much hotter." Bella defended. That's my girl. "I think he means Twilight."

"Yeah, new light." Emmett siad.

'"Twilight you oaf." jasper muttered.

Twilight it is then.