A woman appeared, clothed in a grey cloak, her face hidden by her hood, it was getting late. She would just do a quick check; make sure everything was as it should be. It was then she noticed an empty floor space, a patch of ground left bare, where a sleeping child should be. The mother would have to be woken; it was Kira that had gone, not any child, but Kira. The woman now let out a sob of despair, for now, as she knew it, all hell would break loose, and she would be blamed.

"Kira, Kira? Where are you? Kira?" Strained desperate eyes, searched around, scanning the deserted horizon for her missing daughter.

The woman was called 'Alina", a tall dark woman, her features harsh, but haughtily beautiful.

She sobbed coarsely, her throat dry in her throat, not only for her daughter, but for the times of cruelty that were yet to come, and turned her head unwillingly yet again, to where Mad'e, the village's supposed mad woman lived, in her hut, alone.

Meanwhile Mad'e slept peacefully in her straw bedding, and as Alina's sobs reached her from the other side of the village, she smiled, safe with her knowledge that Kira's leaving was just a stone creating ripples in already broken water.

Infact Mad'e had been planning for this day for several lifetimes. And as daylight broke out from the dark cover overhead, light poured through the shafts of wood over head.

It filled Made's hut with irreversible patterns, which reached into every nook and cranny, waking up the dust which had been long asleep there, undisturbed. It swept away the cobwebs of spiders which had stubbornly called Mad'es hut there home, and after finally doing its work, it lay unheeded on a silver horn glinting in the corner.

However Mad'e herself was not here to see this work others would describe as magic.

Because Mad'e, was long gone.