Holy. Mother Fudging. Shizat.

Whose the most embarrassed girl in the world right now? This girlllll.

Let me say-


"omg, like, I love yo story!"

NO! I hate it.

First of all, it's a bunch of horribly written one shots thrown together in some type of degrading series, and I must have been high off of something serious posting the first few chapters of this... really.

I'm so dissapointed in myself, this is complete and utter crap thrown together in what I used to sit and smile about... now I'm just thinking in horror- what the literal fuck was I drinking?

Kataang Army- is no more. I'm renaming this, taking the shitty parts off, and posting more. I'm disgusted with myself to be honest.



This story is like the taste of vomit in your mouth after your done hurling up your insides into the toilet bowl, I know it's a bit graphic but that ^^ is better than half the shit I have up here. For real. Brah.

ANYWAY. I'm done ranting.

Oh. And Hi guise. :) I'm back. Just sayinnnnn :D