Disclaimer: I own neither Fruits Basket or The Book Thief.

Author's Notes: Recently I read the Book Thief, and I couldn't help but see Yuki and Kyo here when they were younger. Blame the fangirl in me. So I wrote them in, and changed things up, respectively. I think I'll make this a six-chapter Drabble that shows different periods in their lives, up to old age. Hmm. Maybe.

A Side Note: I have no idea what they are actually supposed to be doing at this age. And let's say that some very mean Sohma children threw the book in the water. It's a to CullenCovenGirl88: Here's the KyoYuki, just for you.


"How about a kiss, stupid?"

He stands waist-deep in the biting December water. He stands with his fists on his hips, triumphant and smug, even though his teeth chatter like gunfire. His pants cling to his small frame. He fights the painful numb as it begins seeping into him. Just a kiss.

Kyo Sohma just wants one kiss.

The other eight year old on the bank slides down the grassy side, stands quickly so as to avoid the water the other is plagued by. He is beautiful; he is made of moonlight and silver strands and ice.

Yuki Sohma just wants his book.

"Don't call me stupid, stupid!" he retorts, dainty feet positioned just on the edge of the bank as he desperately leans forward. "Give it! I want it back!"

The other boy laughs, but he walks forward anyways. He is cold, so, so cold.

"What is this, anyways?" he says. Wet fingers caress the thick hide of the book. It is white and red, with silver tassels.

"It doesn't matter! Just give it to me, please!" he is desperate. His tiny heart was beating fast.

Kyo Sohma reaches the edge with the other boy. He is taller, so when Yuki reaches, he can't quite take the book from him.

"How about a kiss, stupid?"

He loves him. So terribly, terribly much. He loves him so much he was scared of it. At eight, the feelings were strange and awkward, like slightly melted silly-putty. He loves him so incredibly hard that when the beautiful boy pushes him to the bank, and straddles him, all he can do is gulp.

The other boy snorts and rips the book from the other boy's chest. "I would thank you for saving my stolen book, but I don't think you deserve it. Moron," he adds, stalking up the hill angrily. He doesn't look back.

Kyo watches him go. At eight years of age he was in love. He longed for a kiss so much that if Yuki ever said yes he wouldn't know what to do. He loved him so, so much.

So much that he would never wish for those delicate lips again and would die without them.