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The sidewalk was slick with rain as a teenage boy ran down the street to escape it. His orange hair clung to him like his shirt did when the rain clanged to it. Not looking where he was going was nothing normal, but due to the rain he really should have watched it. Slipping off the curb he landed in the street just as a car was coming by and like that Ichigo Kurosaki found himself dead.


Soon after he saw something that was deadly, a hollow, he couldn't get away fast enough. The next thing he knew was he was surrounded by hundreds of these things were on him and biting him. Soon after he was a hollow, a small child though with a tail that flicked from side to side as he ran. A masked covered his vision so it was limited. He couldn't talk only growl at things that came into view.


For years he ran around the sands of Hueco Mundo surviving on the slightest hint of Reishi he could find and keep going. One day a man came and found him. His hair was shaggy brown and pulled back, except of for one piece that was in the middle of his face. Beside him another man, but with sliver hair, slit eyes and a fox grin.
"Yer sure this is 'im?" the fox grin guy asked. The shaggy brown haired guy nodded. "More then sure Gin now hold him down so I can get his mask" He said. The fox grin guy, Gin, came to him only to have him lash out. Immediately he placed a spell on him binding him to the white sandy ground unable to move. The shaggy hair guy grabbed a sword at his side, pulling at the hilt and dragging it out to the open. He put the tip at the young boys face and pulled the mask away revealing his young scowling face. His deep amber eyes looked up at the man, who put clothing around the small body of the boy, then lifted him up. "What is your name boy?" He asked with a warming smile. He boy felt safe with that smile so relaxed some. "Kurosaki, Kurosaki Ichigo and I'm not a boy I'm 11" He said still scowling at the man who held him. He felt a chuckle from the guy. "Alright Ichigo I'm Sosuke Aizen your master now" Aizen said. Ichigo stared at him then nodded. "Alright Aizen-sama" Ichigo said then felt tired suddenly, Aizen chuckled. "Rest Ichigo soon we will be at your new home" Aizen said letting the young Arrancar fall into slumber.


Chapter 1 *5 years later* Kurosaki Ichigo, age 16, walked the halls of Las Noches in the early morning of Hueco Mundo's day. He stalked silently ignoring the stares he got from everyone for his feminine like body, he looked like a guy just with woman like curves and a pretty face, and his outfit that was an official Arrancar outfit, but with a tight shirt that only went over his pecks showing his midriff, his pants that went a little past his hips showing his hip bones when he was and wasn't moving, and the matching black shoes. His remaining mask was two red lines under his right eye which curved upward near his nose.
As he neared the Espada halls he ran into someone he rarely saw and really despised, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. He stared up into his abnormal deep blue eyes and Teal hair. The remaining jaw of his masked seemed to glint in the light and his fingers that immediately went to Ichigo's throat, lifting him up and cutting off his air supply. "Well, well if it isn't number 15 how are you today?" He asked as he tightened his grip making Ichigo gasp at the hell fire pain of breathing as little oxygen he could gather. Grimmjow sneered then threw him at the wall and moved on. Ichigo sputtered at the air that was emitted after the quick release of the throw. "Ichi?" He heard a soft warming voice call. Holding his burning throat he saw the number 0 Espada Raziella Li, Razi, running to him. She immediately got to him and felt at his throat feeling that his windpipe was nearly crushed and seeing the hand print that Grimmjow left. Her wildfire orange eyes looked at him as she pulled him to her chest holding him lightly till he could breath. Her long black hair engulfed them when she looked down and Ichigo saw her blood red bangs through the black. "R-razi-sama" Ichigo croaked. Razi immediately put a small slender finger to his lips. "Ssshhh Ichigo in a few minutes you can talk alright? And remember call me Razi" She said with a sisterly voice and smile.
After a few minutes Razi helped Ichigo up and gave him her advice then took him to the main hall to get something to eat.


(Ichi) My throat burned with anger and pain remembering my run in with Grimmjow-sama not long ago. Why does he despise me so? I mean I've never done anything to him it's been him picking things with me an Razi coming and hitting him upside the head. Razi is like an older sister to me if not a mother, she looks after me, cares for me be makes sure Grimmjow doesn't do too much bodily harm. Grimmjow on the other hand has never liked me ever since we first met.
Me a new Arrancar, the girls flocked to me like a mother bear to her cub. One of them was an Espada she was really nice, her name was Neliel or Nel, she and Razi are twins, but Razi doesn't go head over heels to look after me, she gave me space and waited for me to warm up to her then took me under he me wing along with Nel whom just watched me from afar fearing her sister would strike without warming like at first. A few guys seemed to like me as well, but a few seemed to just want to Fuck me, like Nnoitra and the pink haired guy who's name keeps escaping me. Others didn't care and a her small fraction were giving me death glares like Grimmjow, whom just likes to fight everyone, but Razi and Stark-sama. I stuck close to Razi and Nel my first year, but then Aizen-sama took the liberty if sending me on missions after that.
I like Razi a lot she's like an angel in his hell hole, her mask is a pair of wings on her back, and no one not even Aizen-sama give her trouble. I on the other hand get everything from Grimmjow's beatings to Nnoitra's harassment to Hali-sama's lectures or advice. I may be the 15 Arrancar, but damn why do I get the hard end if the scale?
In the main hall only the early risers, like Razi, Nel and myself, were there. Nel jumped for joy seeing me then ran over and hugged me squishing me with her big ass boobs. "Neliel he can't breathe" I heard Razi say then sweet tasting air hit me. My throat was still sore, but not like I'd was. Nel saw the marks. "Ichi what happened?" She asked pointing to my neck. "Grimmjow" I said then went and grabbed some food. From behind I heard Razi and Nel talking, but tuned them out. As soon as I was done eating I was summoned to Aizen-sama's hall.


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